Not Sure If A Label Is Right For You? Request A Sample & Get Testing!

We offer a free sample request service so that all of our customers can try out our labels before they commit to a purchase.

Whether you’re completely new to the label game or you’re an old hand who wants to try out something new, you can request a sample via our website.

Simply follow these steps:

1. Visit our Samples Request page.
2. Fill in the form:

Contact Name/Address: so we know where to send the sample!
Tel No./Email: so we can contact you if necessary. We respond to all sample requests with an email to let you know that your sample request has been received, along with details of the samples that we will be sending.
Printer Type: some of our labels are compatible with either inkjet printers or laser printers only (i.e. not both). If you let us know what kind of printer you have we can let you know if the samples you have requested are compatible with your printer and/or suggest which labels would work best for you.
What Are You Sticking The Labels Onto?: if we know what you need your labels for, we can offer advice on which labels would work best.
Samples Required: so we know which labels you want to try! Please try to be as specific as possible and include the relevant product codes (Beginning with “LP”) if you know them.
Business or Personal Use: so we can ensure you find the best labels for your needs.
Additional Information: if you have any extra information about the application you need the labels for or have any questions about our labels or printing, you can enter this here and we’ll include a response in our email back to you.

We always try to offer the exact sample that has been requested but, unfortunately, we can only send out samples of our stocked items. If you request a sample of a non-stocked item, we will send you the material type in a close size and the exact size in a paper label so that you can see the size for yourself and test the material to make sure it works for you.

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