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Get Your Designs Into Shape With Label Shapes From Label Planet

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Sometimes a really simple way to get creative with labelling projects is to make the most of the label shapes available. Here at Label Planet, we supply rectangular labels, round labels / circular labels, oval labels, and square labels to help you get your labelling project into shape.

How Can Different Label Shapes Make A Difference To Your Design?

Being selective with your label shapes is a brilliant way to add an extra dimension to your label design. They give a creative boost to any design and each label shape has its own set of benefits. label shapes from label planet

Rectangular Labels

You might think rectangles are a bit boring but they have plenty of benefits if you choose to use them. They are the easiest shape to work with and are available with rounded or square cut corners. Rectangles tend to offer the largest area to work within, which is great if you need to fit a lot onto your sticky labels. They also fit well onto items of all shapes and sizes.

Square Labels

If you’re looking for a subtle alternative to a standard rectangular shape, square labels are an ideal choice. They offer a slightly different shape that can help to draw the eye. Like rectangular labels, they offer a good space in which to add your design and are easy to work with. Our square labels have rounded corners.

Round Labels / Circular Labels

Round labels are a perfect way to add a decorative flourish to any labelling project. They naturally draw the eye and fit well on items of all shapes and sizes. They can be more difficult to design and trickier to print accurately – but if you’re willing to put in a bit of effort and have plenty of patience, they can produce extremely rewarding results.

Oval Labels

Perhaps the trickiest of the lot to design and print, oval labels offer an especially decorative shape. They are a great way to add a personalised touch and tend to create a home-made feel. You’ll need to make sure that your design suits the continuous curve of your blank labels to get the most out of this particular shape.

Media Labels

We also supply a few special shapes. These are label shapes designed for a particular purpose. For example, CD labels or DVD labels and box file labels or folder labels. If you need self adhesive labels for these particular applications, choosing media labels that match the shape of your items helps to make sure your sticky labels look professional – and ensures that their shape is fit for purpose.

Top Tips For Keeping Your Label Shapes In Line

Here are a couple of top tips that will help you to always keep your label designs in shape.

  • KEEP THINGS CENTRAL: where possible, always centralise your design. Your design will start from the centre of your sticky labels and expand outwards. This helps to create balanced designs that look professional, as well as making sure that you don’t end up accidentally cutting bits of your design cut off around the edges of your sticky labels.
  • WATCH OUT FOR THE EDGE(S): take extra care if your design extends all the way to the edge of your sticky labels. Your design must account for the shape of your sticky labels especially if you are adding design elements to their edges (see backgrounds and borders). You also need to account for the capabilities of your printer. Most standard printers cannot print all the way to the edge of an A4 sheet. If your printer doesn’t have an “edge-to-edge” printing capability, it may not be able to print the full area of all of your blank labels. You may need to adapt your design if this is an issue.
  • BIG BACKGROUNDS AND BOLD BORDERS: it is very tricky to get every single design to align perfectly with every single blank label on an A4 sheet. If you are using coloured backgrounds and/or borders, this can lead to white edging. This means that some of the edges of your sticky labels are left unprinted because your design hasn’t quite aligned perfectly. To avoid this problem, we recommend oversizing coloured backgrounds and borders. This allows them to overlap all of the edges of your sticky labels making it impossible for white edges to appear.

Buy Different Label Shapes From Label Planet Today

If you’re looking for basic matt white paper labels, you can find our different shapes here:

Rectangular Labels (Rounded Corners) / Rectangular Labels (Square Cut Corners)

Round Labels & Circular Labels / Oval Labels / Square Labels / Media Labels

Alternatively, you can use our Label Finder to select the label shape(s) you are interested in – and find out all of the different sizes, materials, adhesives, colours, and finishes available in that particular shape. You can find label templates for all of our label shapes (and sizes) by visiting our Label Templates home page. We provide Word label templates and PDF label templates for all of our label shapes and sizes.

Get Ready For #WorldBackUpDay On 31st March With #labelplanet Media Labels

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

The 31st March is WORLD BACK UP DAY – a day designed to promote awareness of the importance of having a backup plan for all of your digital data. While some of you may already have a backup (or three!) of your important data, many people either don’t know what a backup is or keep putting it off as something to do when they have the time to get around to doing it…probably.

Unfortunately, many people have also found themselves learning about the importance of backing up when it’s already too late – whether they’ve been suddenly confronted with the ever alarming “blue screen of death”, a device that simply refuses to turn on, or have been the unfortunate victim of a phishing scam or malware attack.

While backing up isn’t the most thrilling thing to do, it can save a lot of time, money, and heartache – especially if the data you lose is of significant emotional or financial value to you or to your business.

And This Is Where Label Planet Comes In!

While we aren’t suppliers of backup software or experts on how to create the perfect backup plan, we do have a few label products that can help you get your digital data organised.

