Label Planet Answers Frequently Asked Questions About … Avery Labels

November 14th, 2018

For many, the name “Avery” is synonymous with self adhesive labels. So we’ve put together a list of answers to the most FAQs we get about Avery labels.

label planet labels, label templates, and avery labels

Do You Supply Avery Labels?

No – we do not sell any Avery products.

Our self adhesive labels are produced independently in the UK using high quality materials and manufacturing processes. However, some of our products are “Avery compatible”.

What Do You Mean By Compatible With Avery Labels?

When we say our products are compatible with Avery labels, we mean that they use the same label size and layout (although the materials we use to make our labels will differ from those used by Avery).

This means that you can use an Avery template to print labels you have bought from us; you could even use a Label Planet template to print labels you have bought from Avery.

Some Avery labels use a very similar size and/or layout to our products, where the difference is 1mm or less; in these cases, we list the relevant Avery code along with the ^ symbol to indicate that there is a VERY slight difference between our labels and those of Avery.

How Do I Know If Your Labels Are Compatible With Avery Labels?

If one of our products is compatible with Avery labels, we list the relevant Avery codes on the product page, template information page, and product packaging * for that label size.

* Stocked items sold in 25 sheet packs only. Bulk and made to order items are despatched from our warehouse using different packaging.

Our product pages and packaging show only the most common Avery code. The template information pages show ALL current Avery codes that are compatible with our products.

You can view the relevant template information page by clicking on the purple “Label Templates And Printing Information” link on the product page OR by visiting our Template Home Page and selecting your label shape and then your label size.

We have also put together two cross reference pages:

Avery Codes With Compatible Label Planet Sizes – use this page if you have an Avery code and want to find out if we supply labels in that size.

Label Planet Codes With Compatible Avery Sizes – use this page if you have a Label Planet code and want to find out if it is compatible with Avery products.

Why Do Some Of Your Labels Have More Than One Compatible Avery Code?

Some of our Avery compatible products have more than one compatible Avery code. This is because of the way Avery creates product (and template) codes.

Label Planet and Avery supply a range of label sizes, many of which are available in different materials/adhesives. This means you can use one template to print multiple products that share the same label size and layout.

At Label Planet, our product codes have two parts; the first is the size code and the second is the material code. Our templates are named using the relevant size code. We supply one set of templates for each size (not for each product).

For example, our label size 99.1 x 139mm is available in a range of materials. The product code for our standard paper labels in this size is LP4/99. For our gloss paper laser labels in the same size, we use the code LP4/99 GW. The template code for both of these products is LP4/99.

Avery use unique codes for their products – and use the same codes for their templates. This means that they have templates for each product (not each size).

To continue our example, Avery supplies the 99.1 x 139mm label size as two paper products; L7169 is paper labels for laser printers and J8169 is paper labels for inkjet printers. Their gloss paper laser labels in the same size have the product code L7769.

Avery have templates for each of these codes, which means Avery templates L7169, J8169, and L7769 are actually identical.

This also means that our LP4/99 (and LP4/99 GW etc) labels are compatible with Avery codes L7169, J8169, AND L7769.

In fact, we’ve found SIXTEEN compatible Avery codes for our LP4/99 label size – they’re all listed on the LP4/99 template information page.  

Why Can’t I Find An Avery Code In My Software?

Given that Avery labels are such an established part of the labelling industry, software with built-in label templates will often include a set of Avery templates.

If you’ve got an Avery code but you’re struggling to find it in your software, this could be because…

  • You haven’t selected Avery A4/A5 as the label vendor. There may be three sets of Avery templates; Avery A4/A5 (label sizes supplied on A4 or A5 sheets), Avery Zweckform (label sizes supplied on A4 sheets, more commonly used in Europe), and Avery US Letter (label sizes supplied on Letter sheets, used in the US). Each range has its own set of product codes so you won’t be able to find your code if you aren’t looking at the right set of Avery products.
  • You are using an Avery code that has been discontinued by Avery and has therefore been dropped from your software.
  • Your software doesn’t include that particular code in its list of built-in templates. The set of built-in templates available may be revised when software is updated. The most popular and common templates available at the time the software is created or updated is usually included BUT these sets tend to offer a selection of templates rather than every template currently in existence. This can mean that older codes or less popular sizes may be removed or left out of template sets.

It may be worth trying to find another Avery code that uses the same label size and layout. For example, if you are printing Label Planet labels with multiple compatible Avery codes, and the first code you try isn’t available in your software, work through the list of codes to see if another one is available.

Why Can’t I Find An Avery Code For Label Planet Product Code LP…/…?

If we haven’t listed any Avery codes for one of our products, this is because Avery simply don’t supply labels in that particular size. We have, however, created Word and PDF label templates for all of our label sizes for customers to use free of charge. These templates can be downloaded from our Template Home page (select your label shape and size) or by clicking on the “Label Templates and Printing Information” link on the relevant product page.

Got Any More Questions & Queries? Check Out Our Help Pages Or Get In Touch!

We’ve put together a range of guides, tips, and resources to create a Help Section that aims provide help and advice on designing and printing your own self adhesive labels – whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro! This section includes guides on designing and printing labels, top tips and a troubleshooting guide, along with our template section.

If you find that your particular question or query isn’t answered on these pages, get in touch with our Customer Service Team. You can give us a call during office hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) or email at any time.

