Totally Frangible and Utterly Destructible: Meet Label Planet’s Tamper Evident Vinyl Labels

You might be wondering just what exactly does “Frangible” mean? Or what makes something “Destructible”? Or what is a “Tamper Evident Label”? And what makes them so secure anyway? Well never fear, because this post is here to give you all the answers!

“Frangible” is a term used to refer to materials that are easily damaged or destroyed; they tend to have very little internal strength and structural integrity, which means that if they are subjected to even the smallest amount of tear stress they will fragment into tiny pieces.

Unsurprisingly, “destructible” is simply a word used to refer to something that is easy to destroy!

“Tamper Evident” is a term used in the labelling industry to describe label products that are designed to produce evidence of any attempt to tamper with a label (and therefore the item that a label was applied to). This “evidence” takes many different forms – but is usually a visual indicator – and is produced in a variety of ways using a variety of materials.

“Security Label” is a general term used to describe any label product that is intended to improve the security of the item to which it is applied. These labels might act as a visual deterrent, track the location of an object, prevent counterfeiting, or provide evidence that a label (and therefore an item) has been tampered with. In labelling, the term “Security Labels” is usually used to refer specifically to “Tamper Evident Labels”; in other words, any label that is designed to provide evidence (usually visual) of any attempt to tamper with the label.

These labels, therefore, improve the security of an item that they are applied to by acting as a visual deterrent to anyone who might want to damage or steal an item, and by providing visual evidence that someone has tampered with the label (and therefore the item).

So, that’s what our Tamper Evident Vinyl Labels are all about. These security labels are made from a special cast vinyl that is extremely frangible and have a strong, permanent adhesive. Once one of these labels has been applied to an item, any attempt to remove the label will result in the vinyl disintegrating into pieces; this means that it is difficult to pull off any more than tiny pieces of the label and the remaining fragments stay firmly in place as a clear indication that the label (and therefore an item) has been tampered with.

These labels are ideal for providing a deterrent to anyone who might be considering damaging or stealing high or added value items, and for proving any attempt to tamper with the label/item; they can be applied directly to these items or (if it isn’t possible, appropriate, or desirable to apply a label directly onto an item) onto the packaging that such items are stored or sold in.

We have nine sizes of tamper evident vinyl labels available for same day despatch from stock (25 sheet minimum order quantity) and a wide range of sizes available to order (500 sheet minimum order quantity).

Please visit the Tamper Evident Vinyl Labels range page to find out more, read the Material Specification Sheet, view the sizes available, or buy your labels now.

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