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Franking Labels

Friday, June 24th, 2011

For Franking Machine owners with hand fed machines, Label Planet supplies high quality self adhesive labels compatible with over 85% of personal franking machines. These blank labels are made of matt white paper with a permanent adhesive; our franking labels have two labels per sheet, each measuring 151mm x 40mm with a small gap between the two labels. There is no border on the labels so they can be slid right into the franking machine for quick and easy printing.

The material used for the franking labels is 100% compatible with the machines and samples can be supplied if requested. These labels are very cost efficient and come in packs of 1,000 labels for under £20.00 (including postage and VAT).

Franking machine labels are a specialised product and not really any use for anything other than creating franking marks for Royal Mail letters and parcels. These labels are used when the item to be posted is too big or too thick to put through the franking machine itself.

To place an order for franking labels, simply visit our Franking Labels product page.

Fluorescent Labels

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Fluorescent coloured labels are extremely bright and decorative in appearance. Our fluorescent labels can be handwritten or printed using laser printers (but not inkjet printers). We have five fluorescent colours available (red, orange, yellow, green, and magenta) in 37 sizes.

As you would expect the main use is for high visibility, so warning labels of all kinds are printed onto fluorescent stock (including important handling or shipping information, health and safety signs, and directional signs). They are also used to grab attention and make specific items or notices really stand out in a warehouse or shop.

To view all of the labels sizes in our range of self adhesive labels in fluorescent colours, simply visit our Fluorescent Labels page. Remember, you can also fill in our online Sample Request form if you would like to see a sample of the fluorescent colours available.

Coloured Round Labels

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Label Planet has a wide range of round self adhesive labels in a variety of colours for same day despatch from stock.

There are 6 label sizes of circular labels in 6 colours (red, blue, green, yellow, pink, and cream) in our stocked range, which are all available in packs of 25 sheets for same day despatch. A further 10 label sizes are also available to order in quantities of 100+ sheets (available for same day despatch subject to stock levels). As with most things the more you buy, the lower the cost per sheet.

Circular labels are among our most popular coloured labels products and can be used for a multitude of purposes including general purpose decorative stickers, name labels at parties and events, badges for charities, colour coding labels for stock take and rotations, product labels and promotional “buttons” on products and marketing materials, and are great for use on bottles and jars.

Coloured round labels, super products.

All of our coloured round labels can be found on our website here.

Coloured Labels

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Here at Label Planet we supply a range of pastel coloured labels designed for use with laser printers and inkjet printers. We currently have four stocked colours (red, blue, green, and yellow) and are introducing another two (cream and pink) from July 2011 onwards.

Standard label sizes are stocked in packs of 25 sheets for same day despatch, and most bulk boxes of 500 sheets are also despatched same day.

Label Planet also supplies a range of alternative colour options including fluorescent coloured labels and metallic labels in gold and silver. These blank labels are for use with laser printers only; if you put them through an inkjet printer then the ink does not dry properly on these materials and will run and/or smear.

Coloured labels can either be made from coloured paper (the colour is added during the paper making process) or from coated paper (pre-made white paper is flood coated with a colour). Our coloured labels are all flood coated, which makes them far more economical to buy and enables us to provide our customers with more choice.

There are thousands of uses for coloured labels; they are excellent product labels and marketing labels, can be used for colour coding filing or storage systems (as well as for stock taking and rotation), are popular with schools as reward stickers and feedback marks, are used by charities to promote their cause or thank those who have made donations, and more generally as decorative all-purpose “stickers”.

Visit our “All Colours” page to see ALL of the different colours available from Label Planet and use the “View Products” links to find out more or to buy your coloured labels of choice.

Clear Laser Labels

Monday, June 20th, 2011

At Label Planet we supply three different types of transparent self adhesive labels for use with laser printers.

We have two ranges of transparent laser labels with permanent adhesives (one with a gloss finish and one with a matt finish) along with a range of removable transparent laser labels.

All of these clear labels for laser printers are made with transparent polyesters and adhesives, which are extremely durable and waterproof.

The most common label sizes are sold in 25 sheet packs (available to order with same day despatch from stock) and there are a variety of additional sizes available as made to order items (minimum order quantity 500 sheets).

These transparent blank labels are a quick and easy way for customers to create high quality waterproof labels using their own laser printer for all kinds of label applications; our clear labels are extremely popular for use as product labels, for use on marketing and promotional materials, and for use on items and/or stationery being used for special events or ocassions such as transparent address labels on wedding invitations or product labels as gift items (our removable transparent labels are especially suited for this latter purpose as they will remain in place while they are needed but won’t do any damage when they are removed from these items).

For the best results when you print, you should set your printer to the “Labels” or “Heavy Paper” setting (found in “Printer Properties”); these settings are designed to improve the print quality you can achieve on labels by slowing the printer down and increasing the heat used during printing to ensure that the toner is firmly bonded in place.

