Void Labels; Silver Void Polyester Labels, 199.6 x 289.1mm, 1 per sheet, LP1/199 SVP.

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Void Labels; Silver Void Polyester Labels, 199.6 x 289.1mm, 1 per sheet, LP1/199 SVP. 
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  • Void Labels, 199.6 x 289.1mm.

Silver void polyester labels on A4 sheets, 1 label per sheet, rounded corners.

Product Code LP1/199 SVP. Compatible with Avery Labels Printing Template L7167 *.

Specifically manufactured for use on laser printers.

Designed for use as tamper evident labels; these labels improve the security of high value items and provide proof of tampering by leaving a "VOID" message on the label and the item that was labelled when the label is partially or entirely removed.

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