Fluorescent Round Labels for Laser Printing

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Material Code: FR, FO, FG, FL, FM
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Key Facts
  • Material: Standard Paper in Fluorescent Red, Orange, Green, Yellow (lemon), or Magenta
  • Printer Compatibility: Laser Printers
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Waterproof: No
Product Information

We currently stock five fluorescent colours: Red, Orange, Green, Yellow (lemon), and Magenta. These labels are supplied on A4 sheets of standard paper that have been flood coated with colour and have a permanent adhesive. They can be printed on laser printers and photocopiers, and are suitable for writing on. Fluorescent labels are usually chosen for their high visibility and so common uses for these labels tend to involve highlighting important information such as sales information, special instructions on products and packages, or health and safety warnings. They are also popular with schools and charities that use the bright colours as rewards or to make sure key messages get noticed, and with shops who want an easy way to promote special offers and products or to keep track of stock levels.

Please note that the colours in the product images are for illustration purposes only. We are more than happy to send out samples of our fluorescent labels if customers wish to see an example of the colours we supply. We also have a special guide to printing round labels, which can be found here.

Common Uses
  • Information and warning signs - these labels can be used as vivid signs or markers that display important information such as special instructions, directions, or health and safety warnings. Packages can be marked with handling instructions or special delivery information to make sure items arrive safely. Potential safety hazards in the workplace can be marked with a warning sign, and safety instructions can be added to individual items of equipment. Fluorescent labels are also useful in environments that have medical or hazardous waste, such as hospitals and factories, where it is vital that safety notices are displayed securely and prominently.
  • Sales and promotions - shops can instantly grab customers’ attention with fluorescent colours. Usually fluorescent round labels are used to convey key pieces of information, such as the name of a particular sale or promotion, the basic concept of the sale, and the sale prices of individual products. Price reductions, special offers, and new markdown prices can be conveyed quickly by using vivid colours to draw attention.
  • Stock and filing systems - fluorescent colours can be used in filing and storage systems to make sure that people can quickly identify where the files or items they need are stored, or to indicate the importance or status of a document. Labelling shelves in warehouses or business offices with fluorescent labels makes items easy to find, and the bright colours can also be used to clearly identify stock levels and any stock that is due for rotation.
  • Stickers - fluorescent round labels are great as stickers. They can be used on gifts or as name badges or on place holders at parties. Charities can promote events by printing labels with their logo and event details, make name badges for those involved, or reward participants with a reminder of the event they have helped to support. Fluorescent round labels are also a clear and fun way to keep things organised in schools. Colours can be assigned to individual subjects or to classes and houses, provide feedback on a child’s progress, brighten up class projects and displays, identify personal possessions, or be used at events such as Sport’s Day where colours identify teams or houses and are given as rewards for participating or winning events.
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Find An Alternative: we also supply round labels in seven Pastel Colours, Metallic Gold & Metallic Silver, or Ribbed Brown Kraft Paper.

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MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY: Our fluorescent round labels have different minimum order quantities of 25 sheets, 100 sheets, or 500 sheets. The minimum order quantity for each product is listed under the product images below and on the individual product pages.

DESPATCH: Same day despatch on orders of 25, 50 or 100 sheets of stocked fluorescent round labels, up to three working day despatch on orders of 100 sheets of non-stocked fluorescent round labels, and up to five working day despatch on orders of 500+ sheets of fluorescent round labels.

Price £14.10 includes VAT and P&P

25 SHEET MINIMUM - Same Working Day Despatch up to 100 Sheets in Fluorescent Red, Orange, Green, Lemon, Magenta

Fluorescent Round Labels On Sheets LP70/25RFC
25 Sheet Minimum
25mm Diameter
LP Product Code: LP70/25RFC

100 SHEET or 500 SHEET MINIMUM - Up to 3 Working Day Despatch in Fluorescent Red, Orange, Green, Lemon, Up to 5 Working Day Despatch in Fluorescent Magenta and for 500+ sheets in all fluorescent colours

Fluorescent Coloured Round Labels On A4 Sheets LP6/88RC
Fluorescent Round Labels On Sheets LP11719RFC
100 Sheet Minimum
19mm Diameter
LP Product Code: LP117/19RFC
Fluorescent Round Labels On Sheets LP216/13RFC
100 Sheet Minimum
13mm Diameter
LP Product Code: LP216/13RFC

100 SHEET MINIMUM - Up to 3 Working Day Despatch in Fluorescent Red, Orange, Green, Lemon

Fluorescent Round Labels On A4 Sheets LP2/144RFC