Brown Ribbed Kraft Paper Labels – Material Specification Sheet.



Brown Ribbed Kraft paper with permanent adhesive
A natural brown, unbleached, uncoated paper. This product is designed to be both environmentally friendly and to look environmentally friendly. Due to its makeup it also biodegrades very quickly and is compostable. Best print results are obtained using inkjet & hot fusion toner systems; the background colour does lend itself more to black print, but these labels can be printed in mono or colour. 

Face material properties
Grammage 90 gsm
Calliper (thickness) 88 microns

A permanent, acrylic based adhesive with good tack & adhesion on a wide range of surfaces.
Suitable for use on dry, non-fatty food stuffs according to European Food Stuffs Certification.

Minimum application temp. +0°C
Storage range once applied -20°C to +80°C

A bleached kraft paper with good lay-flatness & stability.

Grammage 55 gsm         
Calliper (thickness) 59 microns
Environmental & Handling
Paper components are either ECF or TCF grade manufactured using pulp from sustainable, managed resources. All dimensions are nominal target specifications, but may vary. All products within our range are manufactured under ISO9001:2008.

The product packaging is designed to maintain original ideal RH levels and will survive being stored in a wide range of temperatures, however, it is essential that the material is allowed to recover to normal print room temperatures for a min. of 48 hours before use. Best print room conditions are 20°C and 50% RH.

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