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Stock Up Your Storeroom With Back To School Labels From Label Planet

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

As schools across the UK prepare to re-open, now is the time to order your back to school labels! With Label Planet, you can rest assured that your sticky labels will soon be on their way – ready to help you get off to a well-organised start of term (even if it doesn’t end the same way!).

School Labels To Suit All Your School Applications

There are so many ways to use self adhesive labels in schools. Whether you’re creating fun stickers to help guide and reward students’ progress, planning classroom displays and ongoing projects, or getting all of your lesson plans, files and folders, and assorted paperwork under control – there’s no shortage to the ways sticky labels can come in useful. Here at Label Planet, we’ve got all sorts of school labels for…

back to school labels from label planet

Our self adhesive labels come on A4 sheets. They are suitable for printing with desktop printers and many are also suitable for handwriting. The printer compatibility of each product range is indicated on our website; laser labels can only be printed with a laser printer, inkjet labels can only be printed with an inkjet printer, and the rest can be printed with laser or inkjet printers.

We supply free Word label templates and PDF labels templates, which can be downloaded from our online Template Section. You will also find a variety of guides to designing and printing labels in our Help Section – including top tips and a troubleshooting guide.

If you need any help or advice, you can also contact our Customer Service Team. Email us at any time or call us during office hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) and we’ll be happy to help!

School Labels With Swift Despatch & Delivery

We aim to keep as many of our most popular label sizes and products in stock, in order to make them available for same day despatch. Many of our school labels are stocked items, which means you can place an order with us and your sticky labels will be despatched on the very same day.

All products on our website with a minimum order quantity of 25 sheets are available to order from stock. Made to order items have a minimum order quantity of 500 sheets. Despatch on made to order items takes up to five working days. Standard paper labels despatch within 1-2 working days.

Small orders despatch via Royal Mail’s first class service. If you need your school labels urgently, you can upgrade to a special delivery option. This guarantees your order will be delivered by 1pm on the next working day.

We despatch larger orders of 250+ sheets via carrier; these items are all placed on a next working day delivery option * as standard (for free).

* Delivery to Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scottish Highlands & Islands, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly, and the Channel Islands is via 2 day carrier service.

How To Order Back To School Labels From Label Planet

Schools can order online, by phone, by email, or by fax – you can even pop an order in the post if you wish!

You must pay for online orders as you checkout. You can pay using a credit/debit card or PayPal account. If you order over the phone, you can pay using a credit/debit card or request a proforma invoice to pay by BACS transfer.

We are able to offer Local Education Authority schools the option to request a School Invoice. This gives you 30 days for payment. Before we can issue a School Invoice, we will need to receive an official purchase order OR the order details on official letterhead along with the signature of the individual responsible for payment.

Order Back To School Labels Today

You can take a look through the School Labels section of our website to find out more about how self adhesive labels can be used in the school environment – as well as how to order from Label Planet. Alternatively, visit our home page to start searching for your perfect back to school labels.

Need School Labels For Your End Of Term Celebrations? Get Super Swift Despatch & Delivery From Label Planet!

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

With the end of the school year looming, now is the perfect time to order a stock of sticky school labels for all your end of term events. From Sports Day trophies to Certificates of Achievement, sticky labels are a brilliant way to create fun-filled awards to celebrate your pupils’ successes. They’re also a great way to get everything else organised before you depart for the summer holidays.

School Labels For Sport’s Day

If you’re holding a Sport’s Day event this year, you may need to make trophies and awards. We’ve got a range of coloured labels and fluorescent labels that are brilliant ways to create different awards for different placements (first, second, and third) or to create a set of colour coded team badges for all of the participants in each event.

We also supply gold labels and silver labels, which are perfect additions to trophies and certificates. Alternatively, you could use star stickers (in gold, silver, and bronze) to denote a particular level of achievement.

School Labels For Award Ceremonies

You may need certificates for pupils who have excelled or shown great improvement in a subject / activity. You can use our sticky labels to add on the recipient or category of a particular certificate. Our coloured labels, fluorescent labels, and metallic labels are a great way to denote categories or levels of achievement. You may also want to use our star stickers on rewards being handed out or feedback being given in the run up to the end of term / year.

