Square Labels for Inkjet and Laser Printers.

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Material Code: SQ

Key Facts
  • Material: Standard Matt White Paper
  • Printer Compatibility: Inkjet and Laser Printers
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Waterproof: No
Product Information

We currently stock five sizes of square labels. These labels are supplied on A4 sheets of standard matt white paper with rounded corners and a permanent adhesive. They can be printed using either an inkjet or a laser printer and are suitable for writing on. The square shape can be used to draw attention to special information or simply as a decorative alternative to the usual rectangular label. Our square labels are commonly used to add extra information to personal possessions, retail products and packaging, stock and storage containers, marketing materials, and postal items. This information may be the owner of an item, details about the item itself, company contact information and logos, instructions or warnings, barcodes and QR codes, or marketing and promotional messages.

The labels on this page are supplied as blank white labels, but we also have square labels available in red, yellow, blue, or green. These are listed on our Coloured Labels range page, which can be found here.

Common Uses
  • QR codes and barcodes – square labels are a popular choice for adding QR codes and barcodes to products, packaging, storage containers, displays, shelving, as well as a range of marketing materials. Individual QR codes and barcodes can be stuck onto items to assist with tracking and identifying items, or to provide additional information via an embedded website link. QR codes are becoming an increasingly popular way of communicating extra information to customers about products, companies, and places, and the square label neatly matches the shape of QR codes while also drawing attention to the code through the use of a different shape.
  • Branding and marketing – the square shape is ideal for companies who are adding branding and/or marketing details to their products, information packs and materials, or even to their offices. The square shape is well-suited to printing company logos and contact information, as well as drawing attention to key marketing phrases or terms and conditions of promotional offers.
  • Address and shipping labels – square labels can be used to provide an alternative to the traditional rectangular label, or to draw attention to important delivery and handling information that will ensure that an item reaches the correct destination safely. This could include additional delivery instructions, a return address, or instructions for how the item should be handled (“Fragile”, “Heavy”, “Keep Dry”, “Do Not Stack”).
  • Storage labels – this shape is great for adding tracking and identifying information to storage boxes and containers. The shape fits neatly onto square or rectangular boxes and provides a clear space in which to add identifying details and instructions.
  • Retail and stock labels – these labels have a variety of uses in the retail industry. They can be used as a decorative alternative to rectangular labels, and can highlight information about a product such as its price or any special features or promotions associated with that item. They are also a handy way to keep track of stock levels and stock rotation.
  • Personalised labels – square labels are a smart way to add a name and contact details to personal items so they can be traced if they get lost. The square shape will highlight the information, but the neat shape won’t take up much space on the item itself.
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Find An Alternative: we also supply square labels in a range of seven pastel colours, which can be found on our Coloured Labels page, and five fluorescent colours, which can be found on our Fluorescent Labels page. Alternatively, visit our List Of All Materials page to choose a label range and find out which sizes of square label are available in each of our materials. We also have other shapes available including Circular Labels, Oval Labels, and Media Labels.

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