Label Planet’s Brief Guide To Self Adhesive Labels

November 7th, 2018

If you’re buying self adhesive labels and find yourself overwhelmed at the sheer amount of options available, this is the post for you! We’ve put together a brief guide to what self adhesive labels are – and why there are so many options available.

label planet labels templates samples

What Are Self Adhesive Labels?

Self adhesive labels are labels made with a particular type of adhesive known as a “self adhesive” or “pressure sensitive adhesive”. A pressure sensitive adhesive is an adhesive that is tacky (sticky) at room temperature and requires only the pressure of a finger/thumb to form a successful application.

How Many Different Forms Of Self Adhesive Labels Are There?

Self adhesive labels come in many different forms; common examples include sheet labels (like our A4 labels), roll labels (where the labels are on a continuous backing sheet that is wound around a central core), and fan-fold labels (also carried on a continuous backing sheet but one that is perforated and then folded back and forth along these perforations). Some are intended for use with printers, while others are intended to be left blank or handwritten only.

Generally speaking, self adhesive labels are three-tier constructions; they have a top layer (the Face Material), a middle layer (the Adhesive), and a bottom layer (the Backing Sheet). The face material and adhesive separate from the backing sheet to form the “label” proper. Self adhesive labels may have additional layers to help produce a particular appearance or fulfil a particular function.

At Label Planet, we have chosen to specialise in A4 sheets of self adhesive labels, which are designed for use with standard desktop laser and inkjet printers.

Why Are There So Many Different Options?

You can use A4 labels for thousands of different label applications. Different applications require particular sizes, materials, and/or adhesives to ensure that the labels can create and sustain an adhesive bond under the unique circumstances and requirements of that particular application.

Therefore, while we “specialise” in one particular type of self adhesive labels, we still have a LOT of options. Our product range includes over 100 label sizes in over 30 material/adhesive combinations because we want all of our customers to be able to find an option that suits their application.

Label Sizes:

We supply “standard” label sizes. These sizes determined by the proportions of an A4 sheet; they are the result of dividing an A4 sheet into a specific number of labels, while leaving as little waste material around and between the labels as possible. We do not supply bespoke sizes; you would need to contact a label manufacturer to request bespoke label sizes.

Label Materials:

Our sizes are then available in various material/adhesive combinations. Each combination provides a range of properties suitable for different applications. For example, we provide…

  • Paper or Synthetic Materials.
    Paper labels are a basic (and budget friendly) option suitable for general applications. Synthetic labels offer specialised properties for more demanding applications; for example, those requiring transparent labels, waterproof labels, or asset / security labels.
  • Inkjet Labels or Laser Labels.
    Different printers use VERY different printing methods. Inkjet printers disperse inks onto a surface, where they are partially absorbed before drying in place. Laser printers use heat (and pressure) to bond a dry powder (toner) onto a surface.Some materials suit one particular printing method (others suit both). We therefore supply laser labels and inkjet labels to allow our customers to get the best possible print quality.
  • Coloured Labels, Transparent Labels, and Gloss Labels / Matt Labels.
    For many customers, appearance is key. We therefore provide options for coloured labels, transparent labels, along with gloss finishes (bright and shiny) and matt finishes (dull and flat).
  • Permanent, Removable, and Special Adhesives.
    Pressure sensitive adhesives are either permanent or removable. The former create strong adhesive bonds that make labels difficult to remove. The latter create adhesive bonds that hold labels in place while needed before removing easily and cleanly (without damaging the surface or leaving behind adhesive residue).We supply permanent labels and removable labels along with specialised adhesives designed for specific applications. Examples include our high / super tack adhesives (create strong adhesive bonds even on unusual materials and/or curved surfaces), marine adhesive (for outdoor applications), VOID adhesive (for security labels), deep freeze adhesive (for items used/stored in freezer conditions), water wash off adhesive (for reusable containers), and super removable adhesive (for temporarily labelling delicate items).

Choosing The Right Self Adhesive Labels From Label Planet

There are a variety of ways to find the perfect self adhesive labels for your application.

Our alphabetical list and home page links let you visit our different product range pages. Use our All Labels page to view all of our range pages at once. Alternatively, use the Label Finder to create a shortlist of suitable options based on your requirements. Enter the things your labels MUST be and the Finder will list of all of our products that suit.

We offer a free sample request service, so you can try a few different sizes and/or materials to find the perfect option for your application. We also provide free label template for you to use to design and print your own labels.

If you need any help and advice, our Customer Service Team is on hand 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, to help you find the perfect sticky labels.

Halloween Tricks & Treats From Label Planet To Stop Your Sticky Labels Giving You A Scare!

October 31st, 2018

This Halloween, Label Planet has got plenty of tricks and treats to help you avoid the nightmare of sticky labels that are determined to give you a fright.

label planet labels templates samples

Petrified About Picking The Wrong Product? Try The Label Finder & Our Free Sample Request Service!

There are a terrifying amount of choices when it comes to picking the perfect sticky labels. If you’ve never waded through the weird and wonderful world of label adhesives and materials before it can be a nightmare trying to find the one that’s right for your application.

Our Label Finder is designed to narrow down your choices based on the requirements that you need your sticky labels to meet. All you have to do is select the things your sticky labels must be or do. The Finder then then gives you a list of the products that meet your specifications. You can select various factors including size, shape, colour, finish, printer compatibility, and application-specific requirements such as waterproof labels.

