Getting The Most Out Of Your Samples

Here at Label Planet, we offer free samples to customers so that they can try our products before committing to buying anything. This way, our customers know exactly what the labels will look like and, most importantly of all, that they are suitable for the job at hand.

We also want to make sure that our customers get the best out of their samples, so here’s our Samples Printing Advice:

– Replicate your final design as closely as possible, to make sure that the size and shape you are testing will be suitable for your requirements.
– We have free templates on our website, along with printing advice to help you along the way.
– Design your label in the top left cell first and do a test print onto plain paper to check the alignment and the finished look. Make any amendments as needed, then copy and paste the design into the other cells.


– The media by-pass tray is specifically designed for thicker materials (like labels) and will reduce the number of rollers that the sheet has to go through – improving the accuracy of the print alignment.
– Laser printers have a specific “labels” or “heavy paper” setting that increases the energy in the printer so that the toner bonds properly to the labels. The printer will probably slow down and the labels will feel hotter when they have been printed.
– If in doubt, check the manufacturer’s manual for your printer to check if there are any specific settings you need to use or instructions to follow when printing labels.

– Replicate the situation in which your labels will be used as closely as possible.
– For example, if you are using freezer labels on frozen goods you could replicate the process of labelling your products, storing them, and later removing them from the freezer to ensure that the labels survive the whole process.
– For example, if you are labelling items that may come into contact with water, food and drink products, or cosmetics and toiletries, you should test the labels by bringing them into contact with water or a small amount of your product to check that the label and the print survive this contact, as they would need to when the items have been sold and are being used.

If you do have any problems when testing your samples, or if there are any questions you would like to ask, please give us a call as we are more than happy to provide advice on choosing and testing your sample.

Visit our website to:
– Download a template
– Read our printing advice
– Request a sample

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