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Use Gloss Labels To Add Some Shimmer And Shine

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Gloss labels are a great way to add a decorative touch of shimmer and shine to any labelling application. Find out how gloss labels can add a touch of glitz and glamour.

What Are Gloss Labels?

The term “gloss labels” applies to sticky labels with a gloss finish. The term is usually refers to a “full” gloss finish, although it may also include a range of “partial” gloss finishes, including semi-gloss and silk/satin finishes.

What Is A Gloss Finish?

Finish refers to the surface properties of a paper or film as determined by its appearance and texture. A gloss finish refers to a surface that has a bright and shiny finish. Gloss surfaces are bright and shiny because they are very efficient at reflecting light. The level of gloss, therefore, depends on how efficiently the surface reflects light (i.e. whether the light is reflected in a concentrated pattern or if it is diffused/scattered). A “full gloss” finish is very bright and shiny because it reflects light very efficiently. A “semi-gloss” finish is less bright and shiny because it is less efficient at reflecting light and more likely to diffuse (scatter) light.

What Are The Benefits Of Gloss Labels?

The primary benefit of gloss labels is their decorative appearance. Gloss labels are often chosen for marketing and promotional purposes because they add a subtle touch of decoration while also creating a professional and high quality finish. Usually they are chosen because they provide a subtle contrast to standard matt labels – providing a decorative finish without resorting to the use of coloured labels or elements of pattern and texture.

The shimmer and shine of gloss labels can also be beneficial because it tends to draw the eye more than the dull, flat finish of a matt label. This can be used to draw attention to a particular item or to the specific information carried on the gloss label.

Gloss labels are usually made by adding a special coating to a face material (such as paper or polyester). In addition to creating a gloss finish, these coatings also tend to have additional benefits. For example, they often create a protective layer, making your sticky labels tougher and more durable. In some cases, particularly with paper labels, they can provide (limited) protection against exposure to water. Our two splashproof paper labels are not fully waterproof because they are paper labels. However, their coatings provide some protection, which means they can be wiped clean and dry if lightly splashed with water. Another benefit is that coatings can help to improve the receptivity of your sticky labels, improving the quality of print you can achieve. This is especially important if you are trying to reproduce high resolution artwork on your sticky labels.

What Gloss Labels Are Available From Label Planet?

gloss labels from label planet

We supply seven ranges of gloss labels. Six have “full” gloss finishes, while one offers a “semi-gloss” finish.

Three of these ranges are gloss paper labels: GW, GWPQ, and SG.

GW: Gloss paper labels suitable for use with laser printers or for handwriting. They are one of two splashproof products.

GWPQ: Gloss paper labels for use with inkjet or laser printers or for handwriting. Ideal for creating high resolution print.

SG: Semi-gloss labels suitable for use with laser printers or for handwriting. They are the second splashproof product.

The remaining four ranges are gloss polyester labels: GCP, GTP, GTR, and GWP.

GCP: Gloss transparent labels suitable for use with inkjet printers. They can also be used to make transparent white boards.

GTP: Gloss transparent labels suitable for use with laser printers. This product range has a permanent adhesive (see GTR).

GTR: Gloss transparent labels suitable for use with laser printers. This product range has a removable adhesive (see GTP).

GWP: Gloss white labels suitable for use with laser printers. Ideal for creating decorative and professional sticky labels that are also waterproof – suitable for indoor and outdoor applications that may involve exposure to water.

Order Your Own Gloss Labels Today

We’ve created a List Of Gloss Labels page, which you can visit to find out more about gloss labels in general, to find out more about each range of gloss labels, or to place an order for your own gloss labels today.

This page includes a brief description of each product range, including the material, finish, adhesive, and printer compatibility. Click on View Products for more information or to view the sizes available (and to order). Our most popular sizes are available to order in packs of 25 sheets for same day despatch from stock. Other sizes are available as made to order items in bulk boxes of 500 sheets.

Celebrate The Arrival Of Spring With Suitably Seasonal Sticky Labels From Label Planet

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

We’re Celebrating Spring With Sticky Labels That Are Perfect For The Season Of Spring!

