Be Inspired By Nature: Autumn Labels To Match The Autumn Leaves

With Autumn in full swing, nature is full of colour as parks and gardens across the country burst into shades of red, orange, yellow, and gold. With such a colourful season upon us, now is the perfect time to get inspired by nature, particularly if you’re after a crafty project to keep you occupied as the nights draw in or you’re looking to give your products or promotional materials a special seasonal feel.

We’ve got a whole heap of labels for you can choose from but here’s our top picks to perfect your autumnal theme:

  • Pastel Red & Yellow: the red labels have a touch of orange to them, which makes them a perfect match for the autumn spectrum of red and orange, while the yellow labels are a lovely way to add a note of brightness. These labels are an easy way to add a light touch of colour to all kinds of items.
  • Metallic Gold: for a touch of shimmering autumn colour, our gold paper labels are a wonderfully decorative addition that brings a touch of gloss and shine that’s perfectly suited to this season (and the next!).
  • Crafty Kraft: our brown Kraft labels have a ribbed finish, which gives these labels a lovely touch of pattern and texture. Ideal for all kinds of projects, from home based arts and crafts to businesses who want to give their products a natural, homemade feel, these labels are an easy way to add a creative finishing touch.
  • Fluorescent Red, Orange & Yellow: of course, if you’re after something with a bit more colour to add a burst of brightness to the darker days and nights, you might want to give our fluorescent labels a try; these labels are a great way to create an explosion of colour, with red, orange, and yellow options available to suit the autumn season.

[Please note: our Pastel Coloured Labels and Kraft Labels are compatible with both inkjet and laser printers, while our Metallic Gold and Fluorescent Labels are compatible with laser printers only. All of our coloured label products can also be handwritten.]

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