We supply a range of self-adhesive labels that are specifically designed for labelling all kinds of media devices, from the small to the even smaller. These labels are supplied on A4 sheets and can be printed with laser printers and inkjet printers or handwritten as needed. They are all label sizes that have been specifically selected with storage devices in mind and can be used to add a subtle reminder of the contents of a device (OR a GIANT reminder to keep that particular device safe and sound so you know exactly what stuff you’ve got stored and where).

We supply Word templates & PDF templates for all of these labels (Visit “Templates For Special Use Labels”) so you can download the template you need immediately and get on with backing up your all-important data.

Visit our MEDIA LABELS page now to order brilliantly useful labels for backing up lots of important data.

Back Up Your Digital Files & Conquer Your Pile Of Paperwork With Our Media & Data Storage Labels!

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

While you might prefer to think of your summer as being a time reserved for a break from working hard, you might have a few less fun jobs that you REALLY need to get around to over the summer months, whether you’ve got to have a good old sort out or simply need to get your filing system back under control – but don’t panic because, here at Label Planet, we’ve got a whole range of labels to help you get these jobs done and dusted (hopefully with plenty of spare time for doing something a bit more fun!).

Our Media Labels range is made up of an assortment of sizes that have been developed with a particular storage medium in mind, but that also offer a variety of options for any filing or storage system that you need to keep in check.

Labels for your Files & Folders
If you’re looking to get your paperwork under control then we have a great range of labels that you can print quickly and easily to get all of your files and folders neatly and clearly labelled up.

Lever Arch File & Box File Labels: we have three different sizes available for labelling up folders and box files of all shapes and sizes; simply add the contents of each folder or box to your labels to make it extremely easy to find the one that you’re looking for.

Ring Binder and Eurofolio Labels: for slightly slimmer folders and organisational files like Eurofolios, we have two narrower options that are a great way to keep track of which papers are filed where, and can also be used to label up other storage containers, such as in (and out) trays and pigeon holes.

Labels for your Digital (or Analogue) Archive
With more and more of our lives taking place in the digital world, it has become increasingly important to maintain a backup of all your digital files and we’ve got a range of sizes to suit all kinds of digital back up devices (and some analogue ones as well!):

CD & DVD Labels: we have four options for CD labels / DVD labels, each of which provides you with two CD/DVD labels per sheet along with a selection of case labels that can be used to keep track of the files that you’ve got on each CD or DVD.

Diskette & Data Cartridge Labels: while it’s unlikely that many people will be keeping current digital archives on these particular forms of storage device, these sizes remain very popular for labelling up newer devices – providing a smallish label that will nevertheless give enough space for you to add your all-important reminder about what you’ve got backed up.

Video Labels: you might have a few old tapes lying around (which would make these the perfect purchase for making sure you don’t forget what special memories or favourite films they contain) but these two labels are also popular sizes for labelling up both digital and paper-based storage systems; the spine labels are long and narrow, which makes them ideal for adding onto shelving and storage devices or onto files and folders, while the face labels provide a compromise between other “standard” paper sizes that are simply too big or too small.  

Slide Labels: these labels were initially designed for use on individual photographic slides but their small size makes them a really useful label to have on hand if you need a small – but clear – reminder of what goes in a particular file, folder, tray, drawer, or box. These labels are also popular for labelling up photo albums with a brief description of the contents or date of each photograph.

Audio Cassette Labels: you might think that audio cassettes have disappeared from the world BUT there are a number of organisations and groups who continue to use tapes, which provide a valuable resource that other media and devices simply don’t offer. If you’re amongst them, these labels will provide the perfect fit for labelling up your all-important tapes!

You can find all of our Media & Data Labels on our conveniently named “Media Labels” range page, which provides more information about the dimensions of each label; you can also download a Word or PDF template for these brilliant versatile sizes by visiting our “Templates For Special Use Labels” page!

CD Labels and DVD Labels

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Label Planet supply a range of blank self-adhesive CD labels; there are 4 different layouts to choose from, depending upon which software you are using and the label sizes and case labels you need.

These blank labels are sold in packs of 25 sheets and sent out same day; three of these sizes are also available to order in coloured paper, fluorescent coloured paper, premium quality paper, gloss paper, and semi-gloss paper options (minimum order quantitiy 500 sheets).

CD labels were sold in huge volume when CD burners became available to the general public because, for the first time, people could copy existing CDs and also create their own compilations. At that time CDs were the main method of distributing programs and music files.

As the speed of computers and the amount of storage available increased, more and more music files were downloaded. At first this was an illegal activity but it is now legitimate via programes like iTunes. As a result the number of CD and DVD labels sold to the general public has fallen off substantially. Software and computer companies still use CD labels on CDs as a cheap and effective way of distributing back up copies of software, while some choose to use CDs and DVDs as a quick and easy way to create a back up or copy of files of particular importance.

All of our CD Labels and DVD Labels in standard matt white paper can be found at the top of our Media Labels page.

Our CD/DVD label products LPCD116, LPCD117, and LPCD118N can also be ordered as Coloured Labels, Fluorescent Labels, Premium Quality Labels, Semi-Gloss Labels, Gloss Laser Labels, or Gloss Photo Quality Labels.