If you’re struggling to pick between a couple of options or need to make sure that a particular material/adhesive suits the circumstances of your application, then why not use our free sample request service. Tell us which products you want to try and we’ll send out a sample pack. Provide as much detail as you can about your application and we’ll make sure you get the most suitable samples.

Terrified About Tackling Troublesome Label Templates? Visit Our Label Templates Section today!

We have spent YEARS working with label templates and we’ve come across some truly terrifying template troubles. To help our customers fight back against the nightmare that is tricky templates, we’ve created a dedicated Label Templates section. This section includes individual label template information pages for ALL of our label sizes. Each page includes Word & PDF templates, detailed measurement and layout information, compatible Avery codes, and top tips.

You’ll also find links to our advice pages, including top tips and guides to designing and printing label templates. We’ve also written a Troubleshooting Guide to help customers escape from pretty much every template nightmare they might encounter.

To edit Word label templates , you can use any word processing software / application that can edit the .docx file format. Examples include Word, Word For Mac, and Pages. PDF label templates can be edited using any graphics package or application that can edit the .pdf file.

Not A Scooby Doo What To Do To Design And Print Your Own Sticky Labels? Take A Look At Our Help Pages Or Get In Touch!

Like our Label Templates Section, we’ve spent years adding to and refining our Help Section to make sure that we provide our customers with the help and advice they may need when designing and printing their own sticky labels.

Our Help Section includes links to ALL of our information pages and resources. This includes our Sample Request Service, Label Templates, Top Tips, Guides To Designing & Printing Sticky Labels, Troubleshooting Guides, FAQs, Material Specification Sheets, A Glossary, and links to our two blogs – this, our Sticky Labels Blog, and our Label Templates Blog.

If you can’t find the answer to your particular question in these pages, get in touch with our Customer Service Team. We have plenty of clues as to what you should do to solve the mysteries of designing and printing sticky labels.

You can send us an email at any time or give us a call during office hours; we’re available 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.


Whatever your plans are tonight, we hope you have a terrifying good time!

To banish the terrifying troubles of label templates and the shocking scares of sticky labels, here are the links you’ll need to get your hands on Label Planet’s tricks and treats…

Label Finder // Request A Sample // Label Templates // Help Section

This Is The FIRST Last Post Warning – Yes, It’s Time To Plan Your Last Minute Orders For Christmas Labels!

October 24th, 2018

We are officially commencing our countdown to Christmas – and those all important last posting dates that will determine whether or not your Christmas labels will arrive before Christmas.

despatch and delivery from label planet


Many of our customers will already have ordered their Christmas labels – some early birds ordered way back in August! But for those of you that haven’t got around to thinking about Christmas labels yet – here’s why it’s so important to order early.

Christmas labels don’t need to arrive before Christmas.

They need to arrive before you have to despatch your labelled items so that they will arrive at their intended destination before Christmas.

This means that you need to allow time for:

  • Your order to be despatched.
  • Your order to be delivered.
  • A label template to be designed.
  • That label template to be printed onto your Christmas labels.
  • Your labelled items to be despatched to wherever they need to go.
  • Your labelled items to arrive at their destination BEFORE Christmas.

People often underestimate how long it takes for all of these steps to happen – and it’s no fun spending the weeks (and days) before Christmas in an absolute panic. So, order now and avoid a chaotic Christmas (at least in terms of your Christmas labels – we can’t promise that our labels will make the rest of your Christmas any less chaotic!).


To guarantee pre-Christmas despatch and delivery and avoid chaos this Christmas, order your Christmas labels NOW!

We despatch small orders (fewer than 250 sheets) by Royal Mail’s first class service. This service will see more delays as Christmas gets closer. We recommend upgrading to our special delivery service, which guarantees delivery by 1pm on the next working day.

Small orders despatch same day, Monday to Friday, up to 4pm.

We despatch larger orders via next working day carrier. We have some special delivery options available (including pre-noon) – please contact our Customer Service Team to find out more and upgrade.

Please note: delivery to Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scottish Highlands & Islands, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly, and the Channel Islands is via a 2 day carrier service.

Large orders despatch same day, Monday to Friday, up to 3pm – where stock is available.

We send 500 sheet boxes from our warehouse via next working day carrier; if your product has a minimum order quantity of 500 sheets it is NOT a stocked item and will therefore be made to order. This usually takes up to five working days – although standard paper labels often despatch sooner. At this time of year, our manufacturing lead-times increase (usually to 5-7 working days, although some items may move to 7+ working days), so we strongly recommend ordering non-stocked items or larger quantities as early as possible to avoid delay.

We recommend contacting our customer service team to confirm lead-times/stock availability if you need non-stocked items or large quantities.


We hereby present the last posting dates for orders of Christmas labels for 2018.


Always order Christmas labels early to avoid delays, disappointment, and disasters!

Number Of Sheets Delivery Address Delivery Service Last Posting Date
250+ sheets Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scottish Highlands & Islands, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly, and the Channel Islands 2 Day Carrier

Thursday 20th December

(up to 3pm)

250+ sheets UK Mainland Next Day Carrier

Friday 21st December

(up to 3pm)

25-225 sheets Republic of Ireland

Royal Mail’s International Standard Service

(delays possible)

Tuesday 18th December

(up to 4pm)

25-225 sheets


(UK Mainland, Islands with UK Postcodes, and Northern Ireland)

Royal Mail’s First Class Service

(NOT guaranteed next day – delays possible)

Thursday 20th December

(up to 4pm)

25-225 sheets


(UK Mainland, Islands with UK Postcodes, and Northern Ireland)

Royal Mail’s Special Delivery Guaranteed Service / Saturday Delivery Guaranteed Service *

Friday 21st December

(up to 4pm)

* Special Delivery guarantees delivery by 1pm on the next working day; this is available by phone or online. Saturday Delivery guarantees delivery by 1pm on Saturday (for orders placed on Friday21st December!); this is only available by phone.

