Get creative with your Christmas Cards!

Yes, it’s that time of year when we’re all busy writing Christmas Card lists; adding the names of new friends and acquaintances, and possibly even scribbling out a few unfortunates who have dropped out of favour this past year.

Here at Label Planet, we’ve got labels in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours to help you add a perfect finishing touch to your cards.

Labels are a great way to take control of your Christmas Card list – particularly if you’ve got a lot of people to send cards to – and to add your own personal design to each and every card you send.

Whether you want a label that you can stick inside your cards with a personal design, image, or message for your friends and family, or you’re simply looking to create address labels in your own unique style, designing and printing your own labels is a fantastic way to get creative with your Christmas cards.

We have templates for all of our labels available to download for free from our website and we’re on hand to offer advice if you run into any problems. Printing your own labels means you can add your own text and images in the way that you want and it can save a lot of time when it comes to addressing each and every envelope.

The best part is it’s up to you what you do with your labels; you can be as creative as you like and design a set of labels that is uniquely yours. Whether you print a set of labels with your own message, design, or family photos; create a bespoke label for each and every person on your Christmas list; use Mail Merge to get your envelopes addressed as quickly and easily as possible; or even handwrite your labels so you can add a decorative label while maintaining the personal touch.

So, why not take a look through our list of label materials and see if we have something to add that perfect finishing touch to your Christmas Cards this year!

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