School Labels For Your End Of Year Sort Out

Finally, you might be looking for sticky labels to help you organise your end of year clear out. Get all of your paperwork sorted and filed before heading out on your (well-earned) summer break.

Our coloured labels and fluorescent labels are a really quick and simple way to create a colour coding system for your files and paperwork. Alternatively, you could order paper labels to clearly label all of your files and folders so you know exactly where everything is when you return for the new school year.

If you need temporary labels that you can remove without damaging items when the sticky labels are no longer needed, we recommend our removable labels. Removable labels will stay firmly stuck while you need them before removing cleanly and easily when they are out of date or no longer required.

Super Swift Despatch & Delivery Of School Labels

Here at Label Planet, we make it our mission to make sure that your sticky labels make it to you as swiftly as possible.

Sticky labels available to order in 25 sheet packs will be despatched same day (Monday to Friday, before 4pm). If you are ordering fewer than 200 sheets, your order will be despatched by Royal Mail’s first class service. You can upgrade to a next day delivery option online or by phone. This guarantees delivery by 1pm on the next working day. If you order more than 200 sheets, your order will be despatched via a next working day carrier service.

Coloured labels with a 100 sheet minimum order are generally kept in stock at our warehouse. This means they are usually available for same day despatch from stock (Monday to Friday, before 3pm). These items will be despatched on a next working day carrier.

All sticky labels with a minimum order quantity of 500 sheets are made to order items. These sticky labels take up to five working days for despatch (via a next working day carrier service). Standard paper labels tend to be available much soon (within 1-2 working days).

Order School Labels From Label Planet

Label Planet Labels Logo

You can order school labels from us online, by phone, or by email/fax. Orders placed online must be paid for at the point of checkout. Alternatively, schools can request a School Invoice, which provides 30 days for payment. Send us an official school purchase order (or a signed order on the school’s letterhead) via email or fax. We’ll process your order and despatch it along with a School Invoice.

If you need any further help or advice, simply get in touch with our Customer Service Team and we’ll be happy to help!

Label Planet’s Answers To Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

We get a variety of enquiries and queries from our customers – some more surprising and unusual than others – and our customer service team is on hand to help out with any questions (big or small) that you might need answering.

You can contact us during office hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) via phone or email and you can submit questions to us via our website or by email at any time and we’ll do our best to get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.

Of course, there are some questions that crop up more often than others, so here’s a quickfire list of the answers to your most frequently asked questions:

Questions About: Designing & Printing Labels

  1. Do you print labels for customers?
    No; we supply blank labels for customers to print themselves (or to have printed by a local printers).
  1. How do I print labels?
    You create your label design in a template, which is a file that shows the layout of the labels on an A4 sheet. We supply Word templates and PDF templates for all of our label sizes (found in our Template Section here), although you can also create your own label template or use a compatible built in Avery template (where available). Add your design to the top left label and then use copy and paste to fill in the rest. Test print your template onto blank paper to confirm if the alignment is correct (and make amendments if it is not). Load your labels into the media bypass tray (if your printer has one) and check your printer’s properties to ensure the page size is set to A4 and to select the “Labels” or “Heavy Paper” print setting.
  1. How do I get the labels to line up properly?
    If your print is too high/low/left/right (by the same amount), increase or decrease the top and left page margins to correct the misalignment. If the alignment gets progressively worse as you go down or across the page, check that your printer is set to an A4 page size and that no scaling options (e.g. Fit To Page) are selected. You should also check that your template is still the correct size in case it has altered as you have added your content.
  1. Will my printer / photocopier print labels?
    Check your printer’s manual to see if it can process labels and if there are any settings and features you can use to improve the print quality and accuracy. You must also make sure you print laser labels with a laser printer and inkjet labels with an inkjet printer – the printer compatibility of all our label materials is listed on our range pages, product pages, and product packaging.
    While we don’t recommend specific models, we do recommend OKI & HP printers (which handle different materials and high volumes very well), dedicated printers rather than “All-In-One” printers (the latter do several tasks to an okay standard, which means they often struggle to print labels effectively – if at all), and choosing a printer with a duty cycle that exceeds your actual usage (i.e. that can print more sheets to a consistent quality within a month than you actually need).
  1. Why can’t I see the outlines of the labels in my template?
    To view the outlines of a Word template you must have Table Gridlines turned on; to turn them on left click once in the centre of your template, select the Table Tools “Layout” tab at the top of the page, and click “View Gridlines”.
  1. Why can’t I edit my template?
    If you have download a template from our website, it may have been temporarily locked for security reasons; there should be a (yellow) banner going across the top of the page with a button that says “Enable Editing” – click on this button to unlock your template and add your design(s).

