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New Glass Removable Products Launched

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

We now have self adhesive super removable and waterproof removable labels in stock, and have had a good response from glazing companies who need high quality labels which will remove cleanly.

These A4 labels are made with removable adhesives that are specifically designed to provide enough adhesive to ensure that the label will remain in place while it is need before removing easily and cleanly (i.e. leaving behind no sticky adhesive residue) from a surface. This makes them ideal for items made of delicate materials that are easily damaged or marked by standard adhesives.

To find out more or to buy these special removable labels, visit our Super Removable range page (for removable paper labels) or choose between our Removable Gloss Transparent Labels and Removable Matt White Polyester Labels (for removable waterproof labels).

You can also view ALL of our removable label products by visiting our All Removable Labels page.