New Product – Introducing A Brand New Shade Of Red!

We absolutely love our coloured labels and we’re always looking for ways to improve this range and make it the best it can possibly be. We’re therefore delighted to announce that we’ve now got our hands on a brand new shade of label, which we’re calling Crimson Red!

While we (and many of our customers) are perfectly happy with our existing red product, we were always aware that – as a tomato red – sometimes it just wasn’t quite the right shade of red for some of our customers.

Where our existing red is an orange-red, our new crimson red is a lovely bright shade of red that falls on the pinker side of the colour scale. The brightness and lightness of this shade means it provides a wonderful background colour for your labels but will still allow your print to stand out.

To avoid confusion we’re renaming our existing red, which will now be known as “Orange-Red” and will have the colour code “ORD”, while our new shade of red will be referred to as “Crimson Red” and will have the colour code “CRD”.

Our new Crimson Red is available to order in 25 stocked sizes and 26 made to order sizes, while our original Orange-Red is available to order in 34 stocked sizes and 26 made to order sizes; both colours are also available to order as removable labels (48 made to order sizes available with a minimum order quantity of 500 sheets).

You can find these two shades of red (along with our other pastel shades) on our Coloured Labels and Removable Coloured Labels pages; to request a sample and see the difference for yourself simply get in touch or fill in our online Sample Request form.

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