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Schools – Add Some Decoration To Your End Of Year Celebration With Brilliantly Bright Labels From Label Planet

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

For many schools, the end of the summer term signals the chance to reward pupils for their achievements throughout the school year and to make the most of the arrival of summer by holding events such as Sport’s Day and Summer Fairs (or Fayres!).

As part of these celebrations, many schools will be producing certificates and prizes to give to pupils who have achieved a particular level of success or progress, whether that is academic progress, meeting individual behavioural targets, or for sporting achievements and/or involvement in the performing arts – and we’ve got the perfect range of labels to create the perfect finishing “seal of approval” or to personalise each award in a fun and decorative way.

We highly recommend using our Coloured Labels, Fluorescent Labels, and our Gold & Silver Labels, where the different colours can be used to denote a particular level of achievement, success in a particular subject or area, or to represent the year group, class, team, or house of the recipient.

Our Gold Labels and Silver Labels are an easy and fun way to create a decorative “official seal” of commendation to denote if a person has attained one of two particular levels of achievement – for example, if they have are “First Place” or “Runner Up” in an event or subject or to denote that they are being rewarded for an “Excellent” level of achievement or a “Good” level of achievement.

Our Coloured and Fluorescent Labels are an ideal choice if you need to award prizes or certificates to a number of different groups, for different categories of achievement, or for different subjects or areas of achievement. For example, you might assign colours to specific subjects or departments (e.g. science awards are marked with a green label and performing arts awards are marked with a red label etc), select a range of colours to represent a range of achievement levels (e.g. red for “excellent”, orange for “very good”, and yellow for “good”), or use colours to specify a particular year group (e.g. a “junior” pupil might receive a certificate marked with a blue label, while a “senior” pupil receives a certificate marked with a yellow label).

You might also simply want to tailor your prizes and certificates to make them unique to your school by incorporating your school colours or to give pupils a fun celebratory token to mark their successes over the year by creating badges with positive and rewarding messages.

You could leave your labels blank and use them as “seals” or “marks” on your certificates, or you may wish to print them with the school logo/crest or with a symbol that denotes the area in which a pupil has succeeded or made significant progress. If you’ve had your certificates and prizes pre-printed (and you don’t fancy the prospect of handwriting each one with the name of the recipient), labels are also a fantastic way to quickly (and neatly) personalise a large number of rewards in time for your end of year celebrations and awards events.
Schools can order their labels from us online or by submitting an order by phone, email, or fax. Orders placed online are subject to “payment with order” terms, but local education authority schools may submit a purchase order to our Customer Service Team and request a 30-Day School Invoice.

You can find all of our brilliantly bright Coloured Labels, Fluorescent Labels, and Metallic Labels on our All Colours page; simply select the colour(s) that you want and then select the size(s) that you need.

Get Ready (Set & Go) With Labels For Sport’s Day

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

With June almost upon us, many schools will be preparing for their Sport’s Day events. Here at Label Planet we have all kinds of labels that can help organise the activities being planned.

Here are just some of the ways our labels have been used at Sport’s Days:

COLOURED LABELS make excellent badges to identify classes, teams, or houses. They are also great for making 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place rosettes or awards.

GOLD AND SILVER LABELS are ideal for use as rewards for winners and participants alike. Schools can use these labels to reward first and second placements in races and events OR reserve the gold labels for the event winners and use the silver labels as participation badges.

WHITE LABELS can be used to make individual name badges for pupils; they can include a child’s name, the event they are taking part in, or even a team name.

WATERPROOF LABELS are a great way to label equipment or even as sturdier name/reward badges that will be more likely to survive the excitement of a Sport’s Day, particularly if it happens to involve any rain!

We can provide 30 day invoices to schools to help make sure they get their orders sooner. Simply contact us to find out more.