CD Labels & DVD Labels for Inkjet and Laser Printing.

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Material Code: SDA

Audio Cassette Labels, CD Labels, Data Cartridge Labels, Diskette Labels, DVD Labels, Eurofolio Labels, Lever Arch Labels, Ring Binder Labels, Slide Labels, Video Labels

Key Facts
  • Material: Standard Matt White Paper
  • Printer Compatibility: Inkjet and Laser Printers
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Waterproof: No
Product Information

These labels are supplied on A4 sheets of standard matt white paper with rounded corners and a permanent adhesive. They can be printed using either an inkjet or a laser printer and are suitable for writing on. Labels are a great way to clearly identify the contents of digital and paper based filing systems, whether you choose to label by hand or by printing. If you are backing up digital information onto an external source or storing paper documents in binders, using labels to create a filing system is a quick and clear way to make sure all of your information is easy to find when you need it. Sharing personal or business files on digital media is much simpler when items such as CDs or disks are labelled with their content. Companies providing products such as software or digital documents can create professional looking labels that inform customers about the product they have bought, the content it holds, and even company contact information should they require future assistance. Today, data and information are an important part of everyday life, with many people keeping both digital and paper records. Keeping all of these records organised is essential and media labels are a popular and effective solution.

Common Uses
  • Labelling media products – for companies providing software to customers on CD, CD/DVD labels are great for branding and labelling these products.
  • Labelling home media – whether you’re storing photos or videos, our media labels are ideal for keeping track of any home media you have created. For example, keeping holiday slide shows in order can be a tricky business, so using slide labels means you know what your photographs are of and where they should be in your collection. If you create a personal compilation of songs, you can create a playlist on your cd label, so even if your CD isn’t in its rightful case, you know exactly what songs are on that CD. Older forms of media, including audio cassettes, diskettes, and videos, often drift apart from their original boxes or packaging, so labelling individual items helps identify what content they hold.
  • Data back up labels – whether at home or in the office, creating back ups of important files or transferring documents between computers is an essential part of modern life. Creating labels for your back ups means you know exactly where your files are stored.
  • Organising and filing – we supply labels designed to help you organise your paper files as well as your digital files. To keep track of your paper based filing system we supply two sizes of lever arch files, as well as ring binder and eurofolio labels. Although they’ve been designed with a specific purpose in mind, some of our media labels are also great for organising in-trays and shelves at home or at work.
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Find An Alternative: we have a range of labels that can be used to organise storage and filing systems, including Coloured Labels (for colour coding) and Removable Labels (for temporary labels that can be replaced when they become out of date).

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Paper CD Labels On A4 Sheets LPCD116
Paper CD Labels On A4 Sheets LPCD117
Paper CD Labels On A4 Sheets LPCD118
Paper Labels On A4 Sheets LPCD118P
Lever Arch Labels On A4 Sheets LP4/192
Paper CD Labels On A4 Sheets LP4/200
Paper Lever Arch Labels On A4 Sheets LP7/192
Paper Diskette Labels On A4 Sheets LP8/71
Paper Data Cartridge Labels On A4 Sheets LP9/133
Paper Diskette Labels On A4 Sheets LP10/70
Paper Video Labels On A4 Sheets LP12/76 Labels
Paper Audio Cassette Labels On A4 Sheets LP12/89
Paper Video Labels On A4 Sheets LP16/145
Paper Ring Binder Labels On A4 Sheets LP18/100
MIni Data Cartridge Labels On A4 Sheets LP24/72
Paper Eurofolio Labels On A4 Sheets LP24/134
Paper Slide Labels On A4 Sheets LP84/46