To find out more or to place an order now, simply visit our Transparent Labels page to view all of the clear label products we supply.

Clear Inkjet Labels

Friday, June 17th, 2011

At Label Planet we have a special transparent label product designed specifically for use with inkjet printers. These self adhesive labels are made with a clear or transparent polyester and a transparent adhesive, which means they are both waterproof and extremely durable.

Our clear labels for inkjet printers have a high quality gloss finish, which makes them highly decorative and attractive in appearance; these clear labels are extremely popular for use as professional product labels or promotional and marketing labels. They can also be used as a transparent “white board”; the ink in dry white board marker pens sits on top of the material so that they can be written on, wiped clean, and written on again.

While these clear labels are designed to be as transparent as possible, the use of an adhesive means that during application some air or dust may be trapped between the label and the surface, creating a very slightly frosted look that prevents them from being 100% “glass clear”.

It should also be noted that inkjet inks are water-based so, even though the labels are waterproof, the print you add to these labels will not be waterproof – this means that while these labels can be used as product labels on all kinds of items, they are not suitable for use on items that will be displayed, stored, or use in outdoor (or indoor) environments where they may get wet.

To place an order for Gloss Clear Inkjet Labels (or to find out more about this product and the label sizes available), please visit our Gloss Clear Polyester Labels page.

Label Planet Name Labels News

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Label Planet sells name labels (called Stikins ® name labels) as well as A4 sheets of self adhesive labels and has a unique modern solution to name labelling.

Our Stikins ® products simply stick onto the washcare label of clothes, and can also be used to label shoes and all school possessions and personal items. Stikins ® are the modern way of labelling school items with absolutely no need to spend hours sewing or ironing in name tapes; these labels simply stick in and stay in – there’s nothing more to it!

To find out more about this brilliantly useful multipurpose name labelsor to place an order now, simply visit our dedicated site at

Circular Labels

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Label Planet supplies circular labels on A4 sheets for use with laser and inkjet printers.

There are lots of uses for circular adhesive labels; some of our customers stick them on top of jars and bottles as product labels, while the shape also makes them popular for use as promotional or marketing stickers to draw attention to particular items or offer.

Round clear labels are often used as product seals; the 25mm and 51mm diameter labels, as well as the main sizes, are ideal sizes for this purpose.

They come in a full range of sizes, colours and materials with our most popular items being available to order in packs of 25 sheets for same day despatch from stock.

To view all of our circular A4 labels, visit our Round Labels range page; you can also find Word and PDF templates for all of these label sizes on our Templates For Round Labels (or Circular Labels) page.

We also have Round Coloured Labels and Round Fluorescent Labels pages if you’re looking to add a burst of colour to your products, stationery, or whatever else you need to label!

CD Labels and DVD Labels

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Label Planet supply a range of blank self-adhesive CD labels; there are 4 different layouts to choose from, depending upon which software you are using and the label sizes and case labels you need.

These blank labels are sold in packs of 25 sheets and sent out same day; three of these sizes are also available to order in coloured paper, fluorescent coloured paper, premium quality paper, gloss paper, and semi-gloss paper options (minimum order quantitiy 500 sheets).

CD labels were sold in huge volume when CD burners became available to the general public because, for the first time, people could copy existing CDs and also create their own compilations. At that time CDs were the main method of distributing programs and music files.

As the speed of computers and the amount of storage available increased, more and more music files were downloaded. At first this was an illegal activity but it is now legitimate via programes like iTunes. As a result the number of CD and DVD labels sold to the general public has fallen off substantially. Software and computer companies still use CD labels on CDs as a cheap and effective way of distributing back up copies of software, while some choose to use CDs and DVDs as a quick and easy way to create a back up or copy of files of particular importance.

All of our CD Labels and DVD Labels in standard matt white paper can be found at the top of our Media Labels page.

Our CD/DVD label products LPCD116, LPCD117, and LPCD118N can also be ordered as Coloured Labels, Fluorescent Labels, Premium Quality Labels, Semi-Gloss Labels, Gloss Laser Labels, or Gloss Photo Quality Labels.


Audio Cassette Labels

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

We supply audio cassette labels on A4 sheets for printing on laser and inkjet printers. Not many companies supply these labels now and we have tended to pick up business as others stop supplying. The number of sheets we sell has reduced as tape technology becomes rarer and rarer.

In their hayday audio cassette labels were one of the most popular labels, but now tend to be used by a few specialist groups of customers. Some religious missions use them in Africa but the main remaining use for these labels is on tapes for blind people.

Our Audio Cassette Labels have the product code LP12/89 and can be found on our website here; we also supply Word and PDF templates for this label size so our customers can print labels for their tapes quickly and easily.