Marking Labels and Feedback Labels for Schools.

School Labels For Target Marking and Feedback

Marking Conventions

You can put your whole school marking conventions onto a label, which can be stuck into the front of pupils’ exercise books for easy reference. Because they are self-adhesive there is no need for glue – dispense with glue sticks that have gone hard or run out half way through!

Suggested Size:
Ideal Size for Marking Convention Labels LP4/99

Subjects which have specific notations for marking can produce their own marking labels and because you have designed them yourself they are easily adapted when necessary.
Small circular labels can be used to back up the abbreviations used.

Suggested Size:
13mm Small Round Abbreviation Labels LP216/13R
19mm Medium Round Abbreviation Labels LP19/117R
25mm Large Round Abbreviation Labels LP70/25R

Feedback to Pupils

Do you find yourself writing the same comment over and over again? (Don’t forget capital letters; copy the following spelling 5 times etc.) Simple labels are easy to design and you can even use colour coding for urgency of response needed. Comments can be tailored to specific learning objectives and can be used to show if a pupil has achieved the objective or not. If you use “two stars and a wish” or “WWW, EBI” systems of feedback why not design a label to draw pupils’ attention to your comments?

Suggested Size:
Colour Coded Pupil Feedback Labels LP21/63

Verbal Feedback Labels

Particularly useful for practical subjects, but great for any instance where you have spoken to a student about their work – you can put a label onto their work with a space for them to write their response or a summary of what you said.

Suggested Size:
Verbal Student Feedback Labels LP18/63

Merits and Rewards

Design your own merit or reward labels to fit in with your school’s policy for these – from simple 25mm white circles with a small picture or a couple of letters to larger more eyecatching labels. In addition to standard paper labels, you can use gold, silver, or fluorescent coloured labels.

Suggested Size:
Gold Merit Labels    
Silver Merit Labels
Fluorescent Merit Labels

Effective Marking
Schools using the Effective Marking Scheme have been buying their labels from us for a number of years. There are huge stocks of this label size, ready for same day despatch when we receive an official school order.

Suggested Size:
Standard Sized Effective Marking Labels LP18/63

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