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We Wish You All A Wonderfully Weird Halloween…

Monday, October 31st, 2016

Yes, tonight is the night that ghouls and ghosts are free to roam the Earth and we hope you have a spooktacular time tonight!

Whether you’re donning your most delightfully devilish costume to scare your neighbours (go trick or treating) or raise some hell (have a party with friends), spending the night on (or behind) the sofa with a line-up of scary films, or simply stuffing your face with sugary goodness because, well, it’s Halloween – we hope you have a wickedly good time!

Give Your Invitations & Decorations A Haunting Halloween Or Blazing Bonfire Theme With Labels From Label Planet

Monday, October 17th, 2016

With Halloween just two weeks away and Bonfire Night not that far off, you might well be in the midst of planning a fantastically frightening Halloween party or a spectacular night of (bon)fires and fireworks for Bonfire Night – and, if you’re making your own invitations or decorations this year, we might well have a few labels that will give your holiday projects that perfect finishing touch!

These labels are made with brown Kraft paper that has a ribbed finish for a brilliantly subtle touch of pattern and texture. Kraft paper is a wonderful addition to any homemade project, whether you’re making cards and invitations or party decorations. The natural finish of these labels makes them an especially perfect choice for bonfire themed projects.
All of our Kraft Labels can be handwritten or printed with either an inkjet printer or a laser printer.

Our range of transparent labels might not seem like an obvious choice for Halloween or Bonfire Night BUT they’re an excellent way to add a creative twist to your projects by producing a “floating” effect for your designs. You can use them to make address labels with Halloween or Bonfire Night inspired designs OR use them to add addresses to invitations that have been printed with a Halloween or Bonfire Night theme (so you don’t have to plaster a massive label all over your carefully chosen stationery).

Our removable transparent labels are also a perfect way to create temporary decorations that you can stick around your venue, on walls and doors, windows and floors, and any furniture in between! For example, you could make cobwebs, blood stains, or ghostly apparitions to give your Halloween party a truly terrifying tone OR create your own indoor firework display to match the events going on outside on Bonfire Night.
Our transparent labels include options for permanent and removable adhesives, gloss and matt finishes, and inkjet labels and laser labels.

If you’re looking for labels that will fit into your holiday colour scheme, we’ve got some perfect options for both Halloween and Bonfire Night. For a more subtle tone, you could try our pastel colours, which include crimson-red, orange-red, and yellow for that autumnal feel (as well as blue and green if you’re going for more unusual Halloween colours).

Alternatively, if you want to make sure your party or event is full of colour, you should definitely check out our range of fluorescent colours, which bring an instant burst of creative colour to any project – we’ve got options for red, orange, yellow, green, and magenta, which should come in handy for both your Halloween and Bonfire Night events.
We supply SEVEN pastel colours, which can be handwritten or printed with either an inkjet printer or a laser printer, and FIVE fluorescent colours, which can be handwritten or printed with a laser printer.

Firm favourites for the autumn (and, we’ll be honest, winter) season, our gold paper labels and silver paper labels have a wonderful semi-gloss textured finish that has a subtle touch of festive sparkle – which makes them ideal for this time of year, whether you’re trying to add a supernatural shimmer to your Halloween festivities or a flame-like finish to your Bonfire Night celebrations.
These labels can be handwritten or printed with a laser printer.

Take a look at our List Of All Materials page to see if we’ve got any other labels to give you even more ideas for your holiday projects or simply visit our range pages to choose the label sizes you need and place an order:

A Happy Halloween (Weekend) From Label Planet!

Friday, October 30th, 2015

Yes, it’s here once more: Halloween Eve!

Okay, so we’re a day early, but we’d like to wish all of our customers a Happy Halloween for the weekend.

We wish you well with all of your spooky endeavours; whether you’re off trick or treating in your creepiest costume or staying in with your favourite cushion for a frightfest of fearsome films – complete with a huge bowl of popcorn (for you) and a huge bowl of sweets (for trick or treaters) – we hope you have a fabulously frightful night!

Prepare For A Truly Spooktacular Halloween With Labels From Label Planet!

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

Halloween is on the way, which means that if you’ve got exciting plans for creepy celebrations we might just have the labels for you! Whether you’re wanting to send out invitations to a monster bash or create spectacularly spooky decorations, we’ve got some fabulous label products to help you get things started with a bloodcurdling bang!

FREAKY FLUORESCENTS: these brilliantly bright labels are a stunningly simple way to add a burst of colour to your Halloween inspired projects. Featuring a Revolting Red, a Gruesome Green, a Yowling Yellow, a Malevolent Magenta, and a perfectly seasonal Outlandish Orange, this range of labels will really add a wicked burst of colour to your event.

CREEPY KRAFT: we’ve got a wonderful Kraft Label, made with ribbed Kraft paper for a subtle touch of putrid patterning and terrifying texture for all your homemade finishing touches!

HOWLING HIGH TACK: these paper labels have a supernaturally strong adhesive, which makes them perfect for sticking onto bursting bags of Halloween treats or for adding a label to your Halloween decorations or those all-important trick or treat buckets.

TAUNTING TRANSPARENTS: these transparent labels will add a touch of magic by “disappearing” into thin air, leaving behind “floating” text and images on your items. They’re also a brilliant way to make some fabulously frightening window stickers (but make sure you choose our Removable Transparent Labels, so you don’t end up with a frightful mess once the celebrations are over!).

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Label Planet

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

We’d like to wish all of our customers a Happy Halloween! We hope you get lots of treats (and no tricks)!

To celebrate, we’ve picked out a few of our labels that remind us most of Halloween (Beware! Bad puns and alliteration ahead!):

FRIGHTFUL FLUORESCENTS – They’re Shockingly Bright!
These coloured labels are available in five wickedly bright fluorescent colours. We’ve got a Rotting Red, a Ghoulish Green, a Yowling Yellow, a Monstrous Magenta and (most fittingly for a Halloween themed post) an Ominous Orange. These colours really jump out and capture your audience (or their attention anyway).

TERRIFYING TRANSPARENTS – You’ll Never Know They’re There!
These tricky transparents will disappear into thin air and make it look as though your text and images have appeared from nowhere, as if by magic. Our transparent static cling labels are also a brilliant way to make wonderfully weird window stickers.

HORRIFYING HIGH TACK – They’ll Never Let Go!
These unassuming labels have a hidden strength and once they’ve taken hold it’s a nightmare to escape their clutches! They’re supernaturally good at sticking onto bags of sweets, which makes them a spooky success for Halloween treats!