Gold labels and Silver Labels For Laser Printers

We supply metallic gold and silver labels for laser printing or for handwriting. Unfortunately, we do not supply gold or silver labels for inkjet printers because we have not yet been able to source this kind of material.

We have one gold label product, LG: a paper label with a satin gold finish, and three silver label products; LS: a paper label with a satin silver finish, SMP: a silver matt metallic polyester label, and SVP: a silver matt metallic polyester label with a special VOID adhesive (designed for use as a security or “tamper evident” label).

To see the sizes we supply in each of these label materials, please visit the relevant range page by clicking on the links in the small table below.

Gold Labels and Silver Labels
Code Description Adhesive Waterproof Laser/
View Sizes
LG Gold Paper Permanent No L 25 View Products
LS Silver Paper Permanent No L 25 View Products
SMP Silver Metallic Polyester Permanent Yes L 25 View Products
SVP Silver Void Polyester Permanent Yes L 25 View Products

Silver labels and gold labels look sensational on products and are brilliant for use as address labels on the envelopes of invitations to special events or items sent for a special occasion. All of our gold and silver labels are designed specifically for use with laser printers, which produce excellent, high quality, print results on these materials.

The two silver polyester labels are more expensive but have a higher specification set; both are waterproof, heat resistant, and are made with speciality, high quality, acrylic adhesives. They have a thin coating of aluminium on the back and will print better if treated as standard 80 gsm paper (i.e. it is better to print these using the standard “Paper” setting rather than a specific “Labels” or “Heavy Paper” setting).

We can, of course, send samples of all of these products for you to try out if you wish.