Inkjet Labels on A4 Sheets.

If you have an inkjet printer or a phaser wax printer then the label materials listed here are designed specifically for your machine. Inkjet printing relies on inks being dispersed and drying in the correct place on a surface to create the required printed image. Labels designed specifically for inkjet printers are therefore made with materials that provide a slightly absorbent surface, which helps to ensure that as much ink as possible dries in the exact place it is needed, improving the accuracy and resolution of the finished print.  

All of our material lists include a column indicating if a product is for use with inkjet and/or laser printers; if you print a laser label with an inkjet printer the ink will smudge and never dry properly, which is why you should always make sure that a label product is compatible with your printer. There are other, more general, materials which can be used on laser or inkjet printers and a full list of materials can be found here

Inkjet Labels
Code Description Adhesive Waterproof Min
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SDA Standard Matt White Paper Inkjet Labels
Our standard matt paper is suitable for inkjet or laser printers and for handwriting. You can choose from a variety of shapes including rectangles with rounded or square corners, circles, ovals, and squares.
Permanent No 25 View Products

High Tack Matt White Inkjet Labels
These paper labels are made with a very strong permanent adhesive, which means they are ideal for labelling curved or unusual surfaces or creating a long term permanent label that must be very difficult to remove.

(High Tack)
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Super Tack Matt White Inkjet Labels
These white labels are made with paper and an extremely strong permanent adhesive, which means they can be used to create long term permanent labels on most materials, including curved, uneven, or rough surfaces.

(Super Tack)
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Water Wash Off Matt White Inkjet Labels
These paper labels are made with a permanent wash off adhesive, which means they can be used to label reusable containers as the labels can be washed off once they are out of date or no longer needed, allowing the container to be reused (and relabelled).

(Wash Off)
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MPQ High Resolution Matt Paper Inkjet Labels
This premium quality paper has a special coating designed to create high quality, high resolution print especially when using an inkjet printer.
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GWPQ Gloss Inkjet Labels
These high gloss labels are used to create highly decorative and professional product labels and can also be used to print high resolution photographs.
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C Coloured Matt Paper Inkjet Labels
These matt coloured labels are available in seven pastel colours and can be printed with inkjet and laser printers or handwritten.
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GCP Gloss Transparent Inkjet Labels
A transparent polyester designed specifically for use on inkjet printers.
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MWPE Polyethylene Inkjet Labels
These plastic labels are off-white in colour, soft and flexible, and are made with a very strong marine standard adhesive, which means they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.
Permanent (Marine) Yes (Laser) 25 View Products
MWPO Polyolefin Inkjet Labels
These waterproof labels are made with white polyolefin, which is less flexible and thinner than MWPE; both can be printed with an inkjet printer but inkjet inks will run if they get wet or are handled a lot, so you may need a protective cover to keep the print safe
Permanent (Marine) Yes (Laser) 25 View Products
MWPP Matt White Polypropylene
These waterproof inkjet labels absorb and encapsulate inks creating a protective barrier over print, which allows you to print fully waterproof labels using an inkjet printer. The matt white polypropylene is tough and durable; ideal for indoor & outdoor use.
Permanent (Marine) Yes 25 View Products
BRK Kraft Labels
Made with Kraft paper, these labels have a natural brown colour and a ribbed finish to add a touch of pattern and texture. They are thicker than normal labels and are ideal for use as product and packaging labels or as the perfect addition to all kinds of craft projects.
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Opaque Labels
These labels have an opaque adhesive, which prevents existing designs or print showing through the label. These “blockout” labels are used to cover up mistakes, update old information, to recycle packaging, or to provide a blank background for additional print or designs.

Permanent (Opaque) No 500 View Products
Samples - We are happy to send samples for you to try.

We are often asked if we provide waterproof inkjet labels; usually these requests come from customers who are starting their own businesses and want to use the printer they already have (usually an inkjet printer). Unfortunately, most standard inkjet inks are water based, so when inkjet print gets wet or is handled it can run or smudge – not something you want to happen when your customers buy your products. So, if you need waterproof labels and waterproof print, we recommend using a colour laser printer (you can buy your own or borrow somebody else’s to start with), which produces completely waterproof print and looks amazing on a gloss label.

If you are buying a printer, we would recommend looking at OKI and HP models. We also recommend a company called “Printerbase”; they are a family owned specialist printer supplier (established for over 10 years) and give great advice and customer service.

If you need any help or advice please call us on 01270 668076 or Contact Us Here.