Franking Labels

For Franking Machine owners with hand fed machines, Label Planet supplies high quality self adhesive labels compatible with over 85% of personal franking machines. These blank labels are made of matt white paper with a permanent adhesive; our franking labels have two labels per sheet, each measuring 151mm x 40mm with a small gap between the two labels. There is no border on the labels so they can be slid right into the franking machine for quick and easy printing.

The material used for the franking labels is 100% compatible with the machines and samples can be supplied if requested. These labels are very cost efficient and come in packs of 1,000 labels for under £20.00 (including postage and VAT).

Franking machine labels are a specialised product and not really any use for anything other than creating franking marks for Royal Mail letters and parcels. These labels are used when the item to be posted is too big or too thick to put through the franking machine itself.

To place an order for franking labels, simply visit our Franking Labels product page.


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