Celebrate This Summer With A Splash Of Colour!

If you’re looking to introduce a bit of colour this summer, then our coloured labels might just be the finishing touch you need!

We have a grand total of FIFTEEN different colours for you to choose from including seven pretty pastels, five fantastic fluorescents, metallic gold and silver, and a brilliant brown Kraft paper.

Whether you’re looking for a coloured background to really make your labels stand out or you’re getting ready for a summer inspired arts and crafts project, these labels are a wonderful way to instantly add a burst of colour – whether you want a shade that’s subtle and serene or you want something that’ll really stand out and shout!

Our pastel coloured labels come in sixty three different sizes across a range of seven different colours:
Crimson Red, Orange Red, Yellow (canary yellow), Blue (sky blue), Green (apple green), Pink (pastel pink), or Cream

These blank paper labels can be printed using an inkjet printer or a laser printer OR you can really get creative and produce your own unique designs by hand. You can choose between a permanent adhesive (for a permanent touch of colour) or a removable adhesive (if you want to be able to remove your labels at a later date, without doing any damage to the surface of the item you need to label). These pastel shades offer a subtle coloured background that will add a pleasant bloom of colour without obscuring the text or design work that you’re adding to your labels.

Our fluorescent labels range is available in fifty nine sizes across a range of five fabulous fluorescent colours:
Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, or Magenta

These brilliantly bright labels are supplied on A4 sheets of labels with a permanent adhesive and can be printed using a laser printer or you can write or draw your designs by hand. All five of these fluorescent colours will instantly grab the attention of any passer-by and are the perfect label to choose if you want to draw attention to something in a big way or if the information on your labels is extremely important (and absolutely HAS to be noticed). These fluorescent labels the perfect way to add a bold and bright finishing touch that is both extremely attractive and fun in appearance.

Our gold labels and silver labels are both available in a range of twenty four sizes and are paper labels with a permanent adhesive. Like our fluorescent labels, these metallic labels can only be printed with a laser printer or you can choose to personalise your labels with a handwritten message or design. These labels have a delightful semi-gloss textured finish, which adds a professional and decorative touch that is both luxurious and festive in appearance.

Our Kraft labels are available in forty four different sizes and can be handwritten or printed with either an inkjet printer or a laser printer. Made with brown Kraft paper, these labels have a ribbed finish that offers a wonderfully decorative touch of pattern and texture that makes these labels the ideal addition for any project that needs to have that natural, homemade, crafty finish.

You can find more information about all of our coloured labels (or place an order to get your colourful summer projects underway) by visiting the range pages for these products or by taking a look through our “List Of Coloured Labels” information page.

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