Questions About: Delivery

  1. When will my labels arrive?
    Small orders (25-200 sheets): same day despatch via Royal Mail’s first class service (up to 4:30pm, Mon-Fri)
    Medium orders (250-475 sheets); same day despatch via next (working) day carrier service (up to 3pm, Mon-Fri)
    Large orders/made to order items (500+ sheets); despatch via next (working) day carrier service (up to 3pm, Mon-Fri) where stock is available; made to order items are made and despatched within five working days (standard paper products despatch sooner).
    Large orders to Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Islands With UK Postcodes, and some “Extended Postcode” regions are despatched on a 2-3 day carrier service (up to 3pm, Mon-Fri).
    We offer a variety of special delivery options including Royal Mail special deliveries (1pm, 9am, Sat) and timed carrier deliveries (pre-10am, pre-10:30am, pre-noon).
  1. Do I have to pay extra for delivery?
    Standard delivery to UK mainland postcodes is included in the prices on our website. Special delivery options, delivery to the Republic of Ireland, and delivery of large orders to Islands With UK Postcodes or “Extended Postcode” regions have additional shipping charges; you can find out more by contacting our Customer Service Team.
  1. Do you supply labels outside of the UK?
    No; we only supply labels to the UK and Republic of Ireland. Our sister company (Madebuy) sells genuine Label Planet products via Amazon and eBay so you may wish to see if they are able to ship to your required destination.

Questions About: Choosing The Right Labels

  1. Do you supply samples?
    We run a free sample request service so you can test a few options to make sure you choose the right label for your application. Simply fill in our online Sample Request form or get in touch with our Customer Service Team.
  1. What label materials do you supply?
    We supply paper labels and “plastic” labels, which are made from polyester, polyethylene, polyolefin, or vinyl. You can find a full list of our label materials on our All Materials page.
  1. What label adhesives do you supply?
    All of our labels are made with “self-adhesive” or “pressure sensitive” adhesives, which means they are all tacky (sticky) at “normal” temperatures and require only the pressure of a finger or hand to apply. We supply a range of adhesive strengths (from extremely strong “super tack” adhesives to extremely light “super removable” adhesives) and a number of “special” adhesives, which have been designed for specific applications (e.g. freezer adhesive, marine adhesive, opaque adhesive, and VOID adhesive). You can find a full list on our All Adhesives page.
  1. What colours do you supply?
    We supply seven pastel colours (Crimson-Red, Orange-Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Cream, or Pink), five fluorescent colours (Red, Orange, Lemon (Yellow), Green, or Magenta (Pink)), a metallic gold and silver, and a brown Kraft paper. You can find a full list on our All Colours page; we also supply a silver polyester label and a range of white labels.
  1. What is the difference between “matt” and “gloss”?
    These terms describe the finish of our label materials; matt labels have a dull, non-shiny finish and gloss labels have a bright, shiny finish. We offer a range of gloss labels and matt labels, as well as semi-gloss paper labels, which offer a compromise between the two.
  1. What is the difference between “waterproof” and “splashproof”?
    Our waterproof labels are made of synthetic materials that can be exposed to or immersed in water without sustaining damage. Our “splashproof” labels are paper labels with a gloss or semi-gloss coating that offers a limited degree of protection if they are lightly splashed with water (so they can be wiped clean and dry if they get slightly wet).
  1. Can I request a bespoke label size / label material combination?
    We don’t offer a bespoke label service; however, we do offer over 100 label sizes across a range of over 30 material options so you may find that we have a suitable alternative. You can find a complete list of our label sizes on our Labels Sorted By Width and Labels Sorted By Height pages and a complete list of our materials on our List Of Label Materials page. You can also search using our Label Finder or you can give us a call for further advice.

