Get Crafty With Our Latest Product: Kraft Labels!

While you might think of arts and crafts as being a traditional hobby reserved for individuals at home or small weekly craft groups, today’s world of arts and crafts has soared in popularity with hundreds and thousands of online forums, blogs, and stores allowing people to share tips and ideas, get inspired, source brand new materials and techniques, and sell their homemade goods either as a part time hobby or as a full time, fully fledged, business.

One of the most popular materials often associated with the world of arts and crafts is kraft paper; with its natural brown colouring and environmentally friendly manufacturing process, kraft paper is a much loved material when you’re getting crafty.

Kraft labels can be used in all sorts of ways; the natural, decorative appearance makes them a creative addition to products and packaging; to envelopes and parcels that need that extra special finishing touch; to marketing and promotional materials; to all your files and folders or boxes of bits and pieces that need to be organised; or any other creative (and crafty) use you can think of!

But what is “Kraft”?
The word “Kraft” is German for “strength” and is used to refer both to a process of manufacturing paper pulp and the products that are made using that pulp. The “Kraft” process is popular because it has a number of benefits over other pulp making processes; for example, the “Kraft” process can be done using wood from almost every species of tree, does less damage to the fibres in the pulp as it is processed, is considered more environmentally friendly than other processes, and produces a stronger, higher quality of pulp. Kraft paper is used to make a whole variety of items including packaging, paper bags and sacks, wrapping paper, envelopes, and (of course!) labels.

While the pulp can be bleached or unbleached, the term “Kraft” is most commonly used to refer to unbleached pulp, which retains its natural brown colouring – which means that this material is often considered to be environmentally friendly in its manufacturing process, its characteristics, and its appearance.

Kraft Labels from Label Planet
Here at Label Planet, we have nine sizes of kraft labels available for same day despatch from stock (25 sheet minimum order quantity) and a full range of sizes available to order (500 sheet minimum order quantity).

These labels are supplied on A4 sheets with a permanent adhesive, and are suitable for use on all standard desktop inkjet and laser printers. Our labels are made with a brown ribbed kraft paper that is uncoated and unbleached, which means that these labels have a natural, brown colouring with a subtle pattern and texture.

Please visit the Brown Kraft Paper Labels range page to find out more, view the Material Specification Sheet, see what sizes are available, or to go ahead and buy.

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