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How Removable Labels Help You Avoid A Big Sticky Mess

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

Removable labels are this week’s sticky issue. Find out how they work and why they help you remove sticky labels without getting in a sticky mess.

What Are Removable Labels & Removable Adhesives?

The name is a bit confusing because pretty much any self adhesive label can be removed – if you try hard enough. Removable labels, however, are designed specifically to be removed. They form adhesive bonds that hold your sticky labels in place but don’t leave behind adhesive residue when you remove your sticky labels.

Removable labels create temporary self adhesive labels. You may only need to label items for a specific length of time. Alternatively, if the information displayed on your labels needs to be updated, you may need sticky labels that are easy to replace.

How Do Removable Adhesives Work?

Like permanent adhesives, removable adhesives create an adhesive bond with a surface. Where they differ is how they behave when removing a sticky label.

To remove a permanent label by physical force alone, you have to apply enough force to break apart the adhesive layer. This often makes it difficult to remove the label in one piece (especially paper labels, which tend to tear apart) and leaves behind adhesive residue.

This is because permanent adhesives have excellent adhesion and cohesion. Adhesion is the strength of the adhesive bond with another surface, while cohesion is the internal strength of the adhesive bond itself.

Removable adhesives, therefore, tend to have high cohesion but lower adhesion. This means the internal strength of the adhesive bond is stronger than the external bond with a surface. When you remove a label, the adhesive layer remains in one piece (leaving no residue behind).

Most pressure sensitive (self-adhesive) removable adhesives work this way. Alternative methods rely on applying an external agent to permanent adhesives in order to break down the adhesive bond. One example is our Water Wash Off Labels, which have a permanent adhesive that breaks down when exposed to water. You can remove your permanent labels from labelled items simply by  giving them a good wash.

What Kinds Of Removable Labels Are Available From Label Planet?

We supply a range of different removable labels to help our customers find an option that best suits their application.

removable labels from label planet

REM: Paper labels with a standard removable adhesive. Ideal for general label applications where you need temporary sticky labels.

GREM: Paper labels with a super removable adhesive. This adhesive is designed specifically for delicate items (e.g. glass and paper items), which are more easily marked or damaged.

REMC: Coloured paper labels with a standard removable adhesive. Ideal if you need to temporarily colour code items.

GTR: Gloss transparent labels with a standard removable adhesive. They are for use with laser printers only. Perfect if you need to temporarily label glass items or create removable window stickers.

MWR: Matt white waterproof labels with a standard removable adhesive. Ideal if you need temporary labels that are also tough and durable, waterproof, and/or suitable for indoor and outdoor applications that involve exposure to water.

Order Removable Labels From Label Planet

You can view all of our removable labels on our List of All Removable Labels page. Use the View Products links to find out more or to buy removable labels from a particular range. Each range contains a variety of label sizes; some are available in packs of 25 sheets for same day despatch from stock, while the rest are available as made to order items (in boxes of 500 sheets).

We supply label templates for all of our label sizes, which can be downloaded from our website. If you would like to request a sample, so you can test the suitability of our removable labels for your application, simply fill in our online Request Form or contact our Customer Service Team.

FAQ – What’s The Difference Between A “Standard” Adhesive & A “Special” Adhesive?

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

All of our products are self-adhesive labels that are made with “pressure sensitive adhesives”; this simply means that the adhesives on our labels are tacky (sticky) under normal conditions and therefore only require the pressure of a finger or hand to create a successful adhesive bond.

Pressure sensitive adhesives can be broadly divided into “permanent adhesives” (designed to hold a label firmly in place and making it as difficult as possible to remove the label) and “removable adhesives” (designed to hold a label in place while it is needed before removing cleanly and easily from a surface without doing any damage or leaving behind any adhesive residue in the process). You may have noticed that we have a variety of labels that we describe as having either a “standard permanent adhesive” or a “standard removable adhesive” – you may also have noticed that we have other products that we describe as having “special” adhesives and you may have wondered what the difference is between these categories.

Essentially, a “standard” adhesive is a general purpose adhesive that has been designed to create a good adhesive bond between two surfaces under “normal” conditions. “Special” adhesives, meanwhile, are designed to create an adhesive bond that is suitable for a particular label application (and the specific set of environmental conditions or requirements that the application entails) – usually because a standard adhesive wouldn’t be able to produce and/or sustain a successful adhesive bond under those conditions.

At Label Planet, we have a variety of “special” adhesives, each of which has been manufactured to produce specific characteristics that make that adhesive well-suited to a particular label application or set of environmental conditions.

