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Material Code: MTP
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Key Facts
  • Material: Transparent Matt Polyester
  • Printer Compatibility: Laser Printers
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Waterproof: Yes
Product Information

We currently stock five sizes of address labels. Our matt transparent polyester labels are supplied on A4 sheets of matt clear polyester, with rounded corners and a permanent adhesive. They are for use with laser printers. The most popular sizes are 21 and 14 to a sheet, although some customers prefer to use alternative sizes to better fit the items they are posting. These labels come in standard sizes for address labels and templates for each can be found in most label printing software packages and utilities, although we also feature our own templates on this website for our customers to download.

Our clear labels are not “frosted” or “translucent”, nor are they “glass clear”. When applied to a solid white or coloured surface the labels look almost completely clear. These labels create a professional, high-end look as any text or images printed onto them appears as though it has been printed directly onto the surface below. These labels are also waterproof due to the polyester material, the waterproof adhesive, and the laser printing process.

The labels on this page are supplied as blank matt transparent polyester labels for laser printers but we also supply address labels in a variety of white paper, coloured paper, and transparent polyester materials; you can view all of the material options for address labels on our Address Labels range page.

Common Uses
  • Address labels - an easy way to address your post is to print labels, especially if you are sending large numbers of items. Printed labels allow you to address your post quickly and neatly.
  • Return address labels - our LP65/38 labels are ideal for printing return address labels. If you need to make sure that your address is clearly marked on post in case an item needs to be returned, or even just to make sure the recipient has your contact details, these labels are the perfect size for clearly identifying your own information.
  • Branding company mail - labels are great way to promote your company brand and logo; you can print labels in your company colours or simply add your logo.
  • Personalising mail - by printing your own address labels you can add your own colours and images. Many people like to personalise mail that is being sent for special occasions, such as Christmas or birthdays. Our transparent labels are a fantastic way to add address information onto postal items as the text appears as though it has been printed directly onto the surface below. This creates a professional, quality finish and is particularly well-suited for use on decorative coloured or textured envelopes.
  • Barcode labels - address labels are also suitable for printing barcodes, whether for processing mail or for identifying products in shops or warehouses.
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Download A Template: click here to download templates for these matt transparent address labels.

Request A Sample: click here to request a sample of our matt transparent address labels.

Find An Alternative: if you prefer a gloss finish we also supply Gloss Transparent Address Labels for use with laser printers.

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DESPATCH: Same day despatch on orders of 25, 50 or 100 sheets of matt transparent polyester address labels.

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Transparent Address Labels Matt For Laser LP4/99MTP
Transparent Address Labels Matt For Laser LP8/99MTP
Transparent Address Labels Matt For Laser LP14/99MTP
Transparent Address Labels Matt For Laser LP21/63MTP
Transparent Address Labels Matt For Laser LP65/38MTP