Remember: Use Our Free Sample Service To Make Sure That Our Labels Are Perfect For You

Here at Label Planet, we operate a free sample service for all of our customers.

If you aren’t quite sure that a label will do the job you have in mind, you want to see the colour or finish of a label for yourself, or you simply want to have a test run to make sure your template and/or printer will work properly, you can request a sample of the labels you are interested in and give them a go before you buy.

Requesting a sample means you can test out a label in the exact conditions of the label application you are sourcing a product for or simply try out a few options to see which one looks the best. We know that committing to a purchase and then finding out that the product you’ve bought is no good at all is endlessly frustrating, time consuming, and – possibly – quite expensive, so we prefer to give our customers a chance to sample our labels to ensure that, when they buy, they know they’re getting labels that will work perfectly for them.

How To Order A Sample
You can order samples in two ways: give us a call or fill in our online Sample Request Form.

REMEMBER: if you request your labels online try to be AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE with your request. That way, we can offer the best possible help and advice on choosing the right label for the job and we can make sure that the samples you receive are ones that will actually come in useful.

So, let us know:

POSTAL ADDRESS: please provide your FULL ADDRESS – house number, street name, AND postcode, along with a company name (if applicable).

PRINTER TYPE: let us know if you have access to a laser printer, inkjet printer, or both. Some of our products are suitable for ONE TYPE of printer only and cannot be used on any other kind of printer – by letting us know the kind of printer you will be using, we can ensure that all the samples you receive will work with that printer.

WHAT ARE YOU STICKING THE LABELS ONTO: if you let us know what you are applying the labels to, we can offer advice on the best label(s) for the job. Please be as specific as you can – for example, tell us a bit about the item you are applying labels to, including the material the item is made of, whether the item is flat or curved etc.

SAMPLE REQUIRED: let us know the SPECIFIC LABEL PRODUCTS you want a sample of – where possible let us know the size(s) you are interested in and the product range(s) you are interested in (e.g. MTP, MWPE, LG, SG etc).

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: let us know any other requirements you have for your sample to help us make sure that the sample you receive is suitable for the label application you have in mind. For example, you might need labels that are waterproof, that have a gloss finish, that can be frozen, that are suitable for writing on etc. If we know the specific requirements you have for a label, we will be able to send samples of labels that meet those requirements.

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