Freezer Labels - Material Specification Sheet.



White Paper with Deep Freeze adhesive

A bright white, uncoated paper with a smooth finish giving good quality print results using ink-jet & toner systems. The material is designed for use on most laser printers & copiers especially mid to high-speed machines.

Face material properties
Grammage 71 gsm
Caliper (thickness) 85 microns

A permanent, acrylic based adhesive with good tack & adhesion on a wide range of surfaces in deep freeze conditions. This adhesive also complies with the German BgVV for indirect food contact & short term contact with dry & moist food.

Minimum application temp. -20°C
Storage range once applied -40°C to +60°C

A bleached kraft paper with good lay-flatness & stability

Thickness 71 microns
Grammage 76 gsm

Paper components are either ECF or TCF grade manufactured using pulp from sustainable, managed resources. All dimensions are nominal target specifications, but may vary. All products within our range are manufactured under ISO9001:2008

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