Leaving A Void: A Closer Look At “VOID” Security Labels

Today, we’re taking a closer look at our Silver “VOID” Polyester Labels (SVP).

These labels are one example of “Tamper Evident” labels; known as such because they provide evidence of any attempt to tamper with the labels (and therefore the items they are applied to).

Tamper Evident labels tend to leave a visual indication of tampering and with “VOID” labels this is achieved through the use of special adhesives, coatings, and/or laminates. Labels are made up of a number of layers and “VOID” labels take advantage of this layering to produce evidence of tampering. When an attempt is made to remove a “VOID” label, all or part of the adhesive layer will separate from the rest of the label and so indicate that the label has been tampered with.

There are three kinds of “VOID” labels; total transfer, non-transfer, and partial transfer. Total transfer labels have an extra layer (usually a special coating) between the face material and the adhesive; when the label is removed the coating (which is usually printed with a “VOID” message) and the adhesive remain in place to indicate that the label has been removed. With non-transfer labels, the “VOID” message is usually printed on the back of the face material or an extra layer (again a special coating), which will be revealed when the label is removed.

The most common type of “VOID” label, however, is the partial transfer; these labels use “pattern coating” to create the “VOID” message on both the label itself and the item that was labelled. Some use a pattern release coating between the face material and an extra layer (of special coating) or a pattern release adhesive; in either case, when a label is removed the bottom layer will be split between the surface of the item and the label. With our “VOID” labels, the adhesive that remains on the item spells out “VOID” in block capital letters, while the same message is also formed on the label itself where areas of adhesive are now missing.

“VOID” labels can be used to improve the security of high or added value items in a number of ways; if applied directly onto an item they will act as a visual deterrent against damage or theft and will indicate if any attempt has been made to tamper with the label (and therefore the item); where it is impossible, inappropriate, or undesirable to label an item directly they can be used as security seals on packaging to deter people from opening the item (who shouldn’t!) and to indicate when an item has been opened; and they can be used as Warranty Seals, which will act as a visual indicator that the warranty on an item has been voided (usually by an individual damaging, mishandling, or misusing an item in a way that would void any agreed warranty).

Our Silver “VOID” Polyester Labels are supplied on A4 sheets and are suitable for use with laser printers. We have nine sizes available for same day despatch from stock (25 sheet minimum order quantity) and a full range of sizes available to order (500 sheet minimum order quantity).

Visit the Silver “VOID” Polyester Labels range page to find out more about these labels, to view the Material Specification Sheet for this product, view the sizes available, or to simply buy.

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