Order Your Christmas Labels From Label Planet Today!

If you’re keen to get organised, head on over to our home page to order your Christmas labels today. Visit our List Of All Materials page fto view all of our materials / adhesives or enter your product code in the Product Search bar.

Visit our Help Section for tips and advice on designing and printing your own Christmas labels. This includes our top tips and troubleshooting guide, along with our Label Templates section – which contains Word label templates and PDF label templates for all of our label sizes (along with compatible Avery codes, where applicable).

Our Customer Service Team is on hand, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, to help with any questions or queries you may have about ordering Christmas labels.

Find A Fitting Finish With Label Planet’s Guide To Matt Labels And Gloss Labels

October 17th, 2018

Self adhesive labels come in many different finishes; in this post, we’ll take a look at the two most popular options – matt labels and gloss labels.

Label Planet Labels Logo

Matt Labels And Gloss Labels – First Things First: Just What Is A “Finish”?

“Finish” refers to the surface properties of materials as determined by their appearance and texture. This may include the level of gloss and the smoothness of their surface. The finish of self adhesive labels tends to refer to the level of gloss.

A gloss finish is extremely efficient at reflecting light; it reflects light in a concentrated pattern over a smaller area, which results in a bright and shiny appearance. Matt surfaces diffuse (scatter) light causing it to spread out over a wide area, creating a flat and dull appearance.

Other finishes (such as semi-gloss, silk, and satin) are less efficient at reflecting light than a full gloss finish but more efficient than a matt finish.

Matt Labels And Gloss Labels – What Are The Benefits & Drawbacks Of Each Finish?

As with any property of materials, there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of finish. Some are practical considerations that will determine which finish is more suitable for your application. Others are more of a subjective factor, related to the look of your self adhesive labels.

Gloss Labels

This decorative finish is often popular because it offers more subtle decoration compared to, say, coloured labels. The bright and shiny surface creates an attractive and professional finish, which can draw attention to important information. Gloss labels have special coatings, which add extra beneficial properties. For example, coatings tend to create a smoother finish and can offer protective properties, resulting in tougher and more durable sticky labels. They may also offer limited protection from environmental elements such as moisture. While paper labels can never be fully waterproof, our gloss and semi-gloss paper labels are “splashproof” and can be wiped clean and dry if lightly splashed with water.

Matt Labels

Matt labels may not be as decorative as gloss labels but this can be a benefit. Their subtle flat finish allows additional print to be added onto matt surfaces without drawing attention to the fact that this has been done. Some matt labels (especially matt transparent labels) become almost invisible after application, making it seem as though your additional print is actually part of the labelled item. Matt labels tend to be uncoated (with a rougher surface), although additional coatings can improve the finish. They can also be made with waterproof materials to create waterproof matt labels suitable for outdoor (or indoor) use. A less reflective surface can also be beneficial when the print must be easy to read – by humans or by machines. Gloss labels may be harder to read when light sources reflect off the surface. Matt labels are a better option for barcode labels and QR code labels. While some readers do not rely on detecting fluctuating levels of reflected light, traditional optical scanners do. The reflective surface of gloss labels may prevent barcodes and QR codes scanning correctly. The (usually) rougher surface of matt labels is often more receptive to handwritten or drawn designs along with craft materials, such as foils and stamps.

So Which Finish Should I Choose?

Ultimately, the choice between matt labels and gloss labels is up to you. Generally, it depends on the appearance you want for your self adhesive labels (and your labelled items). If you don’t have any practical considerations to bear in mind (which might rule out one or other of the finishes), it really does just depend on the finish that you prefer.

Order Matt Labels AND Gloss Labels From Label Planet

Visit our List Of All Materials page to view all of our materials; the description includes the finish of each product. Our product pages also list the finish of each product.

As well as gloss and matt finishes, we also supply semi-gloss labels, our gold labels and silver labels have a satin finish, and our Kraft labels have a ribbed matt finish, which adds a subtle touch of pattern and texture.

We offer a free Sample Request service so you can take a look at our materials and decide which finish fits your labelling project best. Label templates are available to download from our Label Templates Home Page and our Help Section includes a variety of guides and tips on designing and printing self adhesive labels.

Void Security Labels From Label Planet Keep All Items Safe & Secure

October 10th, 2018

Security labels and tamper evident labels increase the security of items. This week, we’re taking a closer look at our silver void security labels.

security labels - silver void labels - label planet ltd

VOID Security Labels – What Are Security Labels?

The term security labels may be applied to any label designed to improve the security of labelled items. Security labels can improve the security of items in a number of different ways. They may act as a visual deterrent against tampering or theft, provide a means of tracking an object, and/or contain special features that prevent the production of counterfeit items.

Security labels known as Tamper Evident Labels provide visual proof of tampering. This can also act as a visual deterrent against such tampering occurring in the first place.

Tamper evident labels provide visual proof of tampering in different ways; removing a label usually leaves a section of that label behind.

