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Use the table below to find a template for the blank labels you want to print. The table is sorted by number of labels per sheet (smallest to largest); click on a label code to view all of the templates available for that size (and download the one you need). All of these label sizes were originally created for a specific label application but can be used for a variety of alternative uses.

Special Use Labels - Label Printing Templates
No. Per Sheet Size (mm) Width × Height Template Information Page
Templates For CD Labels & DVD Labels
2 116 (Diameter) Templates For LPCD116
2 117 (Diameter) Templates For LPCD117 & Avery L7676 *
2 118 (Diameter) Templates For LPCD118N
2 118 (Diameter) Templates For LPCD118P
Templates For Media Data Labels & Storage Labels
4 192 x 62 Templates For LP4/192 & Avery L7701 *
4 200 x 60 Templates For LP4/200 & Avery L7171 *
7 192 x 39 Templates For LP7/192 & Avery L4760 ^*
8 70 x 71.8 Templates For LP8/71 & Avery L7664 ^*
9 133 x 29.6 Templates For LP9/133 & Avery L7667 *
10 70 x 52 Templates For LP10/70 & Avery L7666 ^*
12 76.2 x 46.4 Templates For LP12/76 & Avery L7671 ^*
12 89 x 42 Templates For LP12/89 & Avery L7655 *
16 145 x 17 Templates For LP16/145 & Avery L7674 ^*
18 100 x 30 Templates For LP18/100 & Avery L7172 *
24 72 x 21.15 Templates For LP24/72 & Avery L7665 *
24 134 x 11 Templates For LP24/134 & Avery L7170 *
84 46 x 11.1 Templates For LP84/46 & Avery L7656 *
Templates For Smartstamp ® Labels
10 38.1 x 135 Templates For LP10/38 & Avery J5103 ^*
14 63.5/135 x 38 Templates For LP14/63 & Avery J5102 *
20 38.1 x 69 Templates For LP20/38 & J5101 ^*

Top Tips

  • Word templates do NOT show the circular shape of your CD labels or DVD labels; these templates are made up of a grid of squares, where each round label sits within one of the squares with its outermost points touching each of the four sides.
  • Word templates can be edited using any software that is capable of processing Word’s .docx file format (e.g. Word, Pages, LibreOffice), while the PDF templates can only be edited using a graphics package (e.g. Photoshop, InDesign).
  • If prompted, select “save” (rather than open), before using your software to open your saved template (File > Open).
  • You may need to click on the “Enable Editing” button/banner before you can make any changes to your template.
  • If you can’t see the outline of the labels in a Word template, you need to turn on table gridlines (visit our Label Printing Guide to find out how).

Once you have designed your template, always do a test print onto blank paper before printing onto your labels; this will allow you to check the accuracy of your template and your printer’s alignment – and make any necessary adjustments required to get the best possible alignment – before you put your labels in your printer.

Looking for Avery labels & codes? *
We appreciate that some people will be using software or label designs that rely on the use of Avery codes; some of our label sizes are the same as those used by Avery, which means that you can use our label products (along with our template and advice pages) AND continue to use your existing software and/or templates. If one of our label sizes is the same as an Avery label size, the relevant Avery code(s) will be listed alongside our Label Planet code.

Click here to read our Guide To Designing & Printing Labels.
These Word Templates & PDF Templates have been tested for accuracy as of Autumn/Winter 2016.
Every single template we provide has been set up by our Template Team & thoroughly reviewed before being added to our website to ensure that they are 100% compatible with our label products, easy to use for beginners and experts, and as trouble free as it is possible for a label template to be!
Should you experience any problems with our templates, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.
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Request A Sample if you would like to have a few sheets on hand to practice designing and printing your own labels.

^ Our labels are very close in size/layout to the Avery code provided (to within +/- 1mm of the Avery measurements)

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