Printing Tips: Getting The Best Possible Print On Metallic Polyester Labels

At Label Planet, we have TWO products that are made using metallic silver polyester; Silver Matt Metallic Polyester Labels and Silver Void Polyester Labels.

Both of these labels are made with the same face material (a metallic silver polyester with a matt finish), which has been coated with a thin layer of aluminium (metallised).

This means that these labels do need to be treated slightly differently than other laser labels when putting them through a printer. Standard laser printers use a combination of heat and pressure to apply toner to the surface of materials. With metallised materials, it is possible that some of the heat within the printer will be reflected off the surface of the labels, which can cause problems with the quality of print that can be achieved.

These labels don’t require as much heat to print correctly as other laser labels do and so we would advise printing these labels using your laser printer’s standard or “Normal” print settings and NOT using the specific “labels” or “heavy paper” settings (which apply more heat than standard settings).

You can find out more about these two products by visiting their range pages on our website:

SILVER MATT METALLIC POLYESTER LABELS: these labels are especially suited to use as long lasting tracking labels on products and are particularly popular for use on electronic and electrical goods.

SILVER VOID POLYESTER LABELS: designed specifically for use as Tamper Evident Security labels, these labels are designed to improve the security of high value goods by providing visual evidence (in the form of the word “VOID”) that a label has been removed and an item tampered with.

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