Go Glamorous With Amazing Metallic Labels From Label Planet

For a touch of luxury or a bit of seasonal cheer, gold labels and silver labels are the perfect way to create decorative stickers for any items that need to have that extra special finish.

gold labels and silver labels

Gold Labels And Silver Labels – Metallic Labels With A High Quality Finish That Is Decorative, Professional, Luxurious, And Festively Fantastic!

Our gold labels and silver labels are amongst the most decorative self adhesive labels that we supply. Both our gold labels and silver labels are paper labels with a standard permanent adhesive.

What makes them really stand out is their metallic finish. This finish is created by applying a decorative gold or silver coating is applied onto clay coated paper. This produces a beautifully smooth and bright surface, which is perfect for applications that need that extra special finishing touch.

The satin finish gives our gold labels and silver labels a subtle touch of shimmer and shine; they have some of the reflective qualities of gloss labels but are subtler than a full gloss finish. This allows their colouring to show through, while also offering a subtle shine as a further decorative touch.

Gold Labels And Silver Labels – Perfect Product Labels & Celebratory Stickers For Special Events & Seasonal Offerings

Our metallic labels are commonly used as product labels, packaging labels, address labels, stickers and tags, and marketing labels or promotional labels for items that are associated with a special event.

They’re very popular for use as product labels and packaging labels on high quality products and gifts – especially during the Christmas season. The gold and silver colouring is especially festive and creates a touch of luxury and festive cheer to suit the season.

Metallic labels are also perfect for other big events – whether personal or professional in nature. They make ideal additions to personal celebrations – such as birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, and weddings – as well as coporate and charitable events or promotions.

The bright colouring has an especially decorative effect but also offers a high quality, professional finish. Gold labels and silver labels are great a drawing attention and are extremely festive and luxurious in appearance.

Gold Labels And Silver Labels – How To Get The Perfect Print On Your Metallic Labels

Our gold labels and silver labels are laser labels; they must be printed with a laser printer or handwritten. The special coating used to create their metallic finish does require some extra care to get the perfect print. We recommend using a specific “Labels” setting if your printer has one. Alternatively, you should use a “Heavy Paper” setting. This will cause your printer to slow down and use more heat during the printing process. This helps to ensure that your toner bonds efficiently with your metallic labels, resulting in high quality and accuracy of print.

We also recommend consulting your printer’s manual or the manufacturer’s website to see if the manufacturer has provided specific recommendations to follow when printing onto self adhesive labels.

Remember, you can always request a free sample of our gold labels and silver labels so that you can have a test run at printing your own metallic labels – and to make sure that your printer is up to the task.

Gold Labels And Silver Labels – Order Metallic Labels From Label Planet

Our gold labels and silver labels ranges include a grand total of 54 label sizes. We stock 9 of these label sizes in packs of 25 sheets for same day despatch. The rest we supply in 500 sheet boxes as made to order items. Despatch can take up to five working days so make sure you order in plenty of time.

To order metallic labels, simply visit our Gold Labels or Silver Labels range page. Select your required label size and order quantity. Remember, you can use our online Sample Request Form to request a sample and we provide label templates free of charge in our Label Templates Home Page.

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