Questions About: Label Types

  1. Do you supply labels on rolls?
    No; we specialise in supplying blank labels on A4 sheets for use with laser and inkjet desktop printers.
  1. Do you sell Avery labels?
    No; we do, however, sell a number of compatible label sizes that use the same layout as Avery products, which means you can use an existing Avery template to print onto labels that you have purchased from us. If one of our products is compatible with an Avery size, we will list the relevant Avery codes on the product page, range page, template page, and packaging for that item.
  1. Do you supply waterproof / weatherproof labels?
    Yes! We have a range of waterproof labels suitable for indoor and outdoor use – you can find a full list of options on our Waterproof Labels page. Please note that these labels are for use with laser printers only; laser printers use a dry printing process that produces waterproof print, while inkjet printers tend to use water-based inks that will run or smudge if they get wet (or are simply handled a lot).
  1. Do you supply labels for use in a freezer?
    Yes; our freezer labels are made with a special deep freeze adhesive and can be applied onto products at room temperature or onto frozen products before being stored in conditions ranging from -40°C to +60°C.
    Please note that these are paper labels and so they may wrinkle or crease slightly if they are exposed to condensation. We recommend that you handwrite these labels or use a laser printer; inkjet inks tend to be water-based, which will cause them to run or smudge if they get wet or are handled a lot.
  1. Are your transparent labels COMPLETELY see through?
    Our transparent labels are not “frosted” or “translucent” nor are they “glass clear”; the adhesive layer may trap tiny particles of dust and air during application and this prevents them from being completely transparent – especially on glass. If you need something that IS completely transparent, we recommend “Static Cling” labels, which use static (rather than an adhesive) to hold labels in place.
  1. Do you supply opaque / blockout labels?
    Yes; our opaque labels are made with an opaque adhesive that blocks out any existing print beneath the label. These labels are made to order items, with a minimum order quantity of 500 sheets, and a lead time of up to five working days for despatch.
    As an alternative, you could try layering standard paper labels, choosing a thicker material (e.g. polyester/polyethylene/Kraft paper), or using our metallic paper labels, which also have an opaque finish.
  1. Do you supply security labels / tamperproof labels?
    Yes; our silver VOID labels leave behind the word “VOID” if a label is removed from an item, while our tamper evident vinyl labels fragment into tiny pieces if someone tries to remove them from a labelled item.
  1. Do you supply integrated labels?
    No; integrated labels are sheets where one or more labels are a part of (integrated into) a standard sheet of paper and we do not supply these products.
  1. Do you supply labels on A5/A3/SRA3 (etc) sheets?
    No; all of our labels are supplied on A4 sheets that can be printed using standard desktop printers.
  1. Do you supply coloured labels in a specific pantone reference?
    No; our coloured labels are not made to a specific pantone reference and we do not offer a bespoke service for coloured labels. The colour indicators on our website are for illustration purposes only and are not intended to be an accurate representation; we recommend requesting a sample to see if they are suitable for your requirements.

