Oval Labels for Inkjet and Laser Printing. (Matt in White Paper)

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Material Code: OV

Key Facts
  • Material: Standard Matt White Paper
  • Printer Compatibility: Inkjet and Laser Printers
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Waterproof: No
Product Information

We currently stock eight sizes of oval labels. These labels are supplied on A4 sheets of standard matt white paper with a permanent adhesive. They can be printed using either an inkjet or a laser printer and are suitable for writing on. The oval shape is ideal for drawing attention to special information or to provide a decorative alternative to the usual rectangular label. Our oval labels are commonly used to label products and stock; they are particularly popular for use with containers such as bottles and jars, which are chosen for a range of products including various cosmetics and homemade food and drink.  

The labels on this page are supplied as blank white labels, but the more common sizes are also available in a range of colours, materials and adhesives, including fluorescent colours, clear and gloss, freezer and waterproof, high tack and super removable labels. These can be found using the navigation links on the left. We also have a special guide to printing oval labels, which can be found here.

Common Uses
  • Attracting attention – using a different shape can draw attention to a certain item or piece of information. Businesses can emphasise their company logo or information on products, sale brochures, and all kinds of postal items, or make sure that customers take note of special features or sale prices available on their products. They can also be used to draw attention to health and safety reminders, to note stock level or rotation, or to mark important documents and files.
  • Stickers and badges – their oval shape makes these labels an interesting alternative to the more common round stickers. They can be used on gifts or as name badges or on place holders at parties. They are also ideal at charity events; you can promote a charity or event by printing a logo and event details onto oval labels, print name badges for those involved, or simply reward participants with a reminder of the event they have helped to support. In schools, they are a fun way to label individual items such as workbooks, lockers, or coat pegs, and can also be used to provide children with feedback on their behaviour and progress.
  • Jars and bottles – oval labels are a fantastic fit for jars and bottles. Many businesses use these labels for a variety of products including cosmetics, wine bottles, food packets or boxes, and preserves like honey and jam. These labels are ideal for adding company and product information to products, and for clearly highlighting important information such as ingredients, nutritional value, or instructions for use. Oval labels can also be used to seal jars or packets with a branded label, and are a popular choice for products that tend to be circular or oval in shape, including household items such as soaps and candles.
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Find An Alternative: we also supply oval labels in a range of seven pastel colours, which can be viewed here, and five fluorescent colours, which can be found on our Fluorescent Labels page. Alternatively, visit our List Of All Materials page to choose a label range and find out which sizes of oval label are available in each of our materials. We also have other shapes available including Circular Labels, Square Labels, and Media Labels.

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MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY: 25 sheets for all products listed below.

DESPATCH: Same day despatch on orders of 25, 50 or 100 sheets of oval labels.

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Oval Labels On A4 Sheets LP2/195OV
Oval Labels On A4 Sheets LP4/95OV
Oval Labels On A4 Sheets LP8/90OV
Oval Labels On A4 Sheets LP10/95OV
Oval Labels On A4 Sheets LP14/95OV
Oval Labels On A4 Sheets LP21/60OV
Oval Labels On A4 Sheets LP32/40OV
Oval Labels On A4 Sheets LP65/35OV