Opaque Labels – Material Specification Sheet.



White Opaque Paper with an Opaque Adhesive
A plain white matt paper with an opaque black coating on the reverse side to create a label that can cover up incorrect printed information on packaging & leaflets etc without any show through.

Face material properties
Grammage 85 gsm
Caliper (thickness) 81 microns

A permanent, black, acrylic based adhesive with good tack & adhesion on a wide range of surfaces. The high heat resistance of the material allows clean running through laser printers.

Minimum application temp. +5°C
Storage range once applied -20°C to +60°C

A bleached kraft paper with good lay-flatness & stability.

Grammage 75 gsm         
Caliper (thickness) 78 microns

Environmental & Handling.
Paper components are either ECF or TCF grade manufactured using pulp from sustainable, managed resources. All dimensions are nominal target specifications, but may vary. All products within our range are manufactured under ISO9001:2008.

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