Questions About: Payments and Refunds

  1. What do your prices include?
    The prices on our website are “all inclusive” and include both VAT and standard UK delivery. The price you see on our website is the price that you will pay at the checkout UNLESS you add an upgraded delivery service to your order.
  1. How does your pricing structure work?
    We use a price break system, which means that larger quantities of labels have a better cost per unit than smaller quantities. Please note that we do not have a separate trade price list, nor do we offer special discounts to trade customers; all of our customers are offered the same price list and the same discounts (when available).
    If you need to order a “shopping list” of different items then we advise getting in touch with us first for a quote as we may be able to pro-rata the price of some or all of the items in your order.
  1. If I find a better price elsewhere will you match that price?
    No, we do not offer any price matching services.
  1. What payment methods are available?
    Ordering Online: pay by credit card/debit card or use a PayPal account.
    Ordering By Phone: pay by credit card/debit card.
    Ordering By Email/Fax/Post: request a Proforma Invoice and pay by credit/debit card, BACS transfer, or cheque.
    Please note that we can send PayPal payment requests if you let us know that you’d prefer to make payment in this way.
  1. Do you accept purchase orders?
    Yes! Email or fax a copy of your purchase order to us and we will issue you with a Proforma Invoice.
  1. Can I open a credit account?
    No; we operate a “payment with order” system and do not offer credit accounts. If you are unable to place an order via our website or over the phone (for example, if you need to place orders via a Finance Department), you can send us a purchase order or order request by email/fax/post (or give us a call) and we will issue you with a Proforma Invoice against which you (or your Finance Department) can make payment.
  1. How do I place an order on behalf of a school?
    You can order via our website or over the phone OR you can send the details of your order to us by email or fax (or post!) and we will process your order and send you a 30-Day School Invoice (Local Education Authority Schools only) for payment. Please note that you need to send your order to us either in the form of an official School Purchase Order OR in a document with the school’s letterhead that has been signed by the individual responsible for payment.
  1. How do I place an order for delivery to the Republic of Ireland?
    You will need to place your order by phone so that we can determine the best shipping option for the specific items you wish to purchase. If you are VAT registered, we will also remove VAT from your order if you have your VAT number to hand when you call.
  1. How do I request a refund?
    Get in touch with our customer service team to request a refund; let us know what item(s) you wish to return and we will issue you with a goods return number. Once we have received your returned goods we will process your refund.
    Please note that we will only issue refunds for products that we can resell or that are faulty. If you have opened your label packs and used some of the sheets, we will only offer you a partial refund based on the labels that you return.
  1. What should I do if I’ve ordered the wrong thing?
    Get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can amend your order BEFORE it is processed. If your order has already been despatched or delivered, you have TWO options:
    Request replacements: we will issue you with a goods return number and – once we have received the incorrect goods back – we will post out replacements to you.
    Request a refund and place a new order: we will issue you with a goods return number and process a refund for you once we receive the incorrect goods back – while your new order will be processed according to our usual despatch and delivery terms, allowing you to receive the correct items as soon as possible.

We’ve also put together a section of Help Pages, including a full FAQs page, material specification sheets, a template section (with templates AND advice), tops tips, guides to designing and printing labels, a quickfire troubleshooting guide, and a whole host of other helpful resources that should answer the majority of questions that you might have. You can – of course – get in touch with us if you find that your question isn’t answered by any of these pages and we’ll be happy to help.

Last Minute School Labels For The End Of The Summer Term

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

The approach of summer brings with it all kinds of important school events; exams, sports days, summer concerts and performances, end of year reports, and – of course – preparations for September when the new school year starts.

If you’re a school in need of some last minute labels for any of your end of term events, projects, or general administration, Label Planet has got plenty of self-adhesive labels to help you get organised before you shut down for summer.

Many of our labels are available for same day despatch from stock and we offer special delivery options to help make sure your labels arrive in plenty of time.

We also offer schools the opportunity to request a School Invoice, which provides 30 days for payment; simply send us an official school purchase order (or a signed order on the school’s letterhead) via email or fax and we’ll get your order processed and despatched along with a School Invoice.


Paper Labels
Ideal for getting organised, our paper labels come in a variety of label sizes suitable for a wide range of applications in schools including; Target Setting & Assessment (e.g. progress labels, “I can” labels, and self-assessment and reflection labels), Marking & Feedback (e.g. marking conventions and criteria, feedback labels, merit labels or reward stickers, and effective marking labels), Lesson Planning (e.g. lesson objectives, success criteria, and WALT and WILF statements), Pastoral Care (e.g. names on student files, behaviour comments on student files and/or planners, and merit labels), and General School Administration (e.g. labelling books, files, equipment, library books, and storage containers).

Coloured Labels
Perfect for busy school environments, coloured labels are a quick and easy way for teachers and members of staff to get stuff colour coded, sorted, and organised AND they’re a fun way to provide children with rewards and feedback on their progress.

We supply seven pastel colours and five fluorescent colours that can be used to colour code items according to all kinds of criteria including indicators for specific classes, subjects, levels of achievement, or behavioural issues. They’re ideal for clearly setting out targets and achievements, providing feedback and charting progress, defining important information and criteria for specific subjects, and as reward stickers or merit badges.

Gold & Silver Labels
Our metallic gold labels and silver labels are ideal for use as part of your school’s reward system and can be used to create individual reward stickers and merit badges OR as part of certificates that are handed out to pupils who have shown particular improvement or success in a subject or event.