This adhesive has been specially developed to create an extremely strong adhesive bond between a wide range of materials; the adhesive has extremely strong initial and ultimate tack, which means that it instantly creates an extremely strong adhesive bond at the moment a label is applied, which will then go on to strengthen and set into a stronger bond. Super tack adhesives are designed for label applications where a standard permanent adhesive simply cannot create and/or sustain a bond between two materials (usually because the materials are unusual in texture and/or the surface is curved or shaped in some manner) OR where there is an important need to make sure that the label is extremely difficult to remove (for example, because the label carries vital identifying information, health and safety warnings, and/or instructions for use).

Our Super Tack Labels (product code: ST) are paper labels with a super tack adhesive and can be printed using an inkjet printer or a laser printer OR they can be handwritten. These labels are made with our strongest permanent adhesive to date and are suitable for label applications that involve unusual materials and/or surfaces, that involve cold temperatures, or that require labels that will remain firmly in place over a long period of time and prove to be extremely difficult to remove.

Similar to a super tack adhesive, a high tack adhesive offers a stronger adhesive bond than that which is created by standard permanent adhesives (although it is not as strong as a super tack adhesive). High tack adhesives have strong initial and ultimate tack and are capable of creating strong adhesive bonds between a wide range of materials and surface types.

Our High Tack Labels (product code: HT) are paper labels with a high tack adhesive and can be printed using an inkjet printer or a laser printer OR they can be handwritten. These labels are well-suited to label applications where a standard adhesive isn’t capable of creating and sustaining an adhesive bond OR where there is a need to make absolutely sure that the labels will remain firmly in place for an extended period of time.

The term “marine adhesive” is applied to adhesives that have been designed to create and sustain an adhesive bond in marine environments. Our marine adhesive conforms to the BS5609 part 2 standard for marine immersions to qualify for this certification, the adhesive undergoes a number of rigorous tests to ensure that it will work in tough marine conditions, including submersion in salt water for three months. This adhesive was developed specifically for labelling chemical drums that are shipped overseas (where the drums MUST remain clearly labelled even if they fall overboard).

We supply THREE product ranges with a marine adhesive; our Matt White Polyester Labels (product code: MWP) are made with matt white polyester and a marine adhesive, our Polyethylene Labels (product code: MWPE) are made with matt white polyethylene and a marine adhesive, and our Polyolefin Labels (product code: MWPO) are made with matt white polyolefin and a marine adhesive. All of these labels can be printed with a laser printer OR can be handwritten; our MWPE and MWPO labels can also be printed with an inkjet printer although this will not create waterproof print as inkjet inks tend to be water-based and so will run or smudge if the print gets wet. These waterproof labels are ideal for a wide range of applications that need tough and durable labels – especially any indoor or outdoor applications that may involve exposure to or immersion in water.

This adhesive is used to make security labels in the form of tamper evident labels that leave behind the word “VOID” when a label is removed from an item. There are a variety of void adhesives, which provide visual evidence of tampering in this way – some will leave behind the word “VOID” (or another message) on the labelled item only, on the label itself only, or the adhesive layer will split to leave the message on both the labelled item and the label itself (this is how our VOID labels works).

Our VOID Labels (product code: SVP) are silver polyester labels with a VOID adhesive and can be printed using a laser printer (or handwritten). These labels are ideal for use as security labels on high value items, security seals on packaging or document folders, or as warranty labels on high or added value goods. They improve the security of these items by acting as a visual deterrent against tampering and by providing visual evidence that an item has, in fact, been tampered with or not.

As the name suggests, this adhesive was designed to produce a permanent adhesive bond even when the labelled item is exposed to deep freeze conditions. Standard adhesives will usually struggle to produce and/or sustain an adhesive bond in extremely low temperatures, which makes a deep freeze adhesive an ideal alternative for any label application that involves exposure to or storage in colder temperatures.

Our Freezer Labels (product code: DF) are paper labels with a deep freeze adhesive and can be printed using a laser printer OR they can be handwritten (we do not recommend printing these labels with an inkjet printer as inkjet inks tend to be water-based, which means that your print will run or smudge when it comes into contact with condensation). These labels are ideal for any label application that involves deep freeze conditions, including food and drink labels or identification labels on research and/or medical samples. The labels can be applied onto items that are already frozen or that will be frozen at a later date and will maintain a good adhesive bond at temperatures between -40°C to +60°C.