VOID Security Labels – How Do Void Labels Work As Security Labels?

VOID security labels leave behind a message (usually the word “VOID”) on the label itself, the previously labelled item, or both. This method involves adding an extra layer to the label construction. There are three types of VOID security labels…

  • Total Transfer: the extra layer carries a printed void message. It separates from the face material (top layer) to leave the extra layer (and the void message) on the previously labelled item.
  • Non-Transfer: the extra layer carries a printed void message. It remains attached to the face material. The absence of the label and the void message on the back of the label serves as proof of tampering.
  • Partial Transfer: the extra layer is connected to the face material using a pattern release coating OR is connected to a pattern release adhesive. The extra layer divides in two – half remaining on the back of the face material and half on the adhesive. This leaves the void message on the reverse of the label itself and on the previously labelled item.

Our void security labels use a partial transfer, leaving a void message on the label and the previously labelled item. Any attempt to re-stick the label back down will not be able to disguise the split in the extra layer created during the first removal.

VOID Security Labels – What Are The Benefits Of Void Security Labels?

Our void security labels are made with silver polyester and a partial transfer VOID adhesive. They are tough, durable, and waterproof labels, which makes them ideal long life tracking labels. They will remain firmly in place for the lifetime of a labelled item or for the duration of storage and/or transportation. The material also suits applications with fluctuating or extreme temperatures (hot or cold), which is often an issue for appliances and electronics.

The colour draws attention to your information. This could include a company logo and/or contact information, health and safety warnings, instructions for use, or general security information.

Our silver polyester has a high quality matt finish. This produces a decorative and professional appearance, which is perfect for high value goods.

The adhesive bonds well with a range of materials and surfaces types. They can be used on (slightly) curved surfaces but flat surfaces are better. The polyester has a strong “memory” and is likely to “ping” up if applied over an edge or around a tightly curved surface. To label edges and curves, use a larger label size to provide a larger surface area for your adhesive to bond.

VOID Security Labels – What Kind Of Security Applications Do Void Security Labels Suit?

Security Labels On High Or Added Value Goods

Void labels act as a visual deterrent against tampering and theft. They also provide visual evidence of tampering. This improves the security of labelled items and can help to prevent unauthorised reselling.

Security Seals On Product & Document Packaging

Seal packaging used to store and/or transport high value goods or important documents. Opening the packaging marks both the seal and the packaging itself. Sticking the label back down cannot disguise a broken seal because of the divide in the extra layer.

Warranty Labels On High Or Added Value Goods

Goods sold with a warranty may have security labels applied. If products are tampered with in a certain way, the damage to or removal of warranty labels proves that the warranty has been voided by an individual’s actions or treatment of the product. They can display details about the warranty supplied with a particular product or contact information for the relevant manufacturer, distributor, or servicing company. They can also detail the servicing history of an item, including servicing dates and results. Warranty labels are especially popular for use on high value appliances and electronic devices.

VOID Security Labels – How Do I Print Void Security Labels & Tamper Evident Labels?

Our SVP material does require a little extra care to get the perfect print.

This is because the polyester material is metallised – coated with a thin layer of metal. Laser printers use heat (and pressure) to bond toner in place. The layer of metal reflects heat from the fuser unit, which increases the overall temperature applied during printing. You therefore need to use a print setting that applies less heat to get the correct print temperature.

The wrong settings may prevent your toner bonding properly and/or may cause your sheets to curl up and jam inside your printer.

We highly recommend test printing a few sheets to determine which print setting works best. Check your printer’s manual and/or the manufacturer’s website in case they have provided recommended guidelines for self adhesive labels and more specialised materials.

Order VOID Security Labels From Label Planet

Visit our SVP range page to find out more, see what label sizes are available, or to place an order.

Products with a minimum order quantity of 25 sheets are available for same day despatch from stock. A minimum order quantity of 500 sheets indicates made to order items. Despatch is currently take five working days because of the increase in production in preparation for Christmas.

Remember, you can also request a sample if you would like to give these products a trial run. We supply label templates free of charge, which can be downloaded by heading to our Label Templates Home page and selecting your label shape and label size.

Using Sticky Labels As Seals – Tips &Tricks and Recommended Products From Label Planet

October 3rd, 2018

Today, we’re taking a look at all of the different ways you can make seals – for products, packaging, and documents – using sticky labels from Label Planet.

sticky labels as seal stickers

Sticky Labels As Seals: Printed Vs Unprinted Seals

Seals are really versatile tools that can help promote your brand or personalise products, packaging, documents, envelopes, and gifts. You can use printed, unprinted, or handwritten sticky labels to create your perfect seals.

Print your company name or logo to add extra branding to products, packaging, and correspondence. Add a personal message, photo, or design to postal items or gifts, especially those for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, or Christmas.

Alternatively, you may simply need sticky labels to keep your products, packaging, and documents safely and securely sealed. For a subtle finish use white labels or transparent labels. If you prefer a touch of decoration, try coloured labels or gloss labels (see Recommended Materials For Seals).

Sticky Labels As Seals: Permanent Vs Removable Adhesives For Seals

You must choose the right adhesive to ensure your seals will actually seal things. First you need to choose a permanent or removable adhesive.

PERMANENT ADHESIVES: these adhesives create strong adhesive bonds that are difficult to break. Ideal if items need to be securely sealed during storage and/or transit before being opened.

We supply a range of permanent adhesives; generally speaking, our standard permanent adhesives will form perfectly good seals.