Yesterday saw the occurrence of this year’s Spring Equinox; marking one of the two moments each year when the sun is directly above the equator (meaning night and day are – roughly – equal in length). The Spring Equinox has traditionally been used as a marker of the beginning of Spring – although the weather doesn’t always agree!

With this in mind, we thought we’d put together our top three sticky labels that are well-suited to the seasonal changes that happen with the arrival of Spring.

Add A Bloom Of Colour With Coloured Labels / Fluorescent Labels / Metallic Paper Labels / Kraft Labels

To brighten up any labelling project, choose one of our coloured labels to add a bloom (or burst) of colour. We have a variety of colourful options to choose from including:

Pastel Coloured Labels – suitable for use with inkjet and laser printers or for handwriting, these coloured labels are perfect for adding a subtle bloom of colour to any project and you can choose between seven different shades!

Fluorescent Labels – suitable for laser printers or for handwriting, these paper labels are brilliant if you prefer an eye-catching burst of colour to blow away the cobwebs of winter – choose between five neon colours to bright up your day!

Gold Labels / Silver Labels – suitable for laser printers or for handwriting, metallic paper labels offer a luxurious touch of shimmer and shine if you’re looking to step into spring with a hint of glamour.

Brown Kraft Labels – suitable for laser printers and inkjet printers or for handwriting, our Kraft labels have a ribbed finish, which adds a subtle touch of pattern and texture – ideal for any projects that need to have a natural, homemade feel.

Introduce A Subtle Shimmer Of Sunlight With Gloss Labels / Semi-Gloss Labels

If you simply can’t wait for summer, why not add a bit more brightness to your world with our gloss labels and semi-gloss labels. Made with high quality coatings, these sticky labels have a gloss (or semi-gloss) finish, which means that they reflect light REALLY efficiently, creating a bright and shiny appearance.

We supply a range of self adhesive labels with a gloss finish, including gloss paper labels, gloss waterproof labels, gloss transparent labels, and our semi-gloss paper labels – which offer a subtle alternative to a full gloss finish.

Avoid The Problems Of Spring Showers With Waterproof Labels / Splashproof Labels

Obviously, Spring has a tendency to bring with it a seasonal shower or two (or three or four or more), which means that you might be in need of sticky labels that can put up with the Great British Weather.

This is where our waterproof labels / splashproof labels come in; our waterproof labels are made with materials that can survive exposure to or even total submersion in water – especially our three “marine labels”, which are made with a special adhesive specifically designed for use in marine environments. Waterproof labels can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications where there’s a chance of a spring shower!

For a more budget friendly option, you could also try one of our splashproof options; these are paper labels with an additional coating that provides a thin layer of protection against minor exposure to water – meaning you can wipe your sticky labels clean and dry if they are lightly splashed with water. As paper labels, however, they are NOT a fully waterproof solution and will be damaged by prolonged or major exposure to water.

To produce fully waterproof labels OR splashproof labels, you will need to print your sticky labels using a laser printer; laser printers use a dry printing process to bond toner onto a surface (producing waterproof print), while inkjet printers tend to use water-based inks that will run or smudge if they get wet.

Order Sticky Labels From Label Planet This Spring

You can order online at any time by visiting; alternatively, you can get in touch with our Customer Service Team to place an order over the phone (call 01270 668076, 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday).

To view all of the materials and adhesives available from Label Planet, take a look at our List Of All Materials page, or head on over to our Help Pages to find Guides To Designing & Printing Self Adhesive Labels, Troubleshooting Tips, and our Label Templates section – where you can find and download label templates for all of our label sizes.

It’s A Photo (Gloss) Finish! – Unless You Prefer Matt That Is…

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

Here at Label Planet, we like to provide our customers with the best possible range of options when it comes to choosing the perfect self adhesive label. One of these options is a choice between matt and gloss finishes – so here’s a short guide to all things matt and gloss!

What’s the difference?
The “finish” of a material refers to the qualities and properties of that material’s surface, including its appearance and texture.

Matt materials have a dull, non-shiny finish because they have surfaces that tend to diffuse light – as light reflects off a matt surface it spreads out over a wide area. By contrast, gloss finishes tend to have a smoother surface that reflects light much more efficiently, which creates a bright and shiny finish.

