Get Secure With Label Planet’s Brand New Security Label Products

We’ve just introduced two brand new security label products to our range, so here’s a post to explain exactly what these labels are designed to do and how they do it.

There are all kinds of “Security” label products, which use different techniques to provide protection for high value or added value items that people want to keep safe. They may be used to act as a visual deterrent, track the location of an object, prevent counterfeiting, or provide evidence of tampering, and are often made using specialty materials, adhesives, and inks.

So which methods do our Security Labels use?
Both of our new products are “Tamper Evident Labels”; this term describes labels that are designed to provide evidence of any attempt to remove or tamper with the label – this should both prove when a label has been tampered with and provide a deterrent to anyone who wishes to steal or damage an item. Different tamper evident labels use different methods to indicate that they have been tampered with – our products make use of a frangible material and a special “VOID” adhesive.

Tamper Evident Vinyl Labels – FRANGIBLE FACE MATERIAL
These labels have a permanent adhesive and a face material made from a special type of vinyl, which has been designed to be extremely fragile. This means that, once a label has been applied to an item, it is extremely difficult to remove the entire label.

If any effort is made to remove the label, the vinyl disintegrates into tiny fragments; this means that only tiny pieces of the label can be removed (and with great difficulty) and the fragments left behind clearly indicate that the label has been tampered with.

These labels are ideal for applications where it is absolutely vital that a label cannot be removed (in its entirety) from an item or that there is clear, visual evidence that someone has attempted to remove the label. These labels may be applied directly onto items to deter efforts to tamper with or remove the item OR they may be applied onto packaging as security labels or security seals where they will clearly indicate if any attempt has been made to open the item.

Silver “VOID” Polyester Labels – “VOID” ADHESIVE
These labels are made with silver polyester and a special “VOID” permanent adhesive. “VOID” adhesives are designed to leave a message (e.g. “VOID”) when a label is removed as an indicator that an item has been tampered with. Our labels use a partial transfer adhesive, which means that the “VOID” message appears on both the item that was labelled and the label itself.

“VOID” labels can be used in a variety of ways. Some are applied directly onto high or added value items to deter individuals from stealing or tampering with those items and to provide visual proof of tampering. They can also be used as security seals on packaging to indicate when an item has been opened – usually if it is inappropriate, impossible, or undesirable to apply a label directly to an item. Finally, they can also be used as warranty labels; many high or added value goods are sold with a warranty and if these items are mishandled or misused a “VOID” label can be used to clearly indicate that an individual has voided the terms of the warranty in some way.

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