If you are applying seals onto unusual materials (e.g. plastics, fabrics etc), curved surfaces, or over edges, you may wish to choose a super tack, high tack, or marine adhesive.

Our freezer adhesive is best for sealing items stored and/or used in freezer conditions. This adhesive was designed specifically to create and sustain adhesive bonds in deep freeze conditions.

Finally, if you are looking for security seals, we would recommend our tamper evident labels – SVP and TEV (see Top Tips For Security Seals).

REMOVABLE ADHESIVES: these adhesives create temporary bonds and won’t damage items when sticky labels are removed. Perfect if opening or removing a seal must not damage previously sealed items. For example, if you are sealing important documents or gift items – especially those made of glass or paper – removing a seal made with a permanent adhesive could damage those items either by tearing the surface or leaving behind adhesive residue.

Our standard removable adhesive is ideal for most temporary applications. If you are labelling items made of glass or paper, or gift items, we recommend our super removable adhesive.

Removable adhesives are best suited for use as seals that are to be applied directly onto items (rather than packaging), where those items are also to be retained by the recipient (meaning those items must not be damaged).

Sticky Labels As Seals: Top Tips For Label Sizes & Shapes

Most people choose a non-rectangular shape for seals as this offers a more decorative appearance. Round labels / circular labels are the most popular – although square labels and oval labels are also commonly used. Any shape can create suitable seals. The most important factor is the surface area available to create an adhesive bond.

If you are applying your seals onto a perfectly flat surface, you can use any material/adhesive/shape/size combination. Problems may arise with curved surfaces or edges (e.g. when sealing a box or holding a gift bag closed).

All materials have “memory”; this property causes materials to try to return to their original shape after deformation. For example, after folding seals over the edge(s) of a box or gift bag they may try to “ping” back up. To prevent your seals pinging back into their flat state (thereby unsealing your items), the adhesive bond must be strong enough to overcome the memory of the material.

You can do this by selecting a stronger adhesive (e.g. a high tack, super tack, or marine adhesive), a more flexible material (e.g. paper labels instead of polyester labels), or a larger label size (providing a larger surface area over which the adhesive can bond with your item leading to a stronger adhesive bond).

Sticky Labels As Seals: Recommended Materials For Seals

Most of our customers want decorative seals – although some materials are subtler than others. Here’s our guide to the most suitable materials for creating sticky seals:

  • Paper Labels: a budget friendly option, which can be printed with a colourful design for a more decorative finish.
  • Premium Quality Paper Labels: ideal for printing high resolution photographs or digital artwork. These sticky labels have a subtle matt finish and a super smooth surface for a high quality professional finish.
  • High Tack / Super Tack Paper Labels: suitable for unusual materials, curved surfaces, or sealing edges.
  • Gloss Paper Labels: we supply semi-gloss labels, gloss labels for laser printers, and photo quality gloss labels (for high resolution photos/artwork). The bright, shiny finish offers a subtle decorative finish in an instant.
  • Coloured Labels: a quick and simple way to create decorative seals; choose from seven pastel shades for a subtle bloom of colour, five fluorescents for a burst of colour, gold and silver for a touch of luxury or seasonal flair, or a brown ribbed Kraft paper for a subtle touch of pattern and texture and a natural, homemade finish.
  • Transparent Labels: a professional and decorative way to seal all sorts of items, transparent labels are a popular option.
  • Tamper Evident Labels: provide visual proof of a broken seal (see Top Tips For Security Seals).

Sticky Labels As Seals: Top Tips For Security Seals

Customers often ask for security seals to use on their products and/or packaging. These seals provide visual evidence when tampering has occured. We supply two types of tamper evident labels:

  • Silver Void Labels: silver labels with a special “VOID” adhesive. The adhesive layer splits on removal, leaving the word “VOID” on the previously labelled item.
  • Tamper Evident Vinyl Labels: these sticky labels have a strong permanent adhesive and a fragile vinyl face material; when you try to remove these sticky labels, the vinyl fragments into tiny pieces making it extremely difficult (if not impossible) to remove the label in its entirety.

NB: the purpose of tamper evident labels is to protect high value goods. If you simply need to keep products sealed until a customer opens them, use a standard paper label with a permanent adhesive. Paper labels tend to rip and/or leave behind adhesive residue when removed. The damage clearly indicates an item has been opened (and is far more cost effective).

Order Sticky Labels From Label Planet To Start Sealing Your Stuff!

To order sticky labels from Label Planet, simply head on over to You can find all of our different materials and adhesives on our List Of All Materials page.

Remember that you can always Request A Sample free of charge to make sure our products will work for your application. We also supply label templates for all of our label sizes, so if you’d like to add a design or message to your seals, simply download a label template from our website and get printing.

Products with a minimum order quantity of 25 sheets are available for same day despatch from stock. A 500 sheet minimum order quantity indicates a made to order item. As we are nearing Christmas, these items are taking five working days for despatch so order early to avoid disappointment.

Here’s To The Arrival Of Autumn; A Selection Of Seasonal Self Adhesive Labels From Label Planet

September 26th, 2018

The Autumn Equinox took place over the weekend – traditionally heralding the arrival of autumn. To celebrate, we’ve put together a selection of suitably seasonal self adhesive labels.

Label Planet Labels Logo

Autumn Self Adhesive Labels – Coloured Labels

Coloured labels are perfect all year round but we’ve got plenty of shades that are perfectly seasonal.