Gold, Silver, & Bronze Stars
Brand new this year, our star stickers are a brilliant way to give feedback to pupils about how much they’ve achieved – whether you are rewarding academic achievement or achievements in extracurricular activities such as sports or performing arts. You can use them on classwork and homework, end of term/end of year reports, or on certificates being produced for end of year presentations or events like sports days.

We supply our star stickers in packs of gold stars, silver stars, bronze stars, or an assortment of the three colours.

Visit the SCHOOL SECTION of our website to find out more about how Label Planet can help you to order, design, and print your own school labels OR take a look at our LIST OF LABELS to find out more about all of the different labels available from Label Planet.

If you need any help ordering or choosing the right school labels, remember you can always contact our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help!

Schools – We’ve Got Labels For ALL Your #BackToSchool Needs!

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

The arrival of a new school year heralds the start of all sorts of labelling projects for teachers and members of staff alike; whether you need labels for providing feedback on classwork and homework, setting targets for pupils to encourage progress, creating lesson plans to guide your classes through the term ahead, providing pastoral care throughout the year, or simply getting all of your administrative files, folders, and paperwork sorted out.

At Label Planet, we supply over 1000 schools across the country with a variety of label sizes and colours to help them get the new school year organised and under control! We’ve even put together a dedicated school section to help you find the perfect label size for a variety of purposes, including:

Target Setting & Assessment Labels

  • Create pupil progress labels to provide pupils with targets at the beginning of a new year, term, or topic, which they can stick into their exercise books and use to keep track of their progress.
  • Use coloured labels to indicate if work has undergone teacher, peer, or self-assessment, or create a colour coded system to categorise how well pupils are doing with a particular topic or subject.

Marking & Feedback Labels

  • Print the school’s marking conventions onto labels that pupils can stick into their books and refer to throughout the year.
  • Create feedback labels to quickly and easily add comments to work (especially those that you find yourself repeating over and over again); you could pre-print comments or create labels that include blank spaces for tailored feedback (for example: “two stars & a wish”, “what worked well”, and “even better if” labels).
  • Make merit and reward badges as a simple, cheerful way to provide feedback on how a pupil is doing.
  • Our LP18/63 label size is suitable for use with the Effective Marking Scheme and many schools buy their labels from us year after year; this size is kept in stock in large volumes, so the labels are ready for same day despatch when schools need to order (or re-order!).

Lesson Planning Labels

  • Print out lesson objectives, success criteria, and WALT / WILF statements, which are particularly popular for use in literacy and numeracy lessons.
  • Create vocabulary or keyword lists for a particular term or topic – pupils can stick these lists into their books so they have accurate spellings and/or definitions to refer to throughout the term or topic. Labels are also a brilliant way to add important diagrams or illustrations to exercise books (without having to resort to using messy glue sticks!).

Pastoral Care Labels

  • Labels can be used for a variety of applications related to pastoral care; for example, labels can be used to organise and securely store pupil records, to colour code files to denote the year a pupil is in, to indicate pupils with special status or requirements, or to identify pupils with medical conditions or allergies.
  • Labels can also be used to track and monitor behaviour, whether they are used to record incidents of bad behaviour, to indicate that a particular pupil has been placed under special supervision or on probation, or as a means of reporting behaviour back to parents (for example, by adding stickers to planners that parents are required to review and/or sign each week).
  • Create a school-wide merit system to reward exceptional behaviour, improvement, or achievement; merit labels can be used to track progress and behaviour throughout the year before being added up at the end of term or year to determine which pupils should receive awards or certificates to reward them for their successes.

School Administration Labels

  • We’ve got label sizes to suit all kinds of administration applications but one of the most popular uses for our labels is to label books, including exercise books, text books, library books, record books, and any other types of books you’ve got!
  • Our coloured labels are a quick and easy way to colour code files and folders, paperwork and records into whatever categories you need to use – which makes it quicker and easier to find a particular file or group of files from the hundreds (and thousands) that schools tend to accumulate.

