Static Cling Labels – Sample Packs For Schools

To celebrate the launch of our Static Cling labels, we are putting together sample packs especially for schools.

This product is excellent for use in the classroom; the durable, waterproof polyester material is tough enough to survive the day to day activity of the classroom, and the use of static cling means that this product can be used over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Teachers can print onto these labels using a standard laser printer or – if they prefer – they can be written on using permanent marker pens.

These labels can be used as:
– Temporary signs
– Indoor signs
– Notices
– Warnings
– Reminders
– Name labels
– Teaching tools
– Protective covers for displays

The sample packs include information about the product, as well as a sample of the product, so teachers can see for themselves how useful this product is.

If you haven’t received a sample pack and would like to, simply send us an email at to request one now.

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