Are You In Need Of Labels/Templates For The New School Year? Try Label Planet’s “Labels For Schools” Section To Get You Started.

With the new school year underway, we thought we’d remind schools about our “SCHOOLS SECTION”, which is packed full of resources and information for teachers and members of staff in schools.

In this section you can find information about how to buy the labels you need, information about our school commission scheme, free templates for a range of applications in schools, and helpful advice on designing and printing your labels.

– How To Buy The Labels You Need: information about the different ways to order labels from Label Planet and how to get in touch with us if you need assistance.

– School Commission Scheme: schools can earn 5% commission on sales of label products when they join our commission scheme; this page explains how the commission scheme works in more detail and how to register.

– Useful Sites For Teachers: a shortlist of sites that offer resources and advice for time management techniques for teachers.

Information about the different ways that labels can be used in schools, including target setting and assessment, marking and feedback, lesson planning, pastoral care, and general administration.

We’ve also created a range of templates that teachers and members of staff can download to either use as they are or to adapt for their own requirements. These include General Feedback and Marking Labels (including examples of “What Went Well / Even Better If” and “Two Stars & A Wish” labels), Marking and Feedback Merit and Reward Labels for a range of subjects, Administration Book and File Labels (for books, textbooks, student files, and library books), Lesson Planning Labels (including vocabulary, keywords, and objectives labels), Pastoral Care Labels (including labels to indicate behaviour issues or achievements in a range of subjects), and General Target Setting and Assessment Labels.

To get started, simply visit our Labels For Schools homepage.

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