School Labels for Pastoral Care and Behaviour.

School Labels For Lesson Planning

Confidential Files

Labels can assist in the secure storage of personal pupil records and enable the colour coding of files to denote the year of the pupil and any special status or requirement. For example pupils with an allergy or another key medical condition can have it coded on their files.

Confidential Files - small file labels
Confidential Files - larger file labels

Monitoring Behaviour

Pupils on report can have removable red labels on their files, which can be removed once they have redeemed themselves.

Sometimes pupils don’t behave as we would like and labels can be stuck in planners to show what the misdemeanour was, and also what consequence was. Highly visible and very difficult to remove!

Example sizes for Behaviour Comments Labels:

School Merit Systems

Running a school wide merit system is helped by labels printed with different text or colours. Special merit labels can be restricted and issued for exceptional behaviour, improvement or achievement. Staff can be creative and new temporary merits or themed merit can be developed…the man on mars merits… the save the trees merits!

Merit labels can be done in pairs…one for the pupil's work or planner and a matching one for the merit reward chart. Merit labels could also be numbered and teachers issued with a term's worth of merits to award. Merits can even have QR codes on them which can be read into a system which can then keep track of them and supply great reports and colourful charts for all.

In essence labels can convey in a simple and visible way different classifications of pupil or action to help in the day to day care of the pupils, and to make sure that things are not forgotten, or overlooked.

Suggested Labels:

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