Royal Mail Smartstamp Label Sizes for Inkjet and Laser Printers.

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Material Code: SDA

Key Facts
  • Material: Standard Matt White Paper
  • Printer Compatibility: Inkjet and Laser Printers
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Waterproof: No
Product Information

We currently stock nine label sizes that are compatible for use with the Royal Mail’s Smartstamp®* software. This includes six general purpose address label sizes and three specific Smartstamp®* sizes referred to as “all in one labels”, “logo labels”, and “bulk print labels”. All of these labels are supplied on A4 sheets of standard matt white paper with rounded corners and a permanent adhesive. They can be printed using either an inkjet or a laser printer, and are suitable for writing on. The Smartstamp®* service is available from the Royal Mail and allows individuals or businesses to print stamps directly onto envelopes or labels using their own computer and printer. This involves setting up an account with the Royal Mail and downloading the Smartstamp®* software. In addition to printing stamps it is possible to add an image or message of your choosing, such as a company logo or a personalised message to or from an individual. For more information about the Smartstamp®* service please see our guide beneath the product images below.

These labels can also be adapted for other purposes including general purpose address and shipping labels, shelving and filing labels, adding branding or marketing information onto various items, or as product labels to identify or track items.

Common Uses
  • Smartstamp®* labels – these labels are compatible in size and layout to those required by the Royal Mail’s Smartstamp®* software. Individuals or businesses can use the Smartstamp®* service to add printed stamps, images, and text to envelopes or labels that will be applied to their post. An individual may want to personalise their mail with a message or image, particularly on mail that is being sent for a special occasion (birthdays, anniversaries, christenings etc) or for a holiday such as Christmas. Businesses can save time and money by using the Smartstamp®* service to print their own stamps. The option to add images and text such as company contact information, logos, or marketing text allows businesses to create branded postal items that look smart and professional, while also highlighting information about the company and the services or products that it can provide to the recipient.
  • Address and shipping labels – in addition to being used with the Smartstamp®* service, these labels are also ideal general purpose address and shipping labels for adding delivery and handling instructions to all kinds of postal items.
  • Organising and filing – rectangular labels can also be used to organise offices and homes. Labels can be used to create filing systems for important documents and folders, as shelving labels in offices, warehouses, shops, and homes, in school cloakrooms and classrooms, as notices and signs, or as health and safety warnings and instructions. They can display information such as directions, product information, identifying information, promotional offers, instructions, reminders, or warnings.
  • Branding and marketing – these labels are ideal for adding company logos and contact information to all kinds of items including products, packaging, and marketing materials such as sales brochures and leaflets. Information about on-going or upcoming promotions and events can be added to products, displays, or mail items as reminders to existing customers or to inform potential customers of available offers and services.
  • Retail labels – Smartstamp®* labels can also be used as product labels on individual products or packaging. They can display prices, special offers, and features of an item, or tracking and product details stored in a barcode or QR code format. They can be used for stock that is in storage or that is available for purchase in a shop. 
Download A Template / Request A Sample / Similar Labels

Download A Template: templates for the “All In One”, “Logo Labels”, and “Bulk Print” Smartstamp labels can be found on our “Templates For Special Use Labels” page, while templates for the general purpose address labels can be found on our “Templates For Rectangular Labels With Rounded Corners” page.

Request A Sample: click here to request a sample of our Smartstamp paper labels.

Find An Alternative: we also supply general purpose address labels in a range of materials (which can be found here) and labels for use with franking machines (which can be found here).

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MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY: 25 sheets for all products listed below.

DESPATCH: Same day despatch on orders of 25, 50 or 100 sheets of Smartstamp®* labels.

Price £10.50 includes VAT and P&P

Smartstamp All In One Labels 14 per Sheet
Smartstamp Logo Labels 10 Per Sheet
Smartstamp Bulk Print Labels 20 Per Sheet
Smartstamp Paper Labels On A4 Sheets LP2/199
Smartstamp Paper Labels On A4 Sheets LP4/99
Smartstamp Paper Labels On A4 Sheets LP8/99
Smartstamp Paper Labels On A4 Sheets LP10/99
Smartstamp Paper Labels On A4 Sheets LP12/63
Smartstamp Paper Labels On A4 Sheets LP14/99

Smartstamp ®* Information & Labels

Labels For Smartstamp ®* Postage

Who could benefit from Smartstamp ®*?

- Small and medium sized businesses that use postal services.
- The professions: Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, Solicitors, Vets
- E-Bay® traders.
- Low volume users of franking machines.
- Users of franking machines who are printing labels for parcels.
- Low volume users of hand stamps.

What is the Smartstamp ® service ?

Smartstamp ® is a service offered by the Royal Mail® which enables you to print your stamps straight on to envelopes or labels, using your existing PC and printer. You can print first class, second class, airmail, special delivery and standard parcel stamps of the required value, for UK and worldwide destinations.

The Royal Mail's easy to use software makes preparing your post easy, saving you time and money. The full software can be easily downloaded, free of charge, from the Royal Mail® website. You can print non-valid stamps in order to try out the entire system.

The software calculates the postage from the weight you input. Weighing machines for mail are cheap to buy, simple and easily available.

You can print your logo, or any other image or message you want, at no additional cost. Printing can be in black and white or in colour.

How do I pay for my stamps?

You set up an account with Royal Mail® online using your credit card. This takes less than 10 minutes. The account reduces as you print your stamps and you can top it up online at any time. There are no intermediate transactions or funds, just a simple monthly charge (much cheaper than renting a franking machine and paying for updates, logos, ink cartridges, and top ups).

What is the involvement of Label Planet Ltd?

It's simple: we are one of the companies selling quality blank labels for use with the Smartstamp ® software. We offer same day despatch and great prices. Click here for more info and to buy Smartstamp ®* Labels online.

We are enthusiastic users of the Smartstamp ® system and would recommend that you evaluate Smartstamp ® and compare its costs and convenience. If you decide to use Smartstamp ® then we will be happy to supply you with the required labels.

The best people to tell you about Smartstamp ® are of course the Royal Mail® themselves. Click Here for more detailed information on their website.

How Do I Order Smartstamp ®* Labels?

At the top of this page you will see our range of Smartstamp ®* compatible labels. Please click the relevant image to be taken to that product page where you can see more detail and buy the product online.