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FAQ – Do You Do Labels That Are…

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

At Label Planet, we’ve made a deliberate decision to specialise in A4 sheets of blank labels for use with standard inkjet and laser printers. This means that we are able to offer the best possible range of A4 label products at fair and competitive prices. However, it also means that there are certain kinds of labels that we just don’t supply; we hereby present the Label Planet quick fire round called “do you do labels that are…?”

A Bespoke Size
NO: all of the sizes we supply are listed on our website; these sizes are determined by the dimensions of an A4 sheet and the sizes that fit most economically on an A4 sheet with as little wasted material between and around the labels as possible.

If you cannot find the size you want on our website you can; compromise and use the closest compatible size, choose a larger size and cut it down, or contact a supplier/manufacturer who can make that size as a bespoke product.
In some cases, we may be able to supply a quote for bespoke orders, but we will not consider requests for bespoke orders of less than 10,000 sheets.

Really Big/Small
NO: we cannot do large sizes because these do not fit economically onto an A4 sheet; you would need to contact a label manufacturer to request these sizes as a bespoke order. We do not supply small sizes because these carry a risk of labels peeling off within a printer as the sheet is pulled through (and around) the rollers.

On Rolls
NO: we only supply labels on A4 sheets.

 On A5/A3/SRA3/A2/A1 Sheets
NO: we do not supply labels on any sheet size other than A4.

A Particular Brand
NO: we are not suppliers of any particular brand of label. However, if you are looking to switch from a particular brand, it is likely that we will be able to supply compatible products that are of the same size and layout.

Avery Labels
NO: we do not sell Avery products. Many of our labels, however, ARE Avery compatible, which means that they are made with the same size and layout options provided by Avery so you can design and print these labels using Avery templates (which are often built into software such as Word).

Pantone Reference…
NO: our coloured labels are not manufactured to a specific pantone reference and we do not produce bespoke coloured labels. We are happy to send samples if you need an idea of the colours available (please note that the colours shown on our website are for general illustration purposes only).

NO: all of our labels are supplied blank for customers to print themselves OR to send to a printing service if they do not wish to do the printing themselves.

Completely Permanent
NO: our permanent adhesives are designed to create a strong bond that will keep a label firmly in place BUT if someone is determined enough they would (eventually) be able to remove the label – albeit probably not in one piece and with significant amounts of residue left behind/damage on the surface that was labelled.

Completely “Invisible” Transparent Labels
NO: our transparent labels are all made using an adhesive, which means that it is possible for tiny amounts of dust and air to be trapped between the layers of the label during manufacturing and between the label and a surface during application – the presence of dust and air will prevent the label from having a truly “glass clear” appearance.

If you find that our labels don’t offer the degree of transparency that you require, you may need to consider using “static cling” labels, which uses the generation of static to hold labels in place. This removes the adhesive element, although you will need to take care when applying these labels to ensure that no air or dust is trapped during application.

Integrated Labels
NO: integrated labels are label products whereby the sheet is made up of areas that are standard paper and areas that are labels. These products allow different documentation to be printed onto one sheet and are commonly used in the delivery of products or services so that one sheet can include any combination of the following: address labels, return address labels, invoice or receipt, picking sheet or slip, company information, parcel seals etc.

Our LP3/210 product (which is an A4 sheet divided into three labels) is an ideal compromise if you don’t want to buy integrated labels; these labels can be used to print an invoice or receipt over two of the labels, while the third label becomes the address/shipping label. These labels are compatible with the systems used by Amazon, Ebay, and to allow sellers to print receipts and shipping labels for the items they sell through these online marketplace platforms.

Piggyback Labels
NO: this is a specialised product whereby one label sits on top of another; the top label can be used as a separate label in its own right (e.g. as a return address label), discarded once it has been removed to reveal a code or message beneath, or can be used as a flap to allow twice as much information to be included on packaging within the same space.

Made With Thick Materials
NO: while our labels are made with a range of materials, our products are designed for use with standard desktop printers, which are generally quite limited in the material thicknesses that they can process.

Machine Washable
NO (But Also Yes): while our waterproof products can be immersed in water and even cleaned to a certain extent, the conditions generated in washing machines and dishwashers are simply too harsh for our materials (and the print you add onto them).

However, we also supply two name label products, which are designed specifically for use on clothing and items that will go through the dishwasher – or even the microwave. You can find these at our website:

Please note that these labels are available printed OR blank but you CANNOT print them yourself as they require specialist software and hardware to do so.

Printed On The Backing Sheet
NO: some customers request labels with printed backing sheets to help them distinguish more easily between the labels and the backing sheet. All of our products have blank backing sheets; we have researched the possibility of using printed backing sheets but, unfortunately, this would result in a higher cost to our customers that we do not think is justified, when simply taking a little extra time and care during printing can accomplish the same result.

Designed Specifically For X Application / Industry / Conditions
NO: while our labels are available in a range of material options designed to make our labels suitable for a variety of applications and environments, they have NOT been manufactured for any one specific application, industry, or environment and, as such, will not meet any stringent guidelines required by that industry or perform efficiently under any extremes of conditions involved in a particular application.

How Do Thermal Labels & Thermal Printers Work?

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Please note that this range has now been discontinued and we no longer supply any labels on rolls.

Now that we’ve launched a small range of thermal labels on rolls we thought we ought to write a bit about thermal labels and thermal printers and, well, all things thermal!

The Thermal Process
Thermal or direct thermal printing uses a thermal printhead to create an image on heat sensitive paper. The printhead contains heating elements (usually pins) arranged in a matrix; during the printing process these pins are selectively heated as they drag over the thermal paper. Where a heated pin is in contact with the heat sensitive paper, the paper changes colour. The thermal paper has a coating containing a dye, which determines the colour that forms during the printing process; most thermal papers will turn black when exposed to heat, although other colours (such as red and blue) are also available.

Label Planet’s Thermal Labels
Our labels all measure 102mm (or 4 inches) for one length and either 51mm (2 inches), 76mm (3 inches), 102mm (4 inches), 125mm (5 inches), or 152mm (6 inches) for the second length.

The rolls have an I.D. (inner diameter or core size) of 25mm (1 inch), 38mm (1.5 inches), or 76mm (3 inches) and an O.D. (outer diameter) of 127mm (5 inches) or 203.2mm (8 inches).

This means that they are compatible with a wide range of thermal (and thermal transfer) printers (you can check our Printer Compatibility Chart to see if your printer is compatible).

New Product – Thermal Labels on Rolls

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Please note that this range has now been discontinued and we no longer supply any labels on rolls.

Yes! We’ve branched out from our standard A4 sheets of labels and we now have a brand new range of thermal labels on rolls.

These labels are made of white thermal paper and are designed for use with both direct thermal printers and thermal (transfer) printers operating in direct thermal mode.

Our thermal labels are available in the following specifications:

25mm (1 inch)
38mm (1.5 inches)
76mm (3 inches)

102mm (4 inches) x 51mm (2 inches)
102mm (4 inches) x 76mm (3 inches)
102mm (4 inches) x 102mm (4 inches)
102mm (4 inches) x 125mm (5 inches)
102mm (4 inches) x 152mm (6 inches)

25mm and 38mm core products are available as uncoated thermal paper only.
76mm core products are available in both coated and uncoated thermal papers.

Find out more or buy thermal labels on our Thermal Labels range page. You can also check if these labels are compatible with your direct thermal or thermal (transfer) printer using our Printer Compatibility Chart.