Our pastel shades are ideal for adding a subtle bloom of colour and our “warm” shades are ideal for creating an autumnal feel – especially our crimson red labels, orange-red labels, and our yellow labels.

These coloured labels are suitable for use with inkjet and laser printers or for handwriting.

For a wonderfully natural finish and a perfect touch of the homemade, we highly recommend our brown Kraft paper labels. Made with Kraft paper, these self adhesive labels retain the natural colouring of the pulp used to make the paper. Our Kraft paper labels have a ribbed finish, which adds a brilliantly subtle touch of pattern and texture.

Our Kraft paper labels are suitable for use with inkjet and laser printers or for handwriting.

If you’re looking for something a bit bolder, why not try our fluorescent labels. Our magenta labels, red labels, and yellow labels are especially seasonal and add a burst of colour to any project.

Our fluorescent labels are suitable for use with laser printers or for handwriting.

Autumn Self Adhesive Labels – Gold Labels & Silver Labels

For a subtle touch of shimmer and shine and a luxurious appearance, try our metallic paper labels. Our gold labels and silver labels have a super smooth satin finish and are a brilliantly decorative addition to any items that are to be used in a special event or promotional offer.

Our gold labels and silver labels are suitable for use with laser printers or for handwriting.

Autumn Self Adhesive Labels – Waterproof Labels

As we shift seasons, the great British weather will inevitably kick in, which means that you might be in need of waterproof labels. Whether you need self adhesive labels that will survive the great outdoors (or the slightly soggy indoors), we have a wide range of waterproof labels that are tough and durable enough to rise to the challenge. Our waterproof labels include options for transparent labels, white labels, silver labels, gloss labels, matt labels, permanent labels, and removable labels.

If you need self adhesive labels that are truly outdoor proof, we highly recommend our marine labels; these are made with a special marine adhesive, which has been tested specifically for use in marine conditions.

Most of our waterproof labels need to be printed with a laser printer. This is because laser printers use heat and pressure to bond a dry powder (toner) into place – creating waterproof print. Inkjet printers tend to use water-based inks, which will run and/or smudge when your print gets wet. The exception is our MWPP material; this uses a special top coating to form a protective layer over your print.

Autumn Self Adhesive Labels – Bottle Labels & Jar Labels & Food Labels

If you’re planning on making some tasty treats to enjoy as the nights draw in, you might be in need of some bottle labels, jar labels, or food labels for a variety of containers. You can use pretty much any of our self adhesive labels for this purpose but two are especially useful.

Our freezer labels are the best choice if you are making food stuffs that will need to be stored in the freezer. These paper labels have an adhesive designed specifically to form and sustain adhesive bonds in deep freeze conditions.

Likewise, our water wash off labels are an ideal choice for labelling reusable containers. These sticky labels have a special adhesive; it forms a permanent adhesive bond (which means your sticky labels will stay firmly stuck) that breaks down when exposed to water (which means your sticky labels will peel away cleanly without damaging your containers – simply by giving them a good old wash).

Our freezer labels are suitable for use with laser printers or for handwriting. Laser printers produce waterproof print that will stay in place even if condensation gets on your self adhesive labels. Inkjet printers tend to use water-based inks that will run and/or smudge when wet.

Our water wash off labels are suitable for use with inkjet or laser printers and can also be handwritten.

Order Self Adhesive Labels From Label Planet Today

To view all of the self adhesive labels available from Label Planet, visit our List Of All Label Materials. You can order online at any time or give us call during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) to place an order over the phone. We can also accept purchase orders by email or by fax.

We supply label templates for all of our label sizes and you can find plenty of help and advice (including top tips and troubleshooting tips) in our Help pages. You can also request a sample of the self adhesive labels you are interested in to give them a try before you buy!

Go Glamorous With Amazing Metallic Labels From Label Planet

September 19th, 2018

For a touch of luxury or a bit of seasonal cheer, gold labels and silver labels are the perfect way to create decorative stickers for any items that need to have that extra special finish.

gold labels and silver labels

Gold Labels And Silver Labels – Metallic Labels With A High Quality Finish That Is Decorative, Professional, Luxurious, And Festively Fantastic!

Our gold labels and silver labels are amongst the most decorative self adhesive labels that we supply. Both our gold labels and silver labels are paper labels with a standard permanent adhesive.

What makes them really stand out is their metallic finish. This finish is created by applying a decorative gold or silver coating is applied onto clay coated paper. This produces a beautifully smooth and bright surface, which is perfect for applications that need that extra special finishing touch.

The satin finish gives our gold labels and silver labels a subtle touch of shimmer and shine; they have some of the reflective qualities of gloss labels but are subtler than a full gloss finish. This allows their colouring to show through, while also offering a subtle shine as a further decorative touch.

Gold Labels And Silver Labels – Perfect Product Labels & Celebratory Stickers For Special Events & Seasonal Offerings

Our metallic labels are commonly used as product labels, packaging labels, address labels, stickers and tags, and marketing labels or promotional labels for items that are associated with a special event.

They’re very popular for use as product labels and packaging labels on high quality products and gifts – especially during the Christmas season. The gold and silver colouring is especially festive and creates a touch of luxury and festive cheer to suit the season.

Metallic labels are also perfect for other big events – whether personal or professional in nature. They make ideal additions to personal celebrations – such as birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, and weddings – as well as coporate and charitable events or promotions.

