Other Labels That We Do Not Supply

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Label Planet supplies blank labels on A4 sheets for laser and inkjet printers, but there are hundreds of other kinds of labels.

We hope that you will be able to find what you need from the 3 really useful (and very different) label suppliers we have reviewed below.

We have not received any payment for these reviews and we are not associated in any way with them. We just know they have helped many of the visitors to our site to find the labels they need.


Etiquette labels supply printed and blank labels on rolls to a wide market of thermal transfer printer users. They also manufacture high quality printed labels on rolls for manufacturers of retail products and have the highest possible accreditation for food industry label production. They also supply thermal transfer printers and label applicators.

This is an extremely friendly and capable company which has a long track record of reliability and quality. (Etiquette also recommends Label Planet Ltd for sheets of labels – thanks!).


Brady Labels is a supplier of specialist synthetic labels for electronics, process and general manufacturing industry. They supply blank labels for thermal transfer printers and printed labels. Also label printers, software and full systems.

Some examples of the types of label they do are as follows:
Labels for: wires and cables, panels, laboratory use, floor marking, racking marking, electronic components, electronic assemblies, asset identification, warning signs, pipe marking and process labels.
Very well established and trusted supplier to these industries worldwide.


IML Labels supplies 9 different markets and they have some unique products which have been developed over several decades.

The markets they supply are as follows: Steel industry (very high temperature labels), chemical and pharmaceutical, healthcare, waste management and recycling, timber processing, horticultural and building and construction.

Custom Labels Locally

If you need a particular size or shape of label, printed or blank, or with a special finish or adhesive, then a local label manufacturer should be able to help.

There are hundreds of label manufacturers in the UK, just search for "label converters" in your area. (e.g. "Label Converters Bristol).

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