School Labels for Administration.

School Labels For Admin

From simple address labels to labelling chemicals in the science lab, we have labels for all your admin needs. Here are some of the other uses schools make of our labels:

Labelling books

Schools are full of books – exercise books, text books, library books – labels can help you keep track of all those books!

It’s quick and easy to produce labels for exercise books with a small picture to link to the subject – particularly useful in primary schools.

Suggested Size:
Ideal Label Size For Exercise Books LP10/99

A label with a grid printed on it can be used to identify who is responsible for which text book or when a library book is due back in.

Suggested Size:

School librarians are using our labels to classify their libraries – whether they use the Dewey system or one of their own, labels are needed to identify where the book came from or to help pupils find the books they need.

Suggested Size:
Small Coloured Book Labels LP 65/38

Labelling pupil record files – print on different colours for different years of entry or different houses. You can make a wider range of coloured labels by using white labels and printing a coloured background.

Suggested Size:
Small Coloured File Labels LP 65/38
Medium Coloured File Labels LP 40/45
Large Coloured File Labels LP 21/63

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