Samples: Try Before You Buy

Here at Label Planet we offer a free samples service, so that customers can try out our labels before they buy.

Many of our customers have a very specific purpose for their labels, or they want to be able to practice getting their design and printing technique just right. We offer samples so that our customers can find exactly the right label for them – without having to spend money to get hold of some examples they can test.

We’ve just produced a printing guide, which will be sent out with all of our samples. This guide has tips and advice on designing and printing labels, to make sure our customers get the most out of their samples.

For example, we advise you to:
– TEST YOUR TEMPLATE on plain blank white paper before printing onto your sample label sheets.
– CHECK YOUR PRINTER SETTINGS to make sure you are using the “labels” or “heavy paper” setting to get the best print results.
– USE THE MEDIA BYPASS TRAY to help achieve better print alignment.
– REPLICATE THE SITUATION that you will be using the labels in as closely as possible to make sure your sample is the best option for your particular application.

To request a sample, simply fill out our online Sample Request Form or give us a call on 01270 668076 for advice on which labels are the best option for you.

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