Why choose one over the other?
Generally, people choose one finish over the other as a matter of personal preference; usually it’s because the finish matches the surface they are labelling (a matt label for a matt surface & a gloss label for a gloss surface), because the finish is different to the surface they are labelling so the label stands out better (a matt label on a gloss surface & a gloss label on a matt surface), or because they want a particular appearance for their labels (some prefer the subtle look of a matt label while others want the decorative shine of a gloss label).

Which products have a matt finish and which products have a gloss finish?

In the Matt Corner In the Gloss Corner  In the Middle of the Two…
STA: Matt White Paper Labels REMC: Coloured Paper Labels With Removable Adhesive GW: Gloss White Paper Labels SG: Semi-Gloss White Paper Labels
REM: Removable Matt White Paper Labels BRK: Kraft Paper Labels GWPQ: Gloss White Photo Quality Paper Labels LG/LS: Gold & Silver Paper Labels
GREM: Super Removable Matt White Paper Labels MTP: Matt Transparent Polyester Labels GCP: Gloss Clear Polyester Labels
DF: Matt White Paper Labels With Freezer Adhesive MWP: Matt White Polyester Labels GTP: Gloss Transparent Polyester Labels  
HT: Matt White Paper Labels With High Tack Adhesive MWR: Matt White Polyester Labels With Removable Adhesive GTR: Gloss Transparent Polyester Labels With Removable Adhesive  
MPQ: Matt White Premium Quality Labels SMP: Silver Matt Metallic Polyester Labels GWP: Gloss White Polyester Labels
C: Coloured Paper Labels MWPE: Matt White Polyethylene Labels

Visit our All Label Materials list to see all of the materials we supply, along with the kind of finish they have, and to buy!

Fancy Something A Little Bit Different? Try Our Semi-Gloss Labels…

Monday, May 18th, 2015

We’ve introduced a brand new option when it comes to choosing the best finish for your labels.

Semi-gloss labels provide an excellent alternative to a full gloss or full matt finish, adding a subtle touch of decoration and quality without being overbearing or distracting too much attention from your text or the item being labelled.

These labels have a decorative, professional look that provides a brilliant middle ground between the shine of a full gloss finish and the dull surface of a full matt finish. Semi-gloss labels are a popular choice for marketing and promotional materials, for labelling containers for cosmetics, food and drink products, or gift items, and for general purpose product labels and/or packaging labels.

The semi-gloss coating has a smooth finish, which creates excellent print results. It also has the benefit of providing the paper labels with limited protection from water and dirt; we call these labels “Splashproof” because they can be wiped clean and dry if they get lightly splashed with water or dirt.

[Please note that these labels are NOT fully waterproof because they are, ultimately, paper labels, which will be damaged by long term or excessive exposure to liquids and/or total immersion in liquids.]

The semi-gloss finish is available on paper labels with a permanent adhesive. These labels are supplied on A4 sheets and are suitable for use with laser printers. To see the full range of sizes available, please visit our Semi-Gloss Labels range page. You can also Request A Sample to take a look at the semi-gloss finish for yourself.

New Product: Introducing Semi-Gloss White Paper Labels

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

We’d like to introduce the newest range of labels available from Label Planet: Semi-Gloss White Paper Labels!

These labels give our customers even more choice when it comes to picking the perfect paper label by providing a happy medium between the full gloss and the full matt finishes of our other paper labels.

You could say it’s sort of our version of Goldilocks & The Three Bears!

If you find that matt labels are just too dull and plain – but gloss labels are just too bright and shiny – then our semi-gloss labels might be the option that’s “just right” for you.

These paper labels have a smooth semi-gloss finish, which gives them a subtle shine that provides a neat, decorative finish that won’t overwhelm your printed message or the original item being labelled.

Semi-gloss labels are suitable for use with laser printers only and can be considered “splashproof”; if they get a little dirty or damp, they can be wiped clean and dry, which makes them a brilliant choice for labelling products and product packaging.

We’re introducing this new product in fifteen stocked sizes (stocked in packs of 25 sheets and available for same day despatch), with a full range of sizes available to order (order in boxes of 500 sheets, which are made and despatched within five working days).

To find out more about our semi-gloss labels – or to buy – please visit our Semi-Gloss Labels range page.