Silver Labels in Paper for Laser Printers.

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Material Code: LS

Key Facts
  • Material: Laser Paper in Silver
  • Printer Compatibility: Laser Printers
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Waterproof: No
Product Information

These labels are supplied on A4 sheets of standard laser paper that has an attractive, textured, semi-gloss, silver finish and a permanent adhesive. They can be printed on laser printers and photocopiers. Our silver labels are bright and eye catching with a quality finish, which makes them popular choices for attracting attention to marketing or promotional information, as higher end product labels, and as a decorative addition to gifts or postal items related to special occasions including weddings, birthdays, christenings, and holidays such as Christmas. The finish on these labels also creates an opaque or block out effect, meaning that these labels are also suitable for covering up or replacing incorrect information on brochures, products, or packaging. We also stock this item in Silver (product code LS).

Common Uses
  • Special occasion labels - our silver labels are a popular choice for special events. The bright colour provides a decorative finish for postal items, gifts, and party favours. These labels are particularly popular at Christmas for use as decorative address labels, gift tags on presents, or as name badges and place holders at Christmas parties. They are often chosen for wedding invitations, place holders, and party favours, but are also an ideal choice for birthday cards and presents, and other special occasions such as christenings and anniversaries.
  • Product labels - customers who want to create a high end, quality look and feel to their products may choose our silver labels to promote a luxury finish. The silver colour is not only suitable for matching high quality products and packaging, but also actively draws attention to important information about these items such as special features or offers.
  • Marketing and promotions - silver labels are a great way to draw attention to marketing and promotional information. This could be as simple as highlighting a company’s logo and contact information on a stylish silver label, or promoting a specific sale and offers. Silver labels are often used during holiday themed sales, particularly Christmas as the silver finish helps to create the sense of holiday gifts to suit the Christmas season. The bright colour draws in customers while also suggesting a quality look and feel.
  • Opaque/block out labels - the silver finish on these labels means that they cover up any print on the surface below them, creating an opaque or block out effect. This makes these labels suitable for covering up mistakes or updating information. Common uses include updating company, product, or sale information on existing brochures, products, and packaging.
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Find An Alternative: we also have a Metallic Silver option or, if you’re looking for a range of colour options, you could try our pastel Coloured Labels, our Fluorescent Labels, or our Brown Kraft Labels. We also have a Matt Metallic Silver Polyester option, if you’re looking for a silver label that is durable, waterproof, and suitable for long term use as a tracking or asset label.

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MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY: Our 9 most popular sizes of silver labels have a minimum order quantity of 25 sheets, while all the other sizes have a minimum order quantity of 100 sheets. The minimum order quantity for each product is listed under the product images below and on the individual product pages.

DESPATCH: Same day despatch on orders of 25, 50 or 100 sheets of silver labels and up to five working day despatch for orders of 100+ sheets of silver labels.

Price £18.60 includes VAT and P&P

25 SHEET MINIMUM - Same Working Day Despatch
Paper Labels On A4 Sheets LP1/199
Silver Labels On A4 Sheets  LP4/99LS
Silver Labels On A4 Sheets  LP8/99LS
Silver Labels On A4 Sheets  LP14/99LS
Silver Labels On A4 Sheets  LP21/63LS
Silver Labels On A4 Sheets  LP65/38LS
Silver Round Labels For Laser LP15/51RLS
Silver Round Labels For Laser LP35/37RLS
Silver Round Labels For Laser LP70/25RLS
100 SHEET MINIMUM - Up to 5 Working Day Despatch for 100+ Sheets
Silver Paper Labels On A4 Sheets LP18/63 LS
Silver Paper Labels On A4 Sheets LP24/63 LS
Silver Paper Labels On A4 Sheets LP40/45 LS
Silver Paper Labels On A4 Sheets LP48/45 LS
Silver Paper Labels On A4 Sheets LP84/46 LS
Silver Round Labels On A4 Sheets LP6/88R LS
100 Sheet Minimum
63.5mm Diameter
Template Code: *L7670®
LP Product Code: LP12/64RLS