Target Setting Labels and Assessment Labels.

School Labels For Target Setting and Assessment

Target Setting

Our labels can provide a quick and easy way to communicate targets to pupils at the beginning of the academic year, of a new term, or of a new topic. Templates can be set up with success criteria and stuck into pupils’ exercise books. Pupils can track their progress on the labels as they complete assessments.

Suggested Size:
Pupil Progress Labels LP 6/99

Teacher, Peer, and Self-Assessment

Different coloured labels can be used for teacher, peer, and self-assessment so that it is easy to see how work has been assessed. Guidelines for peer assessment can be pre-printed on the labels. Pupil-speak “I can” statements can also be printed onto labels for pupils to stick in their books.

Suggested Size:
I Can Labels LP21/63

Red, yellow and green small circular stickers can  be used by pupils to show how confident they feel about a piece of work – this is a quick and easy way to see if pupils have understood what they are doing or if they are struggling.

Suggested Size:
Colour Coded Round Self-Assessment Labels


Labels can be pre-printed with a template to help pupils reflect on their work at the end of a topic, giving them the opportunity to highlight anything they are still unsure about.

Suggested Size:
Pupil Reflection Labels LP12/63

As national curriculum levels are phased out it will be easy for schools to produce their own labels reflecting the way they wish to measure progress.

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