Hop Into Spring (& Easter) With Coloured Labels From Label Planet

With the Spring Equinox set to herald the start of Spring on Sunday (regardless of whether or not the weather takes any notice), it’s a great time of year to get inspired and we’ve got some wonderful coloured labels that are perfect for getting creative and putting a real spring in your step – especially if you’ve got big plans for Easter and you want to make some labels to match!

We’ve got FIFTEEN colours for you to get creative with, so whether you’re putting together a spring promotion for your company or you’re planning an Easter party and need labels for invitations, gift tags, or as directions and clues for an Easter egg hunt, we should have the perfect label choice for you!

Our labels can be printed on standard desktop printers OR handwritten so you have complete freedom to create whatever designs or patterns you want – the only limit is your imagination!

Simply visit our Coloured Labels page to take a look at all of the colours available and celebrate spring with a burst of colour!

To Add A Subtle Bloom Of Colour Choose One Of Our Pastel Shades:
Choose from Crimson Red, Orange-Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, and Cream
Suitable for inkjet and laser printers or for handwriting.

Kick Start Spring With A Burst Of One Of Our Fantastic Fluorescents:
Choose from Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, and Magenta
Suitable for laser printers or for handwriting.

Add A Shimmering Sparkle With Metallics:
Choose from Gold and Silver
Suitable for laser printers or for handwriting.

Get Inspired & Crafty With Our Kraft Labels:
Uncoated, unbleached brown Kraft paper with a ribbed finish for a touch of pattern and texture
Suitable for inkjet and laser printers or for handwriting.

Of course, if you find that you’ve got a colour in mind that we simply don’t do, you can always rely on some good old DIY and flood coat our Matt White Paper Labels with a design that is full of colour!

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