The bright colouring has an especially decorative effect but also offers a high quality, professional finish. Gold labels and silver labels are great a drawing attention and are extremely festive and luxurious in appearance.

Gold Labels And Silver Labels – How To Get The Perfect Print On Your Metallic Labels

Our gold labels and silver labels are laser labels; they must be printed with a laser printer or handwritten. The special coating used to create their metallic finish does require some extra care to get the perfect print. We recommend using a specific “Labels” setting if your printer has one. Alternatively, you should use a “Heavy Paper” setting. This will cause your printer to slow down and use more heat during the printing process. This helps to ensure that your toner bonds efficiently with your metallic labels, resulting in high quality and accuracy of print.

We also recommend consulting your printer’s manual or the manufacturer’s website to see if the manufacturer has provided specific recommendations to follow when printing onto self adhesive labels.

Remember, you can always request a free sample of our gold labels and silver labels so that you can have a test run at printing your own metallic labels – and to make sure that your printer is up to the task.

Gold Labels And Silver Labels – Order Metallic Labels From Label Planet

Our gold labels and silver labels ranges include a grand total of 54 label sizes. We stock 9 of these label sizes in packs of 25 sheets for same day despatch. The rest we supply in 500 sheet boxes as made to order items. Despatch can take up to five working days so make sure you order in plenty of time.

To order metallic labels, simply visit our Gold Labels or Silver Labels range page. Select your required label size and order quantity. Remember, you can use our online Sample Request Form to request a sample and we provide label templates free of charge in our Label Templates Home Page.

Need Supremely Stylish Sticky Labels For Your Digital Gear? Why Not Try Our Silver Waterproof Labels!

September 12th, 2018

This week, we’re taking a closer look at our silver waterproof labels, which are the perfect way to label up all kinds of digital gear and high value products.

Label Planet Labels Logo

Silver Waterproof Labels – The Material & Adhesive

Our SMP range of silver waterproof labels are made with a silver polyester film and a permanent adhesive.

The polyester is a tough and durable material that offers some flexbility. It is, however, best suited to flat surfaces. It has a silver colour in a matt finish, which creates a high-quality professional appearance for any labelling application. The standard permanent adhesive creates good adhesive bonds with a range of materials and surface types.

Silver Waterproof Labels – The Benefits & Suitable Applications

The materials used to create our silver waterproof labels offer a wide range of beneficial properties and characteristics. SMP is tough and durable, which is perfect for creating long life asset and/or tracking labels. They are also decorative and professional in finish, offering a high quality appearance that draws attention to important information. These silver labels are also fully waterproof. You can use them for any applications involving exposure to water.

Common uses for SMP include:

  • Sticky labels for appliances and electronics: SMP is extremely popular for use on high value goods – especially digital gear. These sticky labels display (and draw attention to) vital information such as health and safety warnings, instructions for use, product information/specifications, servicing dates and results, and contact details for the relevant manufacturer, distributor, or servicing company. The waterproof material and strong adhesive mean these sticky labels stay put for the long term – in various environments and conditions. SMP is also suitable for applications involving exposure to fluctuating or extreme temperatures (hot or cold), which is often an issue for appliances and electronics.
  • Product labels and packaging labels: silver labels create decorative, professional product labels and packaging labels. The colour highlights important information, while their durability means these sticky labels remain in place for the life of each labelled product. They make ideal packaging seals and tracking labels on items that will be stored for long periods and/or frequently transported. You can use silver waterproof labels for items designed for outdoor use. They’re also fine for indoor applications that involve exposure to water – including kitchen and bathroom products.
  • Marketing labels and promotional labels: the high quality finish of these silver labels also makes them a popular choice for marketing and promotional purposes.

Silver Waterproof Labels – The Printing Process

As SMP is a more specialised material, it does require some extra care when printing. SMP is suitable for use with laser printers only – so you cannot use an inkjet printer. We also recommend using a standard paper print setting – rather than “Labels”/“Heavy Paper” settings usually recommended for self adhesive labels.

This is because the polyester material is metallised. It has been coated with a thin layer of metal. Laser printers use heat and pressure to bond toner onto the surface of the print media. When you print SMP, its metallised layer reflects the heat from the fuser unit. This increases the overall temperature within the printer, which can prevent the toner from bonding properly to your sticky labels. It can also cause your sheets to curl up, which can result in your sticky labels jamming in your printer.

Ideally, you should test print a couple of sheets using the “Paper” setting(s) provided by your printer. This should allow you to find an option that provides the optimal amount of heat to print your sticky labels. You should also consult your printer’s manual and/or the manufacturer’s website. They may have provided specific advice for printing self adhesive labels – and especially more specialised materials – like metallised polyester.

Order Silver Waterproof Labels From Label Planet

Simply head on over to our Silver Waterproof Labels range page and choose the label size you want to order. Then select your required quantity and add your silver labels to your basket!

We supply SMP in 54 label sizes. We stocked 17 of the most popular label sizes and shapes. These items can be ordered in packs of 25 sheets for same day despatch from stock – or in boxes of 500 sheets as a made to order item. The remaining sizes are all made to order items, which are available in boxes of 500 sheets. Made to order items take up to five working days for despatch.

If you would like to “try before you buy”, please submit a Sample Request online and we’ll pop a few samples in the post. If you need printing advice, head on over to our Help Section; here you can also find our Label Templates Section, which includes Word label templates and PDF labels template for all of our label sizes.