Ordering School Labels From Label Planet

You can choose to buy packs of 25 sheets (for small projects) or you can take advantage of our price break system and order your labels in bulk – saving you plenty of time and money. The majority of our school orders are despatched on the same or next working day (orders of 500+ sheets of made to order items can take up to 5 working days for despatch but paper products are usually despatched much sooner); we aim to have as many of the most popular label sizes used by our school customers in stock, even when they need to order particularly large volumes in preparation for a new term or school year.

Schools can order online, over the phone, by email, or by fax; you can choose to make payment with your order, request a pro-forma invoice against which you (or your Finance Department) can make payment, OR if you are a Local Education Authority School, you can request a 30 Day School Invoice.

If you wish to order by fax or email, please send us the details of your order on an official purchase order form OR on the school letterhead along with the signature of the individual responsible for making payment.

To choose the right labels for your school label application(s) you can use our List of All Labels page to see what materials are available, visit our Labels Listed By Width and Labels Listed By Height pages to see what sizes are available, try out our brand new Label Finder, contact our Customer Service Team for advice, or simply have a browse through our website.

Once you have chosen your labels, you can order online, get in touch with our Customer Service Team by phone, or simply send us an email or fax with the details of the labels you would like to order. If you have any questions or queries about placing an order for labels on behalf of a school, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our best to help!

Schools – Add Some Decoration To Your End Of Year Celebration With Brilliantly Bright Labels From Label Planet

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

For many schools, the end of the summer term signals the chance to reward pupils for their achievements throughout the school year and to make the most of the arrival of summer by holding events such as Sport’s Day and Summer Fairs (or Fayres!).

As part of these celebrations, many schools will be producing certificates and prizes to give to pupils who have achieved a particular level of success or progress, whether that is academic progress, meeting individual behavioural targets, or for sporting achievements and/or involvement in the performing arts – and we’ve got the perfect range of labels to create the perfect finishing “seal of approval” or to personalise each award in a fun and decorative way.

We highly recommend using our Coloured Labels, Fluorescent Labels, and our Gold & Silver Labels, where the different colours can be used to denote a particular level of achievement, success in a particular subject or area, or to represent the year group, class, team, or house of the recipient.

Our Gold Labels and Silver Labels are an easy and fun way to create a decorative “official seal” of commendation to denote if a person has attained one of two particular levels of achievement – for example, if they have are “First Place” or “Runner Up” in an event or subject or to denote that they are being rewarded for an “Excellent” level of achievement or a “Good” level of achievement.

Our Coloured and Fluorescent Labels are an ideal choice if you need to award prizes or certificates to a number of different groups, for different categories of achievement, or for different subjects or areas of achievement. For example, you might assign colours to specific subjects or departments (e.g. science awards are marked with a green label and performing arts awards are marked with a red label etc), select a range of colours to represent a range of achievement levels (e.g. red for “excellent”, orange for “very good”, and yellow for “good”), or use colours to specify a particular year group (e.g. a “junior” pupil might receive a certificate marked with a blue label, while a “senior” pupil receives a certificate marked with a yellow label).

You might also simply want to tailor your prizes and certificates to make them unique to your school by incorporating your school colours or to give pupils a fun celebratory token to mark their successes over the year by creating badges with positive and rewarding messages.

You could leave your labels blank and use them as “seals” or “marks” on your certificates, or you may wish to print them with the school logo/crest or with a symbol that denotes the area in which a pupil has succeeded or made significant progress. If you’ve had your certificates and prizes pre-printed (and you don’t fancy the prospect of handwriting each one with the name of the recipient), labels are also a fantastic way to quickly (and neatly) personalise a large number of rewards in time for your end of year celebrations and awards events.
Schools can order their labels from us online or by submitting an order by phone, email, or fax. Orders placed online are subject to “payment with order” terms, but local education authority schools may submit a purchase order to our Customer Service Team and request a 30-Day School Invoice.

You can find all of our brilliantly bright Coloured Labels, Fluorescent Labels, and Metallic Labels on our All Colours page; simply select the colour(s) that you want and then select the size(s) that you need.

Are You In Need Of Labels/Templates For The New School Year? Try Label Planet’s “Labels For Schools” Section To Get You Started.

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

With the new school year underway, we thought we’d remind schools about our “SCHOOLS SECTION”, which is packed full of resources and information for teachers and members of staff in schools.

