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Fluorescent Round Labels – The Brightest Circles Around!

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Our circular labels in fluorescent colours are the perfect way to add a burst of colour to whatever you need to label. Whether you want to make something stand out, make people take notice, or just need a decorative label that adds a bright finishing touch, these circles are the brightest around.

We have twelve different sizes to choose from, and all of these sizes are available in four different fluorescent colours; Red, Orange, Green, and Lemon. Six of these sizes are also available in a daring Magenta shade that is sure to dazzle.

These bright circles are a great way to add important information on a label that draws the eye to wherever you need it to be. They are great for displaying product information, sale prices and promotions, important directions or instructions, or brand and contact information. They can even be left blank and used as fun seals on products and bags.

They’re also great for schools and parents who use stickers to reward good behaviour and achievements. These labels can be used as blank stickers to indicate how well a child is doing or how close they are to earning a reward, or they can be printed with positive messages such as “Well Done”.

You can view the options available, find out more, or buy your fluorescent labels on our new Round Fluorescent Labels range page.
[Of course, if you’d prefer a slightly demurer shade, you can always opt for one of our pastel colour options, available here.]