Labels For The New Royal Mail PPI Stamps

We have a number of customers who use labels to print out Royal Mail PPIs for their post – in fact we do the same.

Recently the Royal Mail have introduced a number of changes to the design of their PPIs; all of the designs now include a “Delivered by Royal Mail” mark, and PPIs have been introduced for the new “Royal Mail 24” and “Royal Mail 48” delivery categories. This means that the sizes of the designs have been adjusted accordingly and we’ve had a number of queries from customers asking for labels that match the dimensions from the site.

The sizes provided on the Royal Mail website indicate the size of the images – not the size of label that is required. All you need to do is work out how much space you have on your envelope, packet, or package and find a label that is bigger than the PPI image but still fits neatly on the item.

For example, for the four sizes of PPI images available for First Class, you could use the following labels:
14mm x 54mm – you could use LP27/63 (29.6mm x 63.5mm)
22mm x 80mm – you could use LP16/99 (34mm x 99.1mm)
26mm x 93mm – you could use LP16/99 (34mm x 99.1mm)
30mm x 58mm – you could use LP18/63 (46.6mm x 63.5mm)

The Royal Mail website has further information about how to use PPIs, and the guidelines that need to be met.

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