In this section you can find information about how to buy the labels you need, information about our school commission scheme, free templates for a range of applications in schools, and helpful advice on designing and printing your labels.

– How To Buy The Labels You Need: information about the different ways to order labels from Label Planet and how to get in touch with us if you need assistance.

– School Commission Scheme: schools can earn 5% commission on sales of label products when they join our commission scheme; this page explains how the commission scheme works in more detail and how to register.

– Useful Sites For Teachers: a shortlist of sites that offer resources and advice for time management techniques for teachers.

Information about the different ways that labels can be used in schools, including target setting and assessment, marking and feedback, lesson planning, pastoral care, and general administration.

We’ve also created a range of templates that teachers and members of staff can download to either use as they are or to adapt for their own requirements. These include General Feedback and Marking Labels (including examples of “What Went Well / Even Better If” and “Two Stars & A Wish” labels), Marking and Feedback Merit and Reward Labels for a range of subjects, Administration Book and File Labels (for books, textbooks, student files, and library books), Lesson Planning Labels (including vocabulary, keywords, and objectives labels), Pastoral Care Labels (including labels to indicate behaviour issues or achievements in a range of subjects), and General Target Setting and Assessment Labels.

To get started, simply visit our Labels For Schools homepage.

Schools – Labels & Stickers For The End Of Term; School Reports, Certificates, & Sport’s Day Badges

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

The end of term/year means it’s time for all sorts of events to celebrate the achievements of students throughout the year and one-off end-of-year events such as Sport’s Day.

Whether a school is celebrating academic achievements, outstanding effort or behaviour, sporting accolades, or creative output across the arts, they will usually reward students with a certificate or prize – and that’s where we come in!

We’ve got all sorts of labels that can be used as rewards or stickers on certificates and prizes to celebrate all kinds of achievements.

For example, our GOLD & SILVER labels are ideal for use on certificates to give them a fun, decorative finish that reflects an “official” seal of commendation. They can be used to indicate that a person has achieved a particular level, such as Gold to indicate an “Excellent” level and Silver to indicate a “Good” level. They can also be used on certificates and prizes for achievement in a year group or subjects, to indicate whether the recipient has been awarded first place or is the runner up. Gold and silver can also be used in the traditional way for Sport’s Day prizes – with Gold Stickers applied to the prizes or certificates for individuals who come first in their event (or events!) and Silver Stickers for those who come second.

For events or ceremonies where there are a number of different winners or categories, you could select from our Coloured and Fluorescent Coloured ranges and use a different colour to denote a particular level of achievement or the particular category that a certificate has been presented in. Labels can be printed with the school logo or crest, with the details of the award and/or the recipient of the award, or simply with a decorative design as a finishing touch to a larger certificate or reward.

Save Teacher Time & Standardise With Labels

Monday, September 15th, 2014

For the new school year, we have added over 80 templates to the Labels for Schools section of our website.

These templates are totally free for teachers and members of staff to download and edit to create labels for just about every use you could think of.

We’ve got labels for:
– Feedback and Marking (General Purpose)
– Feedback and Marking (Merit and Reward)
– Administration (Books, Files)
– Lesson Planning
– Pastoral Care (Behaviour, Rewards, Files)
– Target Setting and Assessment

All of our templates and labels are A4 in size, meaning they can be printed in school on standard laser and inkjet printers.

These templates can be used as they are or adapted to suit a particular subject, lesson, or purpose.

To get started, simply visit our Labels For Schools section and click on Example of Labels to Download.

Labels For Schools – Labels, Templates, Advice & More…

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

With schools opening for the new school year, we’d like to remind schools about a brand new section on our website designed specifically for teachers and members of staff in schools.

Our “Labels For Schools”section, which can be found on our website here, offers a range of advice, tips, and free template downloadsf.

We have information on how to buy the labels you need, information about our commission scheme for schools, templates for all kinds of labels that can be used in a school environment and helpful advice on how to design and print your very own labels.

Labels can be used in schools for:
– General Feedback and Marking
– Merit and Reward Schemes
– Administration (Books & Files)
– Lesson Planning
– Pastoral Care
– Target Setting and Assessment