This adhesive provides a brilliant solution to the problem of labelling items safely and securely (as with a permanent adhesive) before removing the labels without damaging the items (as with a removable adhesive) so that they can be reused (and relabelled). Water wash off adhesives create a strong adhesive bond that breaks down when exposed to water; this means that a label will remain firmly in place while needed BUT will remove cleanly and easily when the labelled item is washed.

Our Water Wash Off Labels (product code: WW) are paper labels with a water wash off adhesive and can be printed using an inkjet printer or a laser printer OR they can be handwritten. These labels are ideal for use on reusable containers and particularly those used in the food and drink industry (either to hold ingredients or as product containers, such as jars and bottles) – the contents of a container can be safely and clearly identified before the label is washed away when the container is cleaned before being reused.

Also known as a “glass removable” adhesive, this removable adhesive was developed specifically for use on delicate surfaces – such as glass and paper – which are likely to be damaged when a label is removed. The adhesive makes use of modern manufacturing methods and materials to create a light adhesive bond that will gently hold a label in place while it is needed before allowing that label to be removed without doing any damage in the process.

Our Super Removable Labels (product code: GREM) are paper labels with a super removable adhesive and can be printed using an inkjet printer or a laser printer OR they can be handwritten. These labels are ideal for temporarily labelling delicate items (especially those made of glass or paper) and are brilliant product labels that can be used to display pricing information on (gift) items such as vases and books.

You can view a full list of all of the different adhesives that are used to make our self-adhesive labels on our All Adhesives page; this page gives a brief description of each adhesive, along with information about the product range that it is used to make, and a link to the range page for that particular product, so you can find out more about or place an order for those particular labels.

Adopt An Appropriate Adhesive So All Your Labels Adhere!

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

From a purely practical point of view, the most important part of a label is the adhesive; if you choose the wrong sort of adhesive for your particular application then you may well find that your labels simply won’t do the job that you need them to do.

Many people don’t realise that there are different types and strengths of adhesive – although for most applications a simple standard permanent adhesive will do the job. The problem is that there are a handful of label applications that require the use of a different kind of adhesive because a standard permanent adhesive simply doesn’t meet the requirements of that application.

These alternative adhesives tend to be designed specifically for a particular kind of label application and will therefore have properties and characteristics that allow them to function efficiently in that application. The most common reasons that you might need to use something other than a standard permanent adhesive are:

  • You Need Temporary Labels
    If you need labels that will stay in place for a fixed (short) time only, you may find that standard permanent adhesives are not a suitable choice. Instead you should look at removable adhesives, which are designed to provide a good adhesive bond while a label is needed before peeling away cleanly from a surface without doing any damage in the process.
  • You Need Labels That Will Survive In More Challenging Environments
    While standard permanent adhesives will function efficiently on a range of surfaces in “normal” or “standard” conditions, you might need labels that can survive in more challenging environments; for example, your application might involve different or fluctuating conditions, such as high or low temperatures or even exposure to water. These conditions will most likely cause a standard adhesive to fail, which means you would need to choose a special adhesive designed to cope with more extreme conditions.
  • You Need Labels That Can Adhere To Unusual Or Curved Surfaces
    Certain materials and surfaces may prove too difficult for standard permanent adhesives to bond with properly, which means that if you want to make sure your labels stay in place you’ll have to choose a stronger permanent adhesive.

So how do I go about choosing the right sort of adhesive?
Adhesives are primarily classified as “Permanent” or “Removable”, so the first choice you need to make is whether you need your labels to be “Permanent” or “Temporary”; choose a permanent adhesive for permanent labels (to make sure they stay firmly in place) and a removable adhesive for temporary labels (to make sure they can be removed without damage when you no longer need them).

Once you’ve narrowed your search to one of these two kinds of adhesive, you need to take into account any environmental factors that might require the use of a more specialised adhesive; try to think of anything in your label application that might cause a problem for a standard adhesive – if you can’t think of anything then you should be okay with a standard adhesive BUT if there are specific requirements that you need your labels to cope with then you should take a look at more specialised adhesives with specific properties that make them better suited to your application.

