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FAQ – Why Don’t You Do REALLY Small Labels

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

We often get customers calling us to ask about REALLY small labels – and why we don’t seem to do them.

Our smallest label size is the LP270/18, which measures 17.8mm in width and only 10mm in height. However, most of the customers asking about small labels tend to be asking for square or circular labels measuring 10mm or less.

The reason we don’t offer these kinds of shapes and sizes is that – if these labels are made on sheets of A4 – during the printing process, the labels will be manipulated through a series of rollers and – because they are so small – are more than likely to start peeling off the backing sheet, if not peeling off the sheet entirely. This can lead to labels being stuck inside the printer or even jamming the printer and causing permanent damage.

If you need plain small labels, you should be able to find these online – many stationery sites offer small dots or squares that measure less than 10mm. If you need these labels printing, then you may need to find a label manufacturer who would be able to produce a bespoke product according to your needs.

FAQ – What Payment Methods Are Available?

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

We try to offer our customers a wide range of payment options to help make the ordering process as easy as possible. So here’s all the information you’ll need on the options available…

Please note that we are an internet based company and we do not operate customer “accounts”, nor do we store any payment information (such as credit or debit card details). This means that we operate on a “payment with order” policy, with the exception of schools who may request a 30 day invoice (see below).

So how can you order and pay for your labels?


– At the checkout, make a payment with your Paypal account or use a debit/credit card.

[please note we do not accept American Express]


– We can accept orders by phone, with payment by debit/credit card.

[please note we do not accept American Express]


– Customers who do not have a debit/credit card, a Paypal account, or who need to send an order via their finance department may request a pro-forma invoice (by phone, email, or fax). Once payment is made against the pro-forma (by bank transfer, cheque, or debit/credit card over the phone), your order will be processed and despatched.


– Schools may request a 30 day invoice for their orders. To request a school invoice the school should email or fax us a copy of their order (either on formal letterheaded paper or in the form of a purchase order), signed by the individual responsible for payment, and we will get the order processed.

You can find out more about online payments and delivery information on our website. If you have any questions about purchasing labels from Label Planet, you can email us at or call us on 01270 668076.


Get Colourful With Label Planet

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

We often get queries from customers about coloured labels – so here’s a bit of information about the colours we offer.

Currently we have the following colours:

SIX PASTEL COLOURS (red, green, yellow, blue, cream, pink)
FIVE FLUORESCENT COLOURS (red, green, yellow, orange, magenta)

A few answers to frequently asked questions about coloured labels:

– Our pastel colours and plain white labels are compatible with inkjet and laser printers, while our gold, silver, and fluorescent colours are compatible with laser printers only.
– All of the colours we provide are displayed on our website – we aren’t able to offer alternative colours or bespoke colours.
– Each of our coloured products has a minimum order quantity of either 25 sheets, 100 sheets, or 500 sheets depending on the size, shape, and colour being ordered – please double check the product information to avoid disappointment.
– We cannot mix and match colours within a pack or box.

FAQ – When Will My Order Be Despatched?

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

We often get queries about when orders will be despatched – in particular orders that are urgently needed, so here’s all the information you need to know about how (and when) we process orders.

Our office is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, so your order will be processed during this time.

Things To Note:

– Our carrier service arrives mid-afternoon, so large orders (250/300 sheets plus) need to be placed before 2/3pm to be despatched same day.

– Small orders will be despatched on the same working day, up to 4:30pm. As we need time to process and pack orders, any orders we receive on weekdays AFTER 4:30pm, will be despatched the next working day.

– Orders placed after 4:30pm on Friday and over the weekend, will be processed on the next working day (usually Monday unless it is a bank holiday).

– If you require an order urgently, please add the special delivery option to your order. If you do not see this option, give us a call so we can work out the best shipping option for your particular needs.

– If you are ordering an unstocked item, please note that this will be despatched from our warehouse either on a next working day carrier service (if the item is in stock – paper items only) or once it has been made (which can take up to five working days).

If you have ANY queries about making an order or want to find out when your order will be despatched, please get in touch.

Let Me Count The Ways (That Labels Can Be Used In Schools)

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Following our blog post yesterday about our brand new Labels For Schools section on our website, here’s a brilliant image showing all the different ways that labels can (and are) used in schools.

A4 Sheets of Labels for Schools

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

We’ve expanded our website recently to include a section that is devoted entirely to schools.

We have many schools as customers and over the last few months we’ve been doing some research into all of the different ways that schools use labels. Now we’ve put all of that information into one handy section of our website, so members of staff can take a look at:

– How to buy the labels you need
A guide to buying labels from Label Planet – including the different ways to order, how to contact us, and other information relating to orders.

– Teachers label forum
We will be adding a forum for customers to discuss all things label; from the ways that you use labels, to discussing methods of designing and printing labels, and common templates that you use.

– School commission scheme
Schools can earn commission to put towards their ongoing fundraising projects by registering with Label Planet. This page contains information about how the scheme works and how to go about getting registered.

– Useful sites for teachers
A shortlist of sites that include key resources and advice for time management techniques for teachers.

– Uses for school labels
This section of the website is the result of our research and feedback from current school customers. We’ve created a list of ways that labels can be used in schools, including information about that particular use and a link to the particular product or products available from Label Planet that can be used for that particular purpose.

To get started, simply visit our Labels For Schools homepage.

Sample Packs From Label Planet

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

We know that finding the right label for the job can be quite tricky, which is why we provide free sample packs to our customers so they can try out a particular label or test a range of labels to make sure they will get the job done.

You can request a sample pack by visiting our Sample Request page and filling out the following information:

Contact Name

So we know who we’re sending the sample to!

Postal Address

So we know where to send the sample to! Please make sure you provide us with your full address details (including your postcode). If you wish, you can request that samples be sent to a home or alternative address if there may not be anyone at a business address to receive the sample or if you are closed during the week.

Tel Number

You can provide a contact phone number if you wish, so we can contact you.

Email Address

We will confirm receipt of your sample request by email, so please provide your email address here. We also advise of which samples we are sending and any tips you may need to keep in mind when testing the sample.

Printer Type

We ask customers to let us know if they have a laser or an inkjet printer so we can make sure you receive labels that are compatible with your printer. Laser printers cannot print onto inkjet labels and inkjet printers cannot print onto laser labels. We may also be able to advise of other products that are suitable for your printer.

What Are You Sticking the Labels Onto

If you describe the application you need your labels for, then we may be able to advise on the best label product for the job.

Samples Required

Please list the product codes of the label samples you require.

Business or Personal Use

Again, if you let us know if these are for personal or business use, we can advise you on the best labels to choose.

Additional Information

If there’s anything else that the fields above don’t cover, you can give us any extra information you think we may need to know here.

What’s In A Code? Quite A Lot Actually…

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Our product codes follow a simple system to help us (and our customers) identify the size, material, and adhesive of their materials. This is especially important when customers are placing an order.

Label Planet codes explained:

1. Label Planet
All of our codes begin with an “LP” to indicate that a product is one from Label Planet

2. Number Per Sheet & Size
The next part of the code will be a number followed by a forward slash (/) followed by another number. The first number indicates the number of labels per sheet and the second number indicates the width or diameter of the labels.

It should be noted that ALL of our different product ranges will begin with this information. If you need to order a different material, adhesive, shape, or colour you MUST add extra codes to specify the particular range of labels you are ordering from.

For example, if you go to our website and order LP12/63, you will receive sheets of labels that are made of plain white paper, with 12 labels per sheet, and with each label measuring 63.5mm wide by 72mm high. If you want to order this size in a different material, you will need to add on the code for that material. For example, for LP12/63 in pink, the product code should be LP12/63 PK. For LP12/63 in matt transparent polyester, the product code should be LP12/63 MTP.

So what are the extra codes you need to look out for?

Some of our square cut labels feature a selvedge along one or more of the edges on the sheet. This is a narrow, blank strip and all of these products will have an “S” after the first part of their code. For example, LP12/105S and LP33/70S.

Our circular, square, and oval labels also have an extra letter or letters in their code to indicate that they are a different shape. After the first part of the code, circles will have an “R”, squares will have  “SQ”, and ovals will have “OV”; for example LP15/51R, LP6/95SQ, or LP14/95OV.

We currently have six pastel and five fluorescent colours to choose from, which are indicated by the following codes: R (red), G (green), B (blue), Y (yellow), PK (pink), CR (cream), FO (fluorescent orange), FR (fluorescent red), FG (fluorescent green), FL (fluorescent lemon), and FM (fluorescent magenta).

Finally, each of our product ranges has its own material code to indicate that a product belongs to a specific range and is therefore made from a particular material and adhesive. Our standard matt white paper range does have a product code (STA), but this isn’t used on our website. So, if you are buying from any other product range you need add one of the following codes to the END of a product’s code to indicate the material and adhesive you want:

DF – plain matt white paper with a freezer adhesive
REM – plain matt white paper with a removable adhesive
REMC – plain matt paper in one of six pastel colours with a removable adhesive
GREM – plain matt white paper with a super removable adhesive
HT – plain matt white paper with a high tack adhesive
GW – gloss white paper for laser printers
GWPQ – gloss white paper for laser and inkjet printers
MPQ – matt white premium quality paper with a standard adhesive
LS – semi gloss silver paper for laser printers
LG – semi gloss gold paper for laser printers
GCP – gloss clear polyester for inkjet printers
GTP – gloss transparent polyester for laser printers
GTR – gloss transparent polyester with a removable adhesive for laser printers
MTP – matt transparent polyester for laser printers
GWP – gloss white polyester for laser printers
MWP – matt white polyester for laser printers
MWR – matt white polyester with a removable adhesive for laser printers
SMP – silver matt metallic polyester for laser printers
MWPE – matt white polyethylene

You can find the full list of product codes on our Complete List of Product Material page.

Choosing The Best Adhesive For The Job

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

When you’re choosing a label, one of the key considerations is the type of adhesive you need your labels to have. For starters, do you need permanent or removable labels – or something in between? You may also need to consider the environment the adhesive needs to work in and the material(s) it needs to be able to adhere to.

Label Planet offers a range of adhesive strengths, from very permanent to very removable:

The Label Planet Range of Adhesives


Our strongest adhesives are our Mega Tack and High Tack adhesives, which are designed to keep a label in place and to be difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

We also have a Marine Quality Adhesive (used on our MWP and MWPE labels), which is a strong permanent adhesive that has the additional benefit of being waterproof.

Following this, we have a range of standard permanent adhesives, used on the majority of our label products. These adhesives are designed to produce a firm bond between a label and a surface but, if you really try hard enough, you should be able to remove the label (albeit, perhaps in a few pieces).


At the other end of the scale, we have our removable adhesives, including standard removable adhesives (used on our paper and polyester removable labels – REM, MWR, GTR) along with a super removable adhesive (GREM), which is suitable for use on glass and other delicate surfaces.


Some adhesives will behave differently depending on their environment. For example, our Freezer Adhesive acts like a removable adhesive at normal room temperature, but acts like a permanent adhesive in freezer conditions. It should also be noted that our standard permanent adhesive acts like a removable adhesive if it is applied to clothing.

This is why we offer a free sample service, so customers can test a label (and its adhesive) for themselves in their own unique circumstances. You can Request A Sample online here.