For example: Choosing The Right Permanent Adhesive
We have twenty two products with permanent adhesives, which can be grouped as follows:
Standard Permanent Labels (STA/MPQ/GWPQ/BRK/C/FC/GW/LG/LS/SG)
Simply choose the label product with the colour and/or finish that you like best.
Durable and/or Waterproof Permanent Labels (MWP/MWPE/GWP/SMP/GCP/GTP/MTP)
Choose one of these if you need your labels to be durable and/or waterproof, especially if you’re looking to create long life tracking labels.
Strong Permanent Labels (For Unusual Surfaces) (Mega Tack/HT/MWP/MWPE)
Choose one of these if you need a label that will stay firmly stuck or you need to label an unusual surface that standard adhesives struggle to bond with.
Freezer Labels (DF)
Choose these labels if you need to label items that are to be stored or used in freezer conditions (for example, food and drink products or medical and research samples).
Outdoor Labels (MWP/MWPE)
Choose one of these if you need a label that can survive in outdoor conditions, particularly if those conditions include exposure to or submersion in water.
Security Labels (SVP and TEV)
Choose one of these if you’re looking for a label product that will improve the security of your items by providing evidence if an attempt is made to tamper with the labels (and therefore your items).

For example: Choosing The Right Removable Adhesive
We have five products with removable adhesives, which can be grouped as follows:
Standard Removable Labels (REM and REMC)
Choose one of these if you need a basic temporary label (in white or colour).
Durable and/or Waterproof Removable Labels (GTR and MWR)
Choose one of these if you need temporary labels that are more durable and waterproof.
Removable Labels For Delicate Surfaces or Long Term Use (GREM)
Choose these labels if you need to label delicate items (e.g. those made of paper or glass) and/or it is absolutely vital that no damage is done when your labels are removed.

To help you work out which adhesive is the best option for you, we’ve created a “Complete List of all our Label Adhesives” page, which lists all of our products according to the type of adhesive they are made with, along with a description of the characteristics of each adhesive. Remember, you can also request a sample of any label products that you are interested in so you can test them to make sure they will work for you before you go ahead and buy. We recommend that you replicate the conditions of your application as closely as possible with your samples so you know for certain that they are the right labels for the job.

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No! It’s Super-Removable Adhesive-Man!

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

We have two kinds of removable adhesive and this post is all about our Super Removable Adhesive.

Also known as GREM and Glass Removable, this is a special adhesive made from acrylic that is designed to provide a light adhesion during the time it is applied to a surface and excellent removability once it is no longer needed.

In particular, this adhesive is designed to leave no adhesive residue behind, which means that it can be used as a temporary label that will do absolutely no damage to the item it is used to label when the label is removed. It is the perfect adhesive for temporary labels that are applied to items that are made of delicate materials such as glass or paper.

The adhesive was specially designed for use on paper materials, such as cards and book covers. Paper products, like any other kind of product, need to be labelled with product and pricing information – however, paper products are much more likely to be damaged when a label is removed (particularly if a permanent adhesive is used).

Using a removable adhesive means these items remain undamaged by any product or pricing labels that are applied to them before they are sold – which is particularly useful as these items are often gifts (particularly cards) and most of us have been through the experience of purchasing a book only to find that the cover is instantly ruined when you attempt to peel off the price label and inevitably end up with either fragments of label or a sticky mess of adhesive residue stuck across your brand new purchase.

Super removable adhesives are also ideal for use on glass items, which are particularly notorious for showing up marks or traces left behind when a label is removed.

Our Super Removable range is extremely popular for use in book shops, card shops, stationery suppliers, and also in auction houses, where they are used to apply lot numbers to delicate items during storage and auctions – once a lot is sold, the label is easy to remove (with absolutely no damage to the item) before the new owner takes their brand new (or should that be antique!) possession home.

You can take a look at more detailed product information, the sizes available, and purchase your very own Super Removable Labels from our Super Removable Labels range page.

Revising For Exams With Super Removable Labels

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Students across the country will be busy preparing for impending exams and presentations (or perhaps they should be!). Label Planet has a unique solution to help you with the tricky task of remembering everything you might need to know.

Our super removable labels (product code: GREM) have a very light adhesive that provides a low initial tack and can be removed from any surface quickly and easily, without leaving any residue behind. In fact, they can be compared to the average post-it note, just with the adhesive all over the back of the label.

This makes our super removable labels an ideal way to print revision cards that you can stick anywhere around the house to help you remember important information. You can print the key facts, figures, or quotations that you need to learn and stick them onto books, revision posters, walls, desks, or even over the bathroom mirror as a revision reminder first thing in the morning and last thing at night. And, once you’ve completed your exam or presentation, you can remove them without any traces of residue (though whether you choose to keep them safely filed away with your other revision notes or throw them out as quickly as you can is up to you!).

You can Request A Sample or Find